4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device

4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device

4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device – When you browse anything or use any application on your Android device, the cache data is created which temporarily records all your activities in a text format for your ease. But if cache data size increases and cross its limits, then it will lead to making your device perform slower which you didn’t like.

So, for this, you can clear the cache memory of your Android device. But which is the best way? How can you do this? Is there any best way to clear the cache data of your Android device? For providing you the best answer, Today I will provide you 4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device.

4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device

So friends, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with the 4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device.

1. Clear all Cached Data

If you are thinking to Much space covered by the cache data, then you can easily clear all cache data of all apps in one click.

For this, first, go to your phone Settings and then tap the Storage & memory or Storage settings.

After selecting the Storage and Memory option, select the Storage & USB option. Then you will be navigated to the Internal Storage section which displays all the information about the apps, images, videos, audio and cache data that is occupying the space on your phone’s memory.

Now tap the Cached data among all the other options. After selecting the cached data you will be prompted that “This will clear cached data for all apps.” Click on OK.

This will delete all apps cache data and provides you some extra space for your apps or pictures.

Things which are to be noted here is that it will clear all cache data, means the data of all your existing apps will be deleted and all the saved passwords, information, etc. Which is presented in all the applications will no longer available.


2.Clear a particular App’s Cache Data

As I said that the above way will clear all the cache data of all the apps, now I will tell you how you can clear the cache data of some elected apps according to your need. For this, you have to clear cache data one by one. Little time taking, but it worth the time.

To remove a specific app’s cache data first go to Settings and in there tap the Apps option.

And in the Apps section, select a specific app for which you want to clear the cache. You will be navigated to that particular Apps info section.

Tap the Storage option after which you will be provided with two options of Clear Data and Clear Cache. Tap the Clear Cache option.


This will remove the cache data of that app.

3. Use Android Cleaner Apps

This is the third way to Clear Cache Data on Android Device. Basically, i don’t recommend you to follow this way, as this method leads to install an app and the first 2 ways are the best options to clear cache data of our android device, but it is the easiest way t clear cache data as you can clear cache memory in just one click.

For this method, you have to install a third-party app. The cleaner apps are the apps which free up the storage space by removing junk, residual and cache files which slows down your phone and boosts the phone and memory speed and optimizes your system performance. My recommendation for you to install an app named “Clean-master”. There are tons of apps which are available on playstore but I will recommend you clean master app as i is the most trusted and best app as of now which is available on playstore.


clean master - 4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device

4. Use Recovery to Clear Cache

This method is the least popular among all the methods presented in this article, and the reason behind this is “risk factor”. Before using this method, make a note that this technique is an advanced procedure which should be done after having a full knowledge of the procedure and we are not responsible if your device is damaged.

recovery method - 4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device
recovery method – 4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device

How you can clear cache memory of android device using “recovery method”?

  • First, power off your device.
  • After switching off your mobile, Load the Bootloader screen using a combination of keys such as Power Button and Volume buttons simultaneously.
  • Use Volume keys for navigating between options in case Touchscreen didn’t work.
  • Select the Recovery option.
  • Go to Wipe cache partition to clear the cache.
  • Now the cache data on your mobile gets cleared. Select Reboot system now to restart the device.

So friend, above are the 4 best Ways to Clear Cache Data on Android Device. If you like this post and found this article helpful, then please share this with your friends, family, and groups. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then you can simply ask your question by commenting down blow and wi will try ro solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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