10.OR D specifications- 3GB RAM, SD 425 & more [ Tenor D ]

Amazon’s 10.OR D, which is also popular as Tenor D is listed on Amazon with its specifications and details. 10.OR D launch date was set for 20 December 2017 and flash sale on January 5, 2018. So, let’s take a look at 10.OR D specifications and know about it.

I case you don’t know 10.OR is a brand of smartphones which was launched by Amazon itself. In this mobile series, we already saw 10.OR E and G which are already launched a month ago and was already a big hit. Now, Amazon is launching their new smartphone which is named as Amazon 10.OR D. If you look at its name, you will already get a hint that it will be a downgraded version of 10.OR E.

According to Amazon India website, “For manufacturing 10.OR D, this device has to clear massive 962 tests for each and every part and feature for it’s stable and powerful performance. Let’s see how it will perform in the real life.”

Let’s get into complete details of this upcoming Amazon smartphone.

Amazon 10.OR D specifications – Younger brother of 10.OR E?

Let’s go deep into its specifications which we got as per the official listing on Amazon India and discuss it point by point:-


Processor and GPU

Moving further to its processor details, then this smartphone is packed with a Snapdragon 425 processor which is quadcore processor and clocked to 1.4 GHz. GPU provided in this device is Adreno 308 GPU, so, we are expecting kind of nice gaming performance here.

Snapdragon 425 and 430 are kind of a trend now. In mostly every smartphone which is priced at or under 7000 rupees, we can mostly see any one of them. Good job Qualcomm.

Storage, RAM, and variants

Well, 10.or D / Tenor D is going to launch in 2 variants:-

  • One with a 16Gb internal memory and bundled with 2GB of onboard RAM.
  • The second variant will be packed with a 32GB of internal memory as well as 3GB RAM.

Well, the variants are divided in a very smart way if we take a look at 10.OR D specifications. If you want higher performance, then you have to go for bigger one. There is not any kind of middle-sized variant [like 3GB RAM and 16GB storage or 2GB RAM and 32GB storage]. If you want one thing to be more, then you have to upgrade it to its higher variant.


Audio and other features

As per the listing on official amazon Inda website, this smartphone has a Dirac speaker which is said to provide crisp and clear audio, a USB OTG support which is the basic feature as of now and an FM radio too which we haven’t seen in most of the smartphones including some flagships.

Other than that we will get the built-in fingerprint sensor which is claimed to unlock your smartphone in only 0.2 seconds flat [kinda-fast!].


Display and android version

In display department, this device features a 5.2 inches HD display. 5.2 inches display is a very sweet spot. Not too much big, not too much small :). And in android software version, we are expecting Android nougat out of the box and will get an android oreo update.


10.or D specs- Battery

This smartphone is packed with massive 3500mAH battery, and according to Amazon, this smartphone claimed to provide us up to 25 hours of talk time as well as 10 hours of normal internet data usage on a single charge. As specs are for medium performance, we ex[ecting that 3500 Mah is enough for a 2 days battery backup.



10.OR D launch date and details

Well, according to official reports, Tenor D is going to launch on 20 December 2017, The 10.OR D  flash sale will begin on 4thJanuaryy at sharp 12 PM. As this device is coming from Amazon side, we are expecting a huge customer traffic, so, try to be there as fast as possible if you want this device as earliest as possible.

So, if you want this smartphone, just visit here and pre-register your smartphone so that you will get it as fast as possible. We will expect a huge customer response as it’s predecessors are also hit in terms of overall reviews.

10.OD D launch date
10.OR D launch date and flash sale

According to NDTV gadgets:- “For the 10.or E and 10.or G Amazon India had partnered with Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huaquin Technology, while this device will be manufactured from Shanghai-headquartered Longcheer.”

After taking a look at its specs, one thing which I guess that it will be a device for smartphone users which have a very tight budget.


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10.or D price and availability

So friend, above are the complete 10.OR D specifications and details which we collected officially and provide you with better and clear decision. Regarding 10R D price, it is final that the lower variant of this phone will be available at 4999 rs. which is a nice price point considering it’s specs. and 10.OR D price of the upper variant will be 5999rs. only. Pricing also is just same as Xiaomi Redmi 5A.

We will provide you a deep comparison of xiaomi redmi 5A vs 10.or D as fast as possible. Just tuned in to our website.

According to 10.OR D specifications, it is looking as a direct competitor of Xiaomi Redmi 5A which is also a good performing device under 5000 rupees. Well, overall results can only be justified after 10.or D launch.

As Tenor D is launching on 20 December 2017, the detailed review is very near. Hope that it will perform according to our expectations. Note that 10.OR D flash sale will begin on 5TH January at 12 PM sharp, So, if you want this smartphone, just visit here and pre-register your smartphone so that you will get it as fast as possible.

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