Latest 5G Speed Test Broke all records on a new 5G Smartphone

Recently, there was a speed test done on the 5G network from a 5G smartphone which broke all records in terms of results. Speed test shows that 5G speed test in Mbps is amazing and took a very high boost in terms of high-speed internet service. Here are all the details about 5G wifi and internet speed results.


Exactly what is 5G Network

Well, if you know that LTE [4G] network was on trend right now. All mobiles which are manufacturing right now have a 4G LTE support. In this case, 4G tried to provide us faster data transfer speed and signals.

So, now, technology had been moved ahead and finalizing the 5G specifications which will be a 4G network successor. It is in the testing department and passing some tough tests which assure that this network will provide us fastest data transfer speeds and rates, a signal booster which should be hardware capable and lower latency.

Here, different companies are trying to make a 5G capable mobile phone and try to provide them before official high-speed network launch because when this network will launch officially, we have hardware in our hands to experience it first.


5G speed test Results and overview

5G is testing continuously in different countries and different location. Recently, a news from Chinese smartphones manufacturer ZTE took this internet for testing purposes, and you don’t believe it broke all past records which were set during 4G speed tests.

If I talk about 4G speed test in Mbps, then it was set a record of 893Mbps which is a record making venture. This record was set by Qualcomm during their chipset testing.

Now, coming to this network, the situation becomes different. Here, the term “Mbps” feels to be outdated, it is an era of “Gbps”. Yes, ZTE had done a Chinese 5G network trial through a 3.5GHz commercial base station by performing a test in Enhanced Mobile Broadband Test [EMBB test]. ZTE make a new internet speed record by owning 19 Gbps internet speed which is beyond our thoughts and expectations.

The previous test was done By ZTE itself in Huairou, Beijing regarding this upcoming fast speed internet, and at that time, they achieved the maximum speed of 13+Gbps using the 2.6GHz station. They broke their own record by increasing speed from 13Gbps to 19 Gbps.

Well, this is a very big success for Both ZTE and high-speed internet providers, as we will get a new high-speed internet service. We hope that this high-speed internet will commercialize soon for everyone.


Problems faced during 5G internet test and implementation

Well, it is not possible that everything which is new will move forward at a smooth pace. There are some problems which have to face while trying and implementing anything new. Same is the case at the time of 5G speed tests.

  • Overall costs took a huge jump in terms of hardware and network providing the procedure.
  • Very limited resources available as testing takes time and this network needs everything new to be implemented properly. So, they have to manufacture new parts and resources.
  • The network signals should be very strong, otherwise, it doesn’t work at all.

I know that if it is possible to achieve this kind of maximum internet speed, then they can also overcome these above-provided challenges and problems as fast as possible. As this network needs faster and smooth connection, these challenges are already predicted. I Hope every network provider boost their network signal and ake their internet 5G ready. That’s the real innovation and revolution in the telecom industry.



About 5G smartphone – Upcoming 5G Mobile Phones

There are some details coming from all over the world which provides complete details of upcoming 5G smartphones:-

Qualcomm 5G smartphone

Qualcomm is working on creating a new mobile phone which has both LTE and 5G modems. If I provide you further details, the Qualcomm’s marketing lead, Sherif Hannak, did a tweet some days ago in which he provided a picture of Qualcomm 5G mobile phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon logo at a back. You can take a look at the picture provided below:-

Qualcomm's own 5G smartphone while testing

If you take a deep look at this image, you can see a dual camera on the back side, a different design and “Qualcomm Snapdragon” logo at the bottom back. It will support all network modes:- 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G which is a great thing. Yes, I know that this is only a prototype which is manufactured specifically for testing purposes, but if in case this android phone will launch in the market, it will be proved to be a perfect game changer.

A new 5G compatible SoC

Qualcomm is also working on a processor which has this network support and will be available for every smartphones manufacturer. Here, we don’t have any further details as of now, but it is little confirmed according to some reports.

Nokia and BSNL agreement

Here, some reports are saying that Nokia is binding up with BSNL to launch their first ever 5G mobile phone. There is some kind of agreement done between Nokia and BSNL which was saying that they are binding up for a first 5G smartphone testing purposes.


5G launch date

According to ZTE as well as Qualcomm side, it is said that the official launch date of a 5G network was set to be launch in 2020 after all testing purpose has been passed successfully. Qualcomm said earlier that 5G mobile technology could be made available to users as soon as 2020, We hope that this high-speed internet service will available for normal smartphone users as fast as possible.

We are expecting that this new technology will be launching in next year’s end. As it was successfully passed all tests, Now, I think mobile network providers are working on making the high-speed internet more stronger and reliable for 5G network.


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So friend, above are all details which we got about latest speed test reports of upcoming tech on 5G smartphone, and launch details. Well as of now, there is no official statement regarding 5G mobile price. We hope that all upcoming mobiles which have the support of this new high-speed internet will be available at an affordable price and proved to be one of the best upcoming technology in this whole world.

Well, what’s the maximum network speed you got till now on your mobile phone? Please leave your answer by commenting down in the comments section. If you liked it, then please share it with others too. Will meet in our next article. Till Then, Bye friend.

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