5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked

5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked – Android is an open operating system which anyone can use, enter some mods in it, unlocking features, etc. And this does not need any permission from Google for doing it. That’s why we can see that majority of the smartphones are running on Android rather than any other available operating system option.

But, as it is an open OS, then this also means that it is very prone to hackers if not handled properly or doesn’t add the security in it. If your smartphone is hacked, your applications, data and files, gallery and all other things available on your smartphone are at risk.

But the main problem here is:- how we can check that our smartphone is hacked or not? Is there any sign or indication for it which tells that your smartphone is hacked?

The answer of the above defined question is:- there is not any specific thing which tells you that your smartphone is hacked, but there are many signs through which you can get an idea that your smartphone is hacked or going to be hacked. If you catch those signs, then you can take your smartphone out of the hacking world.

So, for you, today u am providing the 5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked.

5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked

So friends, let’s get started with the 5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked. Here I want to tell you something:- all factors perfectly defines that your smartphone is hacked, but there are other reasons also, so, just go deep into your smartphone for better info.

1.) your smart battery drains very quickly even after no process is running

When your Android device remains idle or there’s not an app running, basically that saves the battery life. But if your smartphone’s battery is draining at high scale, then this means that there are some processes which are running but hidden somewhere.

So, in this condition, just go to settings>> apps>> running. In this, if you are seeing any app which is unknown but running, then yes, probably a malware is going to inject.

2.) your smartphone is getting warm unnecessarily

If you didn’t play any game, watched a movie, use the camera or made any calls recently, but even after that you can feel the warmth on the back side of your smartphone, that means that something is going wrong with your Android device.

checkout the heat continuously- switch off smartphone- 6 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked
checkout the heat continuously- 5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked

In this case, just be alert. Continuously monitor all the processes, running apps, check the files available on your smartphone’s storage and if you find anything which is unknown, just remove and delete it respectively.

3.) sudden rebooting without any activity

If your smartphone reboots itself, means if your android device restarts automatically without your confirmation, in this case, that is the sign of 2 things:-

  • Any important android processes crashed simultaneously leads to malfunctioning your smartphone, that’s why it reboots for restarting that process.
  • Maybe a malware was entered in your smartphone and after installing, your smartphone is rebooted. In this case, malware entered in your Smartphone through an app which was just installment as a system reserved app. If your smartphone is not rooted, then you just can’t remove that application.

You have to just find the application. If there is no application installed, then it may be done due to the first point (android process crashing).

4.) a call sent from your device which is “unknown”

You should check your call logs on a daily basis. In your call log, if you found a number which you had not dialed and is completely unknown to you, then this is a very major alert that your smartphone is going to be hacked soon.

In this case, you just have to do 2 things:-

  • Check out that number details on truecaller. If that number is not found on their database or that number is flagged by many people as spam, then yes, this a major issue.
  • Just blacklist and block that number so that you can’t revive any call from that number.

5.) can’t able to switch off your smartphone

If you are trying to turn off your smartphone and it can’t just be turned off, instead of this there is any other activity started from long pressing the power button, then it indicated that hacker change the activity resigned to long press power button.

switch off smartphone- 6 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked
switch off smartphone- 5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked

This means that hacker is injecting a virus in your Smartphone, so, for no interruptions in injecting process, he changed the power button resigned activity so that you can’t then off your device otherwise malware can’t be injected properly.

In this case, just open the back cover and remove your smartphone’s battery. Leave it as it is for an hour and after that plug in the battery and turn on your smartphone. Hope your device is not hacked yet.

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So friend, above are the 5 alerts which tell that your phone is hacked. Note that you should follow and check out all these alerts so that there will be no space opened or hackers. In case your smartphone is hacked, then I will recommend only one thing for you i.e. hard reset. Your device is always with you, so, it’s your responsibility to protect your smartphone by doing possible security efforts on it at most.

Keep alerted and alert others also by sharing it with your friends, groups, and family. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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