4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting

4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting

4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting-  Android smartphone is a small package which has lots of potential hidden in it. Basically, most of the potential we can see and analyze when we use it in a normal way, but there are some more factors which can positively affect all the potential of your smartphone which you can see after ROOTING your smartphone.

Rooting is one of the most needed and popular features of each and every Android Smartphone which can make it special and different from iOS devices. Basically, there are many advantages of rooting which you can see here:- Advantages of rooting, but today we will talk about how to make your android device perform faster with the help of root.

So friend, for proving my side, today I am coming up with 4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting.

4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting

So friend, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with the 4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting:-

1) Uninstall the Pre Installed Apps

Once your Android device is rooted, you now have full access to various files/parts/sections of your device that previously you were restricted for or should not have been available. This is a pretty good thing which allows you to remove system apps very easily without any hassle.

Remove Bloatware - advantages of rooting
Remove Bloatware – 4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting

Previously you can see Lots of bloatware and unwanted apps but you can’t remove them, but after rooting your device, you can easily remove them and also provides you the feature of installing apps that require root access.

Now, it’s time to explain that how you can remove that pre-installed apps or bloatware. So, here’s the process:-

  • Firstly, go to play store and search for “system app remover”.
  • After that, install any application which has good amount download and 4+ star rating, then open it.
  • Then, simply select the apps you want to uninstall and after selecting, tap “uninstall”.
  • Done 🙂 Rest of the work will be done in the background.
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2) Overclocking your Processor

Before rushing out for knowing about this feature, let’s first know want to overclock and underclock is.

So, in our Smartphone there’s a processor / CPU which is running on its own GPU architecture and pre-defined Speed [ which is defined in GHz]. So, overclocking term referred to increase the processor Speed and Underclocking leads to decrease the processor Speed.

As we are talking about improving the performance, you will overclock your smartphone’s processor

After completely rooting your device, you can manually set processor speed your device according to your need through an App named No-frills CPU Control. [Don’t overclock or underclock CPU too much because you are running an Android Device, not a bullet train or a cute slow snail, just joking!] Basically, Overclocking improves performance and underclocking improves battery life of your device.

[Let’s say my device, Oneplus one CPU is Snapdragon 801 which is clocked at 2.5 GHz, I clocked CPU to 2.75GHz and also 1.7 GHz ]. So, just overclock your smartphone’s processor and check out the performance then. But don’t overclock too much as it can also harm your device.

3) Installing Custom ROMs

If your device is rooted, then you must flash any custom ROM which is the best available option for your device to take the overall performance to the another level.

Through custom ROM, you can add some features on your Android device, upgrade your smartphone to the higher version of android if there’s no official update regarding that, as well as the performance will be boosted as well as perfectly organised and managed which helps your smartphone to perform faster as well as keep it stable for smooth buttery performance.

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Here I am providing you some major points:-

  • When you install any custom ROM then all the data, apps and files available on your smartphone will be erased. So please take a backup of all that data before flashing a new ROM.
  • Be sure to false ROM which is exclusively available y. For your smartphone model and check out the user reviews of that custom ROM before flashing. Otherwise, it may be harmful to your device.
  • Be sure that when you are installing custom ROM, you’re following the steps provided by the developer. If you miss any single step or doing it in a wrong way, it maybe makes your smartphone dead or keeps in the boot loop.

You can check the best available custom ROM for your device on XDA forums.

4) Move Apps to SD Card

Be sure to move all apps to the SD card. The reason is:- when you run an app, program or doing any activity, then the cache data of that particular activity is recorded to your smartphone’s internal storage. So in this case, I’d your smartphone has less amount of storage then, after some time, tour apps and programs seems to be lagging and you can easily feel the frame drops.

Move to SD card- 4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting
Move to SD card- 4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting

So friend, please try to move all apps to your smartphone’s memory card so that all programs can run faster and smoother.

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So friend, above are the 4 Tricks to Make your Android Run Faster through rooting. If you liked the article then please share it with your friends and family so that they will be also aware of the same. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then don’t forget to ask your query through the comment section provided below and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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