10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker

10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker – In today’s technological era, we know that what’s the importance of a computer. The computer is now becoming a very important part of our life. Just like a partner, we share our normal to a confidential information with our computer so that it can store them well.

But think that one day, our computer become hacked and all our data is compromised with a hacker who can misuse that information. It’s very embarrassing as well as the toughest risk which can hardly be overcome. If you want some cases for the same, Just a few months ago, the malware named “Ransomware” infected millions of computers and encrypted the data. Nothing is worse than getting your computer infected by any virus. It’s an era where everyone is using the Internet.

So, for nor being engaged in this kind of situation, today I am providing you the 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker.

10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker

So, my friend lets start with our list of 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker. Note that all the points described below should b applied on your computer to be 100% safe from hackers. If you miss any one point, then yes, you are still on a risk.

1. Always keep windows firewall on

You should always keep windows firewall on. I know on a laptop you seem to have some battery life issues, but don’t sacrifice you windows security for that. If any app or game requires the firewall to be turned off while using them, I recommend don’t use that applications or games on windows.

2. Keep all applications updated

Be sure to check that what the software version you are using before opening them, it should be the latest version of that software for your windows. The reason is that through software updates, maybe developer wants to add more security so that Ransomware can’t enter on your PC.

3.) try to use latest windows version on your PC

Windows 10 [latest version of windows] - 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker
Windows 10 [latest version of windows] – 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker
You should update your windows time to time. I know that there are many users who are still using Windows XP on their computer. Yes, it’s still best for the professional purposes, but it’s outdated now. Microsoft support is also ended for Windows XP. Means if your windows have some malware, then Microsoft can’t help you anymore. So, please update your windows to at least Windows 7.

4.) install any Antivirus software

Antivirus software comes out like a warrior when any malware or Ransomware wants to enter into your kingdom (Windows PC). So, for best protection, be sure to install any Antivirus software (I recommend to use quick heal). If you can’t afford software, then don’t worry, use trial softwares which gives you free service for 30-180 days (time period depends on software). When one trial ends, then use the trial version of another antivirus. Simple!

5.) make a routine of scanning

Be sure to scan your computer on a weekly basis. What type of scanning am talking about? Here’s the answer:-

  • First, Scan from Antivirus software for malicious apps and files.
  • The first step completed? Then simply visit your drives (C drive, D drive, etc.) and check manually all the files through its names. If you find any file you didn’t store on your PC and it’s unknown, then immediately delete them.

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6.) don’t open sensitive websites

Suspicious website alert - 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker
Suspicious website alert – 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker

Basically, when you are browsing the internet on chrome browser or Firefox browser, then you had met some websites which are blocked by the browser. Simply don’t try or force to open those websites because those websites can install any malware or Ransomware on tour computer. So, keep yourself away from those sensitive websites.

7.) don’t open any spam e-mail

This is a very common thing that when you log in your email ID then you can see tons of emails in which some of them are like – “become a millionaire in one day” or “we are providing you a ********* amount of cash, you only have to open the link below”. Please, it’s my request, don’t open those emails at any cost. And if you opened that email, don’t try to open the link or install any software provided by them. That can be a real malware.

8.) don’t download any file from suspicious websites

Many users just download any paid softwares from suspicious websites just for the sake of saving some pennies. Yes, you can install paid apps for Free, but before that, please take a look at the website first. Check the server, it’s popularity and reviews because suspicious website owners provide you those apps on which they insert any malicious code manually which can harm your computer. So, cross-check the website before downloading anything.

9.) Defragment your device once a week

If you are using windows computer or laptop for a long time, thin I am pretty sure that you know what defragmentation is. Basically, disk defragmentation clean your disc’s cache, temporary files and unused data which helps to clean your disk memory as well as remove viruses (in the least cases). Also, perform disk cleanup for freeing storage memory.

10) Scan Pendrives from Antivirus software

Before opening the Pendrives, Scan that Pendrives through the Antivirus software. Why? Because it may be possible that that Pendrives was infected by the virus, and if you just use it without scanning, that virus maybe injects on your computer which can also lead to damage your windows. So, scan your Pendrives before using it.

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So friend, above are the 10 ways to protect your computer from virus and hacker. If you find this article helpful, then please share this with your friends and family so that they can also get these tips to protect their computer from virus and hacker. If you have any kind of query regarding anything described in this article, then feel free to ask the question through the comment section provided down below and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!


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