4 Amazing Camera Hacks You should Try Now

4 Amazing camera hacks

4 Amazing Camera Hacks  – The camera is one of the most required and needed features for any smartphone. Everyone wants a bigger battery, better space, and the BEST CAMERA! in their smartphone. After getting the smartphone and tested out the camera quality, we only do 2 things from it. One is photography and another one is videography. But do you know, the normal looking smartphone camera has lots of potentials which is hidden in it? We have to find that potential and hidden features and use it optimally.

Yes, you heard it right. In our smartphone, a camera is not only for clicking best photographs and recording stunning videos, but the world of smartphones is too advanced that we can use the camera in performing many more tasks which you probably don’t know.

So, for making your work easier, today I am coming with the list of 4 Amazing Camera Hacks You should Try Now.

4 Amazing Camera Hacks You should Try now

Before you start rolling your eyes, check out these awesome smartphone photography hacks that’ll help you use your camera like a pro. So, let’s get started with our 4 amazing camera hacks :-

1.) Extract image Text

You can easily extract the text written on the image. Now you don’t have to write the text written on an image manually by seeing and typing it.

Recently Google released an app named “Google Keep”. What this app will do is:- you can get the text on your phone which is written on any external image.

Google keep - 4 Amazing camera hacks
Google keep – 4 Amazing camera hacks

Just install Google keep app>> open it >> import any document containing that image or click an image first >> tap on the image which is presented on the document or clicked manually >>a menu appears on which it is written “Grab Image text” >> tap on it and you’re done. Congrats you successfully extracted text from the image.

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2.) Translate On-The-Go

Suppose You visited a new place, and there you find an important notice board on which a very important information is written in a very big form of an article, but not in a language you know.

In this case, either you left the notice or ask from other individuals about the meaning of that article. Right? No, you shouldn’t because this work can be done through your smartphone’s camera itself.

Google translate - 4 Amazing camera hacks
Google translate – 4 Amazing camera hacks

You have to just install the app named “Google translate”. It can translate anything for you written in any language. After installing, just open the Google translate app>> click on the camera icon you saw on the screen>>tilt camera to in front of that image (notice board in our example) and done! Rest of the work will be done by itself and you’ll get your results instantly and easily.



3.)  Monitor your Heart Beat Rate

Till now, you thought that “If your device doesn’t have heart rate sensor then it’s impossible to check the heart rate” Right? But now, that’s not the case.

Now You can easily check your heart rate through your smartphone and the only thing which is needed is “camera of your smartphone”. Instant Heart Rate is the most accurate Heart Rate Monitor app for any smartphone and it does not need any external hardware. Use it for optimising your exercise and to track your progress.

Instant Heart Rate - 4 Amazing camera hacks
Instant Heart Rate – 4 Amazing camera hacks

Just install the “instant heart rate” app from playstore, open it and place the fingertips of your index finger on the smartphone’s camera. Then immediately you can check your heart rate. You can also check the live heart rate through the real-time chart.

Now, probably you’re thinking that this app is only for playing pranks. No, my friend. This app uses your phones built-in camera to track color changes on the fingertip that are directly linked to your pulse. This is the same technique that medical pulse oximeters use.

Note:- try to use this app when there is sufficient light around you so that your fingers color can be accurately monitored through the app.

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4.)  Camera makes Maths easier

Suppose if you’re having any problem regarding a particular equation in maths or doing your homework and stuck on a particular mathematical question, then yes, Photomath app is best for you, everyone can consider it.

photomath - 4 Amazing camera hacks
photomath – 4 Amazing camera hacks

How photomath app works:-

Simply open playstore or appstore >>Search for photomath app and install it >> open it and you’ll saw the camera interface directly >> simply tile the camera in front of that equation and click the picture or type that equation manually >> you’ll get your answer as well as the step by step guide to solve it.

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So my friend, above are the ” 4 Amazing Camera Hacks You should Try Now “. As the technology becomes more advanced, our app developers also try to follow that technology and try to can with the best and innovative output which we should use and share with others also. If you know and tried any other camera hack other than the 4 camera hacks which are described in this article and want to share it with the whole world, you can simply add a comment or contact us and I will add your new recommendation in our article. Did you like these 4 amazing camera hacks? Do you have any query regarding any of the app which is described above you want us to discuss in detail? Sure. you can simply comment down below and I will try to resolve your query as fast as possible.

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