1More Piston Classic review- Best under 1000rs? (1more E1009)

1More Piston Classic review – 1More is a new brand which is establishing their goodwill in the market, introducing some new things continuously time to time and provide us kind of value for money products due to which we get more quality and quantity in comparison of less price.

Recently, 1more released their own set of series Of earphones, Headphones, and speaker, some of them are nice, some are kind of average, and some are fabulous! So, 1more piston classic earphones are one of them [exact model- 1more E1009-Sil piston classic earphones].  We recently go for it, and now it’s time for the detailed review. So, let’s move on to 1More Piston Classic earphones review.

1More Piston Classic earphones review – Best in class?

So, as we have to continue our format, we had divided 1More Piston Classic review into 3 parts:-

  • Build quality
  • Comfortability and durability
  • 1More Piston Classic earphones Audio quality review

So, let’s start our review.

1More Piston Classic review- Build Quality

1More Piston Classic earphones - unboxed
1More Piston Classic review – unboxed [gizbot source]
So, after opening up the box, the first thing we got is “earphones itself”. Nicely build thick high-quality wire, and shiny coating on earpieces, cable divider, and a 3,5 mm jack. The earphones are looking stylish, more like classy earphone. But the thing which I didn’t like in the build quality is “less powerful joints”. The points from where the wire is ended are didn’t locked up properly, means wire can be broke from that joints is heavy pressure was pulled on to that earphones. Other than that, everything is nicely built up. Good job 1more.:)


1More Piston Classic earphones review – Comfortability and durability

In terms of comfortability, the reaction is kind of “mixed”. Considering the fact that the 1More Piston Classic earphones are made up of “aluminum alloy body”, the weight of these earphones are like that they are made up of metal [like boat bassheads 225 earphones]. In starting you will love these earphones, but after listing music for more than 30minutes, you can feel the weight on your ears. Well, in a month, you will get used to it.

1More Piston Classic earphones - complete overview
1More Piston Classic earphones review – complete overview

In terms of durability, the big thumbs up here and all the credits go to the quality 1more used to made 1More Piston Classic earphones. Wire quality is top notch which can handle the heavy external pressure and earpieces are made up of aluminum alloy which is nice in its own way. If you want the earphone which you want to use for more than 1 year, then yes, these earphones are one f the nice options for you.

1More Piston Classic earphones Audio quality review

So, this part was further divided into 2 parts:-

  • Bass review and lows, mids and highs
  • Noise cancellation and mic review

Bass, lows, mids, and highs – Here, in terms of the bass department, 1More Piston Classic earphones can’t able to make a deep impact like boat bassheads 225 or Audio Technica ATH CLR100 earphones. Yes, the bass is there, but in a kind of appropriate and needed way, not much overpowered or impactful. Considering a price point, I am very little disappointed here. But if we talk about its lows, mids and highs, i have to say that 1more played their shot here. All tones are perfectly configured and we can hear the deepness of the music and every single music strand, even it is in background or loud. If they provide little more deep bass here, then I can say that this is the best earphones under 1000rs. But it can’t!

Noise cancellation and mic quality-  Noise cancellation is kind of nice here. Yes, we can hear all the external sound here, but it is very little, or if you listen to music on little high volume, then I can say, it is nominal. Kind of good job here by 1more.

Mic quality is I can say “best in its price range, best under 1000rs.”. If you are looking for the best earphones for YouTuber, means you are a YouTuber and want to record sound from these earphone’s mic, then yes, you are going to the right side. Mic audio is clear, to the point, surround noise is very little and crisp voice. Best mic for YouTubers who started their career is available in these earphones.


1More Piston Classic review – The Final Verdict

So, after going through these earphones here is my final verdict after the complete 1More Piston Classic review regarding these earphones:-

If you are a bass lover, then sadly, I don’t recommend you these earphones as the bass is not that much effective here.

Want a set of earphones which you should keep for more than 1 year or two and ready to compromise with bass and its little heavyweight? then yes, you must go for 1More Piston Classic earphones!

If you use your earphones while doing a workout or while playing outdoor games, then there are many options available my friend, don’t consider this one.

Are you a Youtuber? If you want to use these earphones for youtube, for recording your voice through the mic available in earphones, then yes, thumbs up for 1More Piston Classic earphones. As I previously said “best earphones for YouTubers”.

Best Buy link [amazon]- 1More Piston Classic earphones


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So friend above is the 1More Piston Classic review. What’s your opinion on these earphones? Did these earphones impress you? If not, then which earphones will you recommend to our viewer my friend? Let’s discuss this thing in the comments section. If you have any query regarding 1More Piston Classic earphones review, then yes, you can ask your query by dropping a comment down blow and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible.  Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!


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