5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe

5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe

5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe – In today’s era, we Generally use a smartphone to deal with everything because it is compact, save lots of important data and information, and handles nearly everything, from a normal data transfer to handling Bank transactions. So, in this case, this compact device contains lots of confidential information and other data and files which we don’t want to share or seen by any other Person.

That’s why today we saw a tremendous increase in cases of stealing the smartphone, malware and Ransomware Attacks, etc. because they want to steal your smartphone s well data contained in it and then, Blackmailing from it. Moreover, Our mobile device is susceptible to hacking when we connect it from any unsecured public networks via Wifi. So, for keeping your smartphone safe from any kind of Suspicious Activities, Today we are here with ” 5 ways to keep your smartphone data 100% safe “.

5 ways to keep smartphone data safe

So friend, let’s start with 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe from any kind of suspicious and hacking Activities.

Starting with simple, lock your phone with a strong password

Some hardest Pattern locks - 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe
Some hardest Pattern locks – 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe
Setting up a password for unlocking your phone is one of the most basic and important part of your smartphone’s protection.
By default, mostly every smartphone has a function of “Slide to unlock”, but trust me, that’s not a safe side. Locking your smartphone through any kind of password (either it is a number password, pattern, etc.) helps you to protect your smartphone from any kind of external suspicious activity and keep your smartphone’s data, calls, messages, etc. Only available for you.
If an unlocked device is misplaced, you still have multiple options to remotely lock your smartphones. This can help you to lock your smartphone even when you are far away from your smartphone. There are a number of apps that can help users to remotely lock a smartphone, or even completely clean its memory (Android Device Manager for Android and the iCloud for iPhone).
Second, you should set up your smartphone to get locked immediately after pressing the power button. You should toggle up the setting for this, simply head on to settings >>security>>lockscreen>> and tap the “powerful button instantly locks” and done.

Don’t click on suspicious links

You should not click on any kind of suspicious links you get from anywhere. Basically, you can notice those links in pop-ups, social networking Apps and websites and Emails.
Here are some examples:-
Pop-ups while browsing Internet - 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe
Pop-ups while browsing Internet – 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe
  • I am 100% sure that you’ll also suffer from some kind of suspicious pop-ups while browsing the internet on any browser, which says:- “your smartphone is infected, keep it clean by download and install ______ app”. Or,  “your smartphone is running slow, download______ app and make it fast”. Right?
  • Or you can notice some emotional message on your Facebook or WhatsApp that melts you and force you to click on the link they provided.
  • Or you’ll get tons of emails having any kind of message (mostly it contains the message of “you won the lottery” type) and they provide a link to grab your prize. Yes, you’ll get a prize and that prize is “your smartphone got hacked”.
So, my friend, don’t just rush and click on any kind of link which you didn’t hear or know what it is. Before clicking on it. Just open the browser and search on Google for that website, and collect some info about it. If you found it legit, then you’re good to go 🙂  🙂  :).

Be Future Proof- Back up your data

titanium backup - advantages of rooting
titanium backup – advantages of rooting
Backing up your smartphone’s data is one of the most important step to make yourself future proof. And you should be backed up your data in 2 ways:-
First:-  if you have any kind of very important and confidential data, just don’t save it on one place I.e. In your device. You should Save a backup of your important data on any kind of external storage or cloud storage. If you have a document, save it on your Email. If you have any kind of big file, save it on your Pendrive as well as on Google drive or Dropbox. And delete that data from your smartphone after using it once.
Second:- make a month routine and take a complete backup of your smartphone which contains tour device data, files, apps, contacts, messages, everything. The best app I will recommend for this this is “Titanium Backup”. Through this app, just create a backup on monthly basis and save it on any external storage. Be sure that when you create a new backup in next month, delete the backup you created in the previous month. This will help you when your smartphone got stolen or got completely damaged, your data is safe.
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Download only approved apps from play store

Google Play Store - 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe
Google Play Store – 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe
You should only download those apps which are fully approved, provided by the original owner of that app and secured by play protect.
If you don’t know what exactly if Play Protect, “play protect is a new feature in Android which helps you to find and download right apps and remove all malicious apps which contain any malware or virus, to keep your smartphone protected from malware and hacking”.
For more info about Google play protect, I created a full article on it, just read about it here:- About Google play protect.
Don’t download any app from external sources. Download only from play store as playstore is the most secured medium to download any android app.

Use an effective anti-virus [ 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe ]

Installing a good and trusted anti-virus can add a protective layer to your device up to some extent. There are a number of anti-virus apps such as Kaspersky, Trend Micro, Avast which can help towards protecting critical data and make it difficult for scammers to reach your devices.
I know that using any kind of Antivirus of Android is just near to “useless”, but actually they aren’t. Why? Because in actual, they are just scanning all types of malware and suspicious links and websites on which you are browsing, so it will add a complete layer of protection when you’re browsing anything and will notify you when they got any harmful link or website. That’s true, I experienced this.
But just keep in mind that install only a trustworthy Antivirus app which has a good record and positive reviews. I prefer to install quick heal or Avast Antivirus app on Android.
So friend, above are ” 5 ways to keep smartphone data 100% safe “. All of these are the most basic steps you should follow to be future proof. If you have any other tip regarding protecting our smartphone’s data, please share your tip with everyone through comments. If you have any query regarding anything Describes in this article, feel free to drop a comment and we will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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