3 best Secret apps for android that everyone must know

3 best secret apps for android

3 best secret apps for android – There are millions of apps available for Android devices right now in which some are popular and known by every smartphone user, and some are not so popular despite the quality service they are providing because of their less marketing budget.

Do you know the fact that there are massive 4.62 million apps available for Android and only 1/3rd of them are available on play store? Means there are millions of apps that are not available on play store. So, today we are going to know about 3 best secret apps for android that are not available on play store because of what they offer but you should know about them and use them once. Hope you like them.

3 best secret apps for android

So, friend, now We will take a close look at 3 best Secret apps for android which are very useful. Let’s get started.


When we want to download any app, we directly jump to Play Store and download it. But there is a bad situation when we open the play store, open the app details and find that it is a paid app, and they can’t be downloaded unless we pay some amount of money to their account to download and use those apps.

ACmarket - 3 best Secret apps for android
ACmarket – 3 best Secret apps for android

So, in this case, this app named ” AC Market” will help you. What this app will do is, you can download and install all paid apps for Free from this App Store. How?

Firstly search, download and install this app.  Then you will see the same user interface as of Google play store. After opening it, simply search for your desired paid app from the upper search bar, Nad from the search results, select your desired app. You will see that you can download and install that app for Free without any hassle. You can download any app or game for free from this app. Kinda easy and helpful!


AcMarket features:-

  • ACTIVE COMMUNITY – If you had encountered any problem, there’s the whole community waiting for you
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – The complete interface is as same as play store, so it’s easy to browse
  • FAST DIRECT DOWNLOAD – Just need a one tap and it can download any app without any hassle
  • EASY TO CUSTOMIZE – If you want to customize the app, you can easily do it
  • PATCHED APK – you will get all paid apps here for free because it’s special.

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OG YouTube:

OGYoutube - 3 best Secret apps for android
OGYoutube – 3 best Secret apps for android

If we are watching any long video on YouTube, then I will sure you will pause it sometimes only for checking out notifications, do any other work on your smartphone and for many more purposes. In this case, it’s very annoying that you will have to see that video but you can’t as there are tons of interruptions between them.

So, for you, this app named “OG YouTube” is best for you. The interface and main purpose of this app is as same as youtube, but there are some changes here:-

  • In this app, when you play any video,  you will see a download button under like and dislike button. Through this button, you can download any video from YouTube and play it directly on phone offline on any video player.
  • If you want to play YouTube video in the background and watch the video while using any another app (like watching video while using WhatsApp) then yes, this app can do it for you. When you play any video, you will see a button right below to share and add-to button. Simply tap that and your video will be played in Background.

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Basically, I will prefer to watch any YouTube video through this app instead of YouTube because of that background video playback feature. Loving it!

Adskip   – 3 best secret apps for android

When we play or watching any video on YouTube, the first thing through which we should suffer is the “Annoying ads” and from all of that ads, some of them we can skip after 5 seconds of playing and some of them are non-skippable, means we have to watch it. In this case with we have to watch the ad or restart the video.

Adskip - 3 best Secret apps for android
Adskip – 3 best Secret apps for android

So, if you also experienced this in your real-time youtube video playback, then this app is the best suit for you. What this app can do is:- this app can automatically force skip the ad which is playing on YouTube before playing video or while watching the video and get in between ad. How? Let’s see:-

  • First, simply search for the app on Google, download it and install it.
  • Then open the app and turn on the “Enable mute audio during ad” option by toggling it up.
  • Rest of the work will be done by app itself 🙂  🙂  🙂

After enabling this app, it will automatically skip the ads on YouTube and video will be played directly.

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So friend, now we came at last of our list of ” 3 best Secret apps for android “. I know the point that these apps are breaking rules and regulations of their official android apps, but my friend, one thing which is to be noted is:- those app developers who created these apps are created for us, the Android users. So, We should appreciate their work. So, please share this article with your friends if you find this helpful. If you have any query regarding this app or want to recommend any other app which deserves to be in this list, kindly drop a comment down below and I will analyze your comment and reply as fast as possible. Till then, build best, stay cool!

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