Top 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone

5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone – Smartphone is our one of the most needed and basic gadget in our daily life. We just loving our Smartphone. So, suppose you don’t know very much about your device, and you are trying something new and suddenly, your phone becomes Un-Responsive, then what’s your feeling at that time? I know that was a very bad experience for you which even convert in a nightmare for you.

So,my friend, to keep your smartphone on a little safer side, we are now providing you our list of ” Top 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone”.


Top 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

So, my friend, let’s start with our list of ” 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone “. To keep your smartphone faster and safer you shouldn’t do following things with your smartphone.

At this point , I have a Note to share it with you:- If you want to do any single thing which is listed below, don’t do it without complete knowledge or research to prevent damage to smartphone. You can do it anytime if you are a professional user or know how to recover if anything goes wrong. 


1.) Install any battery saving app without research:

Battery saver apps - 5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone
Battery saver apps – 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

Battery saving apps are one of the most harmful app for you. Generally if you saw or used Battery saving apps, you will get trapped into it as they will provide you the Good looking UI which is mostly scientific in visuals, but if you go deeper into it, you will find some things mentioned Below:-

  • They doesn’t provide any of the feature they listed on App’s download page [mostly on Play store]
  • They doesn’t save your battery, instead the will eat your device’s battery by running in Background
  • As the nature of App, Battery saving apps should permitted for only one permission i.e. Battery, but no, they are permitted to use Battery, camera, contacts, messages, storage or even a flashlight in some cases.
  • Battery saving apps also contains Malware as malware injection is kinda easy in Battery saving and file explorer apps compared to others.

Notice once, open play-store and use search term ” Battery Saving App “.  You will find Battery Saving apps are available on play store in bulk, Why? Because these apps are kinda easy to create, just copy the code and you’re done. So, please don’t install Battery saving app in your Android or iOS smartphone. For saving battery you can rather use the battery saving mode which is inbuilt in your smartphone. You will find it in battery Settings.

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2.) Rooting your device with incomplete knowledge:

Root your Andoid smartphone - 5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone
Root your Andoid smartphone – 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

“Rooting”, the term which is most common and useful for our smartphone and dreams of many of the smartphone users to use it once in their smartphone, is also very harmful if you are doing it in a wrong way, as performing rooting technique in a wrong way may lead to even leave your smartphone unusable.

Basically the purpose of rooting for most of the users is for installing their favorite custom ROMs, remove the inbuilt apps and bloat-wares which are non-removable previously, and adding more customization options and add more features in their device. But if you rooted your smartphone in a wrong way or even in a right way, that will lead to the problems listed below :-

  • Leave your smartphone in a boot-loop
  • Your device will be hack-able
  • Your device might get bricked
  • Warranty will be Void [in most cases]
  • No OTA [On The Air updates] 

So, my friend, think twice if you want to root your device. If you are compromising with your device warranty and want to get the complete ownership, then you can do it, but in a right process.

If you want, I will create a proper article on “How to Root an android device”. Simply leave a comment down below if you want an easy and accurate article on properly rooting your Android Smartphone.

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3.) Uninstall Pre-installed apps On your smartphone without knowing them:

pre installed apps on Mi Device - 5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone
pre installed apps on Mi Device – 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

This in our list of ” 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone ” is disabling pre-installed apps without research. I think you already knew this thing that when you boot up your new smartphone, you will find some apps which are only for that smartphone only and you remove / un-installed them. But wait, there’s a catch here. Many apps seem like they do nothing, but are there to make sure other apps work well and guarantee your phone performance and running their processes in background.

If we taking an example of Xiaomi Devices, you will find apps named “Mi account, Mi community, Mi picks, Mi Remote, updater and more”. You thought that all are bloat-wares, but no, some of them are actually needed for your smartphone. Some apps are only pre-installed only to improve the overall performance and security of your smartphone and we should trust them as those apps are made by your smartphone manufacturer.

So, before un-installing those pre-installed apps, please browse the internet and search for their features and purposes for which they are already present on your smartphone, then after researching, decide you should un-install it or not.

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4.) Install apps with want unnecessary permissions to Grant :

Apps with un-necessary permissions - 5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone
Apps with un-necessary permissions – 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

If you normally go to play-store to download an app which you know for what purpose you are downloading it, then i think you should know what permissions you should grant to them or what permissions they are needed to perform their operations. You will find permissions, by simply going to details page of app, and then after you tap install, you will find the list of permissions they want. At that time, We usually don’t read the permission while installing app due to less patience but actually we should read that data thoroughly before installing any app as it may lead your smartphone to insecure state.

But this story is not ended here. There are many vulnerable apps available on play store which converted into a malware after being installed and uses it once or twice, and you don’t have rights at that time to remove or uninstall it as this malware is completely dominating on your smartphone. Why? Because you really didn’t read the list of permissions they wanted to be granted.

Suppose Your are searching for a “Gallery app” on Play-store, fond one which is good looking, then after tap install button and reading permissions, Normally it should be permitted to use only 2 things, Storage and Camera [in most cases]. But when you are reading permissions, you will see that this app needed camera, GPS, storage, Facebook login, contacts, messages and many more permissions, should you download it ? Answer is a Big “NO”. That is not an app, hats a malware which is used for hacking purposes.

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5) Leaving Tabs Opened in browser after Browsing:

Remained tabs opened in browser - 5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone
Remained tabs opened in browser – 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone

The last recommendation in our list of ” 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone ” is this. Normally when we are browsing the internet, after our work is completed and we found what we are searching for, we will simply go to recent apps and close the browser, am i right? If your Answer is yes, then you are on a wrong track my friend, The Sad Truth.

Suppose you are searching for a specific game on google chrome browser, and had visited 5 websites in search of that game, 2 of them are provided you Some Pop-ups instead of game’s downloading link, which are opened in a new tab, then you simply go back and after complete search, you downloaded that game and go to recent apps tab and close the chrome browser. Then by doing this activity there are two losses for you:-

  • That pop-up remained open in background and after sometime when you re-open your chrome browser, that tab eats up your data.
  • Second even after closing your browser from recent apps tab, simply head on to setting>apps>running, and there you will find your chrome browser is already running it’s processes in background. So, it will chewed up your smartphone’s battery also.

So, close all the tabs of your browser after your work is completed. If you leave the tab open for the purpose of don’t losing that link, then simply bookmark the link instead of remained the tab opened.

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So, my friend, above is the list of ” 5 things you shouldn’t do with your smartphone “. How’s the list, Good or Bad? Do you want to add something in this list or want us something to share with others related to this article? Do you have any query regarding the article provided above? Don’t worry my friend, the comment box is just for you. Simply drop a comment and we will take your opinion, add the thing you recommended and solve your query respectively. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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