5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money

5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money

5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money-  Online shopping is a very common term which provides you ease of getting benefits which purchasing anything. Today, online shopping is a very common term through which you can purchase anything online in a very protected and secured way. Here in India, it’s a festive season and everyone is trying to shop online so that they can grab one of the best deals from it and e-commerce websites rundown their campaigns in the which they provide some offers and get sales from customers after attracting them.

That’s why online shopping becomes a win-win situation for both sellers as well as consumers. Also, the customer doesn’t have to go outside and negotiate for prices, they can get the best price for the same product from home. But consumer, do you know that you can get more and more benefits by applying some Hacks or we can say tricks which will lead you to get the same product but in less cost, leads further to saving money.

So, for this, today I am providing you the 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money.

5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money

So friend, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with our 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money:-

1.) Add to cart, leave for days, Get discount!

If you are going to buy anything but want some kind of discount on it, then I will refer you to add that item to your cart and leave it there for some days. This will lead to pressurize the seller that you want to take a product but not right now, leads seller to contact you through calls, message or provide you some emails like “your cart is waiting” and in that email, they also provide you a promo code to avail dome discount on that product.

After that simply go to your cart, purchase the product using that promo code and BOOM, you got the deal!

2.) Get discounts on referring to others

Refer and earn is the type of condition in which both parties (consumer as well as website) are in a win-win situation. Basically, all e-commerce shopping giants following this kind of offer occasionally. In this offer, the seller will tell you “make some new users for me and I will provide you a **** amount of money or ***** amount of promo idea for more discount. You can easily get many first-time purchaser benefits and can also earn handsome offers or money by participating in their refer & earn program as every e-commerce is having to refer & earn program to increase their sales.

amazon refer and earn - 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money
amazon refer and earn – 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money

In this way, the seller got a new customer which give sales to the seller and you got the money or some fixed amount of promo code.

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3.) Don’t need to pay delivery charge

Basically, as you already know every e-commerce have a particular money limit which indicates that “if you are shopping below *****rs. Then you have to pay some kind of extra delivery charges”. Means they will provide you free delivery charges, but after a particular amount limit (mostly in India, it’s 499rs.).

In this case, there is a very tricky solution which you can easily follow to get rid of delivery charges. Let’s say you want to purchase a product worth 350rs., then, in this case, you should order 2 items in your cart, on rid the product you want and another one will work as a filler which kills the gap between the limit and price. After that, simply place the order. When your order is placed, then simply go to your orders and cancel the item which you ordered as a filler. Congo! Free delivery accepted.

4.) Become new every time, crack deal with the lowest price

Basically, if you are going to buy a new big product online (let’s say 52 inches LED TV), then I will tell you, the price of that same TV differed from place to place. The reason behind this is:- your e-commerce site is same, but the seller at that time is changed leads to provide you a different price for that product (maybe more, maybe less. You have to find it.)

In this case, I will provide you 2 suggestions:-

  • If you want to shop on the highest available negotiated price, then before going to the website, simply clear all cache, cookies, and history of your browser and log out from all social websites and emails ID, then you can easily check out the best price as your location becomes “unknown”.
  • Don’t want to do all these things? Then you can simply shop online in an incognito mode, this will leads you a new window in which all these things were already done provided above for a particular time and you will not lose any of them.

5.) Pay from e-wallets while paying online

If you are going to purchase anything online, and pay the full amount of money through debit card/ credit card/ internet banking, then I will tell one thing here “you should not pay money from all these mediums, instead pay money from digital wallets like- paytm, PayPal (in international transactions), etc. The reason behind that after paying money from online wallets, you will get some amount of cashback which you can use on your next purchase. You should know that there are many websites which give you cash back while shopping from there.

Paytm & paypal, the best e-wallets- 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money
Paytm & paypal, the best e-wallets- 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money

Means if you are purchasing online and pays money from debit/credit card or internet banking, then you will generate some amount of loss for yourself. Firstly analyze the running offer and then pay from that digital wallet.

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So friend, above are the 5 Online Shopping tricks which save your money. If you want to provide any other trick, then please share your information through the comments section provided below.If you have any query regarding shopping anything online, then you can ask your query through dropping the comment and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. These were some of the online shopping hacks you should never forget and let others users know about this by sharing this to as much more people you could easily share. Sharing is caring, happy shopping! Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!


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