5 best Android tricks & settings You must Try

5 best Android tricks & settings

5 best Android tricks & settings – Android has the largest user base in the smartphone industry. Mostly every smartphone is running on Android (and some on iOS). As you know, Android has tons of settings and customization, some of them we are using it normally, but some became untouched for a longer period of time. That’s why we can say that Android is far better than iOS.

Android is one of the most interesting operating systems for me, I have ever used, even better than windows. Why? Because it has tons of settings as well as tricks hidden in it and when we find them, an interest takes a new step.

So, today I came up with the list of 5 best Android tricks & settings you should use normally to improve the overall performance of Android. It’s obvious that I can’t explain all the tricks at one place, so if you want, simply drop a comment and I will make a new post containing other tricks.

5 best Android tricks & settings You must Try

So friend, let’s start with our list of ” 5 best Android tricks & settings You Must Try “.

1.) Switching to safe mode:

As you saw on windows, you can also enable the safe mode on android also. The purpose of using safe mode on Android is to disable the processing of third-party applications so that they can’t interfere while operating your android device, as well as remove malware apps if installed on your device.

Booting to Safe mode - 5 best Android tricks & settings
Booting to Safe mode – 5 best Android tricks & settings

How to enable safe mode on android:-

  • Hold the power button till the menu appears.
  • Then, In the menu, there’s an option named “Switch off”, long tap that option for few seconds.
  • Then a new menu opened to enable the safe mode or not, simply tap yes.
  • Done 🙂 🙂 🙂

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2.) Clone desired Applications:

If your device is using any custom UI (not the stick one, like Miui, emotional UI, etc.), then I think k you are pretty familiar with app cloning.

Through app cloning, you can create a new duplicate version of any app you want. In this way, you can use 2 versions of the same app in your device.


Let’s find out how to use app cloning:-

  • For devices with custom UI – You can easily find the app cloning option In settings, like in MiUI it is named ad dual apps. The motive of this is also same as app cloning.
  • For devices which are running on android Oreo – If you are using android Oreo then you can find a menu option called app cloning. It allows duplicating the desired applications with a single tap.
  • If your device is running on stock UI with older Android version – You can download and install an app named parallel space. Simply install it, open it, select an app and clone. Rest of the work. Is done by the app itself.

3.) Unlimited search:

Imagine you recently saw a dish or a thing which you don’t know and can’t able to detect that ” what is this? how can I take it in use? ”

Then, in this case, an app named Google Goggles to help you out. What this app can do is:- when you open that app and tilt the camera towards that dish, you can find all details available about that on the internet.

Google Goggles - 5 best Android tricks & settings
Google Goggles – 5 best Android tricks & settings

How to use Google Goggles:-

  1. First, install Google Goggles from playstore.
  2. After that, open the app and select the search
  3. Automatically camera will open and you have to tilt that camera in front of that thing which you want to know
  4. Rest of the work will be done by Google Goggles. It will automatically search for the details and provide you hen it will find about that thing.


This feature is most useful when you want to capture the details about any unknown product or want to scan any QR code or barcode. Imagine how convenient it is when you do searches related to food, household goods, and barcodes, just use the camera and done.

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4.) Linking two smartphones together:

I think you already know about USB OTG. Basically, this can connect your device to any another external hardware such as pen-drives, external hard disks, keyboard, mouse, USB fan, etc.

But the thing is:- not every smartphone has the USB OTG Support. You have to confirm that does your smartphone supports OTG or not.

But the one thing you probably But know about this is you can easily connect your smartphone to any other smartphone by using USB OTG. Yes, that’s possible.


How to connect one Smartphone to another smartphone using USB OTG:-

  • First, you’ll need 2 smartphones, OTG cable, and a micro USB cable.
  • Then, simply plug in the OTG cable in the smartphone you want to retrieve data.
  • Plug in the micro USB cable to second phone
  • Then connect both of then by plugging in USB female pin to USB OTG cable.
  • Then it will automatically identify the device and be connected.


This method not only leads to transfer the data but also you can charge the second device with it.

5.) Using offline maps:

Using offline maps leads you to browse the map when you’re offline or don’t have network signals. This is really very helpful when you’re on a long trip and know that after some time, you’ll not get the network signals.

Google maps offline - 5 best Android tricks & settings
Google maps offline – 5 best Android tricks & settings

How to use offline maps feature:-

  1. Open Google maps
  2. Tap 3 line showing on the top left corner of your device. A menu opened.
  3. In that menu, select offline maps.
  4. Select the desired area you want to browse and navigate offline.
  5. After selecting, select done, then Google maps will keep that area offline by downloading it.
  6. You can browse that map in the offline maps menu.



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So, my friend, above are the 5 best Android tricks & settings You Must Try. Do you like this list? Do you have any other trick or setting which you’ll find useful and want to share that trick and setting to the whole world? Yes, you can. Please share your comment down below and we can do it for you. If you have any other query a related to anything described in this article, you can also comment below and we will try to resolve your query as fast as possible. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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