5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone, get a better deal

5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone

5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone The smartphone industry is growing day by day. As new technology is introduced in smartphones, the rice also takes a jump to a next level making that device expensive. So, many users want those expensive devices but have a low budget. In this case, they have a golden option to opt for a device which is refurbished / second hand which costs them low as compared to original price and got all the features also.

So, this leads to giving a push to our refurbished smartphones market. In the market, many shops and many e-commerce sites deal in refurbished smartphones. But as you know, all sellers who are selling are not good. Some of them only want to sell the product and not focusing on what quality they’re providing. So, for second-hand devices, a buyer has to take care of certain things and try to crack the best possible deal.

So, for discussing this matter, today I am coming with 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone which helps you to get a better deal.

5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone

So, my friend, let’s get started with the  5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone, get a better deal. I hope you like my tips. So, here it is:-

1. Seller should be reliable

Always check with the seller before purchase. Try to find out the history of the seller, find the customers who purchase any device from that seller and ask those customers about the experience with the seller.

Most sellers try to sell the devices which they got from theft, (means their snatched up the mobile and sell that phone to the seller), or try to sell the duplicate product. Or if you want second-hand devices, I prefer you to choose the online services because they are verified.

So friend, Before buying any old phone, keep in mind that the stores or phones you are purchasing from a store or seller are reliable.

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2. Check all Accessories

If you find the reliable and best seller, then purchase the device and firstly open the box and check in-box contents. Try to find out that the accessories provided in the box are completed an original or not. Before buying the old smartphone, the second important thing is to keep in mind that all accessories given with the phone are original.

Check all the accessories - 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone
Check all the accessories – 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone


Using fake and duplicate accessories leads to:-

  • Provide your losses as the overall value of your smartphone decreases.
  • If you use the duplicate and fake accessories, it also affects the performance of your device as well as leads you into trouble (in the case of the charger).

So, before buying, first open the box and check the originality and quality of all the accessories provided in the box.

3. Go for an Unlocked phone

If you are going to buy the refurbished phone, firstly go to its specifications and details page and search for the term “unlocked”. Basically, if your refurbished phone is locked, that means that your device can only be run on a particular carrier network (this case is especially for the devices which you’re importing from any other country).

If your phone is locked, then your device can only be run on a particular network, means you can only use the Sim which is locked for that network.

Try to find out the unlocked devices, but if you do not find any unlocked smartphone then either you should move on to another smartphone or purchase that smartphone and unlock it from repair shops (charges may apply in this case).

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4. Cross-Check warranty of smartphone

Always crosscheck the warranty if it is applicable on the smartphone you want to purchase. Basically, if you surf online for purchasing a second-hand device, you should try to find out those devices for which the warranty is still applicable and it is not over yet.

Check warranty - 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone
Check warranty – 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone

And if that device covered in warranty yet, then you must ask for the warranty papers as it warranty can only be clawed through warranty papers (or invoice).

Most sellers provide their own warranty period (in most cases, it’s 30 days) so that we can check out the condition of that smartphone by using it and if there is any defect found then we know that there is someone who can help you. And if you are purchasing your second-hand device online, then I prefer to search for the devices which have at least 60 days to warranty period left.

5. Condition and Quality checks

After checking out all those points described above, then we move on to the last and most important point.

Before buying the smartphone, first, check out the condition and quality of that device you’re going to purchase. Normally it depends on the age of that device and how the previous owner handled it, but yes, that matters you the most.

Always check condition & quality - 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone
Always check condition & quality – 5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone

Don’t ever try to buy the device which is very bad in condition, because it is possible that after purchasing it within 10 days your device stopped working. So, try to finger out the condition of that device and check the quality and originality of that smartphone also.

That’s why when you’re searching for any second-hand smartphone to purchase online through an e-commerce website, there’s an option to filter the products according to the condition “poor”, “good” or excellent. Most devices which are in the excellent category will cost you most and newer compared to remain two options.

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So, my friend, Above are the “5 pro tips for buying an old smartphone”. Did you like all these tips described above? Did you want to add anything in this article or want to share any other pro tip with others? Simply leave a comment down below quoting your opinion and recommendation respectively and I will try to add your recommendation in my article. If you have any type of query regarding anything described in this article, then simply drop a comment download anI i will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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