5 software Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display

Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display

Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display – Display plays a very important role for every gadget as the overall set of looks sets off on display. and if we are talking about the smartphones department, then that same role becomes one of the biggest roles. Normally flagships and high-mid range devices sport a good looking vibrant display with color accurate as best as possible, but till now on budgeted devices and low-end devices, still the displays are not in the better state.

So, for Android devices, we can try to improve the display as good as possible, but not the best [as the display is a hardware, we shouldn’t try to replace it] but through some software tweaks, you can do it according to your preferences.

So, for today, we are here discussing on 5 software Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display. We try to get into some settings and try to find best applications which help to improve android smartphone’s display.

5 software Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display

So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with our Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display. Here you go:-


Tweaking up the RGB Mode:

Setting up RGB mode - Tips to Improve Android Smartphone’s Display
Setting up RGB mode – Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display [img source- AndroidCentral]
Mostly all smartphone have their inbuilt RGB mode through which you can set the mixture of red, green and BLUE color and set the screen according to your desired color. If your device OEM has RGB mode enabled then you can set it easily. And if the mode is not installed on your device then you can simply flash the mod you can find on XDA forums or use any Custom ROM on your device.

When you are using the RGB mode, please be extremely CAREFUL because if you set the inaccurate colors, then your device seems to be over-saturated. While setting up more, keep this thing in mind that Red color makes your device seems warm and blue color displays your device cool. Green color helps to manage both the colors and calibrate it.

The setting is, in most cases, available in the developer options under “Picture color mode”. But some Android skins also have a display calibration where you need to select the “standard tuning”.


Setting up the Pixel Density [ Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display ]

Changes after setting Pixel density - Tips to Improve Android Smartphone’s Display
Changes after setting Pixel density – Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display

If you want that your screen capture tore display then I prefer you to play with the Pixel density of your device and set it accordingly to your need.

What pixel density will do is:- when you increase this, you can see the bigger text on your screen which captures less content, and when you decrease this, you can see the more content at a single time in your display, leads to provide you some more extra rows of any article you want to read, for instance.

Basically, you can set this setting according to your choice by going to Settings >> Display >> advanced settings >> pixel density.


Convert sharp corners to Rounded Corners:

Rounded corners - Tips to Improve Android Smartphone’s Display
Rounded corners – Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display

Well, 2017 is one of the best year for the smartphone industry because of some new things and features introduced in the market [thanks to the R&D department of smartphone manufacturers], and one of the features is our “rounded corners display” which is also termed as “Infinity display” which provides you the rounded corners as well as a new resolution i.e. 18:9 display [normally it’s 16:9] respectively.

But if you have a device which you get last year or if your device has the standard rectangular display which has sharp corners, then I think you also want that round cornered display. Well, we can’t change the resolution as it is a hardware part [the display panel], but for rounded corners, we can use an a named “Cornerfly“. Normally there are tons of apps available on play store, but we recommend you to use this app as we tested it and it was passed.

How to get started with Cornerfly:-

  • To get started, head to the Google Play Store and install Cornerfly, the app that will round off the corners of your screen.
  • Then Grant Additional Permissions
  • Enable the Rounded Corners on the Navigation Bar
  • Enjoy a Rounded display

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Use Screen Dimmer for lower the brightness:

Screen dimmer - Tips to Improve Android Smartphone’s Display
Screen dimmer – Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display

Download from Play Store

If you want to decrease the brightness, but saw that the brightness settings is lowest currently on mobile, then you try to find some apps which can decrease the brightness according to your requirement. On this time, an app named “screen dimmer” will help you out.

What this app will do is:- you can dim the brightness of your device by adding a black layer to your display and increase or decrease the darkness of that black color. More darkness will lead to dim the display and vice versa. There are other share options also available but I prefer to choose black only.

All functions of Screen Dimmer:-

  • Provides an option of Variable opacity.
  • Display a notification or not when Screen Dimmer is on.
  • Minimize or not the screen’s brightness.
  • Disable buttons’ backlight.
  • Change the color of the filter and the widget.
  • Automatically toggle the app with the sunset/rise to use Screen Dimmer at night.
  • Choose the apps to launch when Screen Dimmer starts.
  • Do an opacity transition when the launch of Screen Dimmer is scheduled.


Use Night Mode and Daylight mode:

When you are reading something or using the Android device at night, then turn on the night mode. What this mode will do is:- enabling the night mode will help to reduce the blue color which tends you to provide the yellowish kind of display, which helps you to read or work on your Android device easily without giving pressure to your eyes.

Blue color increases the kind of sharpness of your display that leads to giving the pressure to your eyes when you are using your smartphone at night. That’s why when you are using it in low light turn on the night mode and when you are at outside area, then try on the day mode.

The option is usually available under the display settings. Although, if the OEM hasn’t provided it, you can use apps such as Twilight. This might seem a tad uncomfortable at first glance but you will definitely get used to it in a couple of minutes.

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So friend, above are the “5 software Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Display”. If you liked the post or provide us some tips to improve then please share your thoughts on comments. If you want to add any other feature in our article, then you can use our contact forms, and if you have any query, then simply drop your comment down below quoting your query and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!


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