10 best features of iOS 11 , which are revolutionary

ios 11

For Apple lovers, here’s a good news and information for you. As most of you already knew, Apple is ready to launch a new update for iPhones and iPads, the iOS 11, on September 12. This version of the update, iOS 11, is said to be the biggest update ever for Apple devices because they are going to introduce many new and valuable features through iOS 11.

Let’s see the statement of Apple on iOS 11:-

iOS 11 will proved to be “a giant step for iPhone” and “a monumental leap for iPad.”

So, Let’s take a look at 10 best features of iOS 11.


10 best features of iOS 11

So, without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at the 13 best features of iOS 11, some are going to be introducing in latest update and some are enhanced from the previous version, let’s see the feature:-


1.) Siri can translate language and talks more natural

In IOS 11, Apple says SIRI, The virtual assistant for appeal devices, is going to get much more advanced through artificial intelligence and machine learning— it’s unclear whether these changes would make Siri better to use, but at the very least, Apple has made Siri sound a more natural for more deep understanding, a bit like Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

Apple is also working on a cool translation feature for Siri, where if you ask the assistant to say a certain phrase in a different language, for better translation and making satori an all rounder assistant.

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2.) The iPhone keyboard is getting smarter in iOS 11

Apple is introducing the signature feature in the IOS keyboard for IOS 11. When you type in iOS 11, the keyboard will suggest words you may have recently viewed on your phone. So when your friend texts you the name of a place to visit, it may be one of the first suggestions when you start searching for that restaurant on the web.

Also, you’ll be able to use the keyboard with one hand — just hold the emoji key and select one-handed typing to move all the keys closer to your thumb. This is interesting and innovative too.


3.) The App Store is getting a much-needed face-lift

 Through this update, Apple played a very big game for Apple App Store. This time, in iOS 11, you will find a completely redesigned App store. In newly designed App Store, you’ll find:-

  • Cleaner and official look
  • A new “Today” Tab which provides you best suitable apps and games of a day.
  • A new dedicated big Tab for games store, where you can find all games available for iOS, more easy to find them.
  • Change the text look, it will be more bold and sharp for better visibility


4.) The Messages app is going more precise and getting a new design

This time, Apple is not adding any feature in their messaging all, backup they’re updating this app normally through updates, and the last update they provided is hardly a month ago. They did provide us tons of features like- an App drawer, New stickers, GIF creation and sharing support and much more through updates, but it’s very complicated to use all the features at a one time.

So, Apple made it easier through iOS 11 upgrade.  How? They completely redesigned their normal app drawer to a new look as well as make it a lot easier to handle all the features. Now you can’t miss any feature

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5.) Notifications are getting simplified in iOS 11

In IOS 11, Now all the notifications you can find in one place directly, as there are no other tabs for special notification, like:- recent and missed tabs are merged completely. This leads you to easily get your notifications and pick them before they’re gone.


6.) Apple Maps provide more  precise data through ios 11

Apple is working on making apple maps more precise and provide you more and more details from years, and now apple is implementing those features in IOS 11. Now you can see the indoor maps of most popular areas like airports, malls, shopping centers and more, which leads to finding anything in Map more easier and quicker. Also, apple is providing a new feature of lane guidance which helps apple maps to provide more accurate turn-by-turn directions.


7.) You can instantly share Wi-Fi passwords.

 Basically, for reminding the password for a longer period of time, what we will do is:- write a password on a piece of paper or in our diary and kept it on a protective place. But through IOS 11, this practice is no longer needed.

Now though can instantly save the wifi password and share the wifi password with someone. If you want to get the shared password, simply find for the apple device which is already logged in to your wifi network and hold your device near to that connected device, the password will be shared automatically and you’ll be able to browse the internet without inserting the password in it.

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8.) Apple is finally letting you manage your Control Center.

Just like the navigation bar, Apple introduced the best shortcut feature named control center in IOS 7, and it’s rocking till now. This lets you choose shortcuts and navigation options, like brightness, sound, and other shortcuts.

Now you will be able to add and remove your desired shortcuts in IOS 11 and choose which shortcut is suitable for you.


9.) Live Photos will be enhanced in iOS 11

This feature will help you to convert your live photos into Gifts and easily edit it frame by frame. This feature also helps you to choose the right frame which you think is perfect as a thumbnail from your live photo, so the if you share that live image on social networking sites, then that frame will represent your live image. Kinda interesting!


10.) More compressed photos and videos without Quality Loss

I think you already knew that when we click any picture, firstly, it will save as a raw file, then it will edit automatically according to your preset enhancement, and then it will compress and convert into a Jpeg file. Same is the case with videos. So, in this case, this feature will more be focused on a compression part, providing you the high-quality images and videos in a more compressed size, leading to more free storage Space.

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So, above are the ” 10 best features of IOS 11 “. The launch of Apple iPhone 8 is also very near, I hope that IOS 11 will be introduced along with iPhone 8 and will be the best OS update ever. Normally we can see Apple is introducing many big and small features through IOS 11, Let’s see how this update is performing in real time. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article or want to add something in this article, simply drop a comment down below and I will analyze and resolve your query as fast as possible as well as add your recommendation respectively. Till then, build best, stay cool!

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