7 Mind Boggling Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus or Not

7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus – In today’s technological life, the Personal computer holds it’s own importance as we do every official or unofficial work from home and it can only be done through a personal computer. It is a part of our life, we store mostly every digital documents and data on it. But suppose if your computer has a virus and the whole operating system crashed, then it is a very tough situation from where the data available on that PC can’t be recovered and all our files are lost!

So, if we can analyze that our computer is going to be infected by a virus, then we can easily stop it before a virus can attack our PC. For providing you this information, here I am coming with the 7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus.

7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus

So friend, let’s get started with the 7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus. Note that you have to perform a complete antivirus scan before and after analyzing your PC.

1. Freezing or not responding error


If your Windows computer or laptop freezes too much or giving pop-up like “not responding”, then you must be alerted about that. This was caused maybe through the virus. In this case, you have to check all the files and data available on your computer and check out the recently installed applications. Just install any Antivirus application and can while computer from it.

2. Unwanted programs or files

If you saw any unwanted software I stalled on your computer which you even don’t know, or just saw any file in your computer which you don’t store, then yes, that may be due to a virus.

In this case, just open the task manager and check for the running processes. If you found any wanted to process, then just right click on that process and then tap on end process. You can feel the change.

3. Hardware problems

Yes, a virus can also affect your computer’s hardware. If you saw or feel any problem in hardware like:- printing anything while you plug in a printer and didn’t give any command yet, or color change in your desktop monitor automatically, then yes, it’s a symptom of the virus.

Maybe virus was injected properly through which you can get all these hardware problems. In this case, firstly scan your whole computer through Antivirus. If you found any result then take an immediate action on that.

4. Slow booting process

If your computer booting up slowly, means when you power on your computer, if your computer takes too much time to boot (more than 2 minutes,) then just be alerted, maybe there is a red sign of a virus.

In this case, just remove all power plugs of your computer, wait for 5 minutes, then reboot. Hope your computer will get back to normal.

5. Hard drive corrupted

If you saw that your hard drive capacity reduced to 0 or if you open any drive it says “format your drive” then your hard drive becomes completely inaccessible.

In this case, first reboot your computer 2 times, and then you didn’t saw any change, then you have to reinstall your complete windows.

6. Computer crashing spontaneously

If you are doing something, and suddenly you saw a blue screen which is related to crash dump, then it is maybe a sign of a virus. Sometimes, you can also feel that your computer automatically shut down without any permission.

Blue screen crash - 7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus
Blue screen crash – 7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus

This is a very serious issue, just do anything which you feel is the best option for your computer’s health and apply it as fast as possible.

7. Slow performance

If you feel that your computer is running slow and become slower time to time, then there are 2 reasons:-

  • You loaded too many software on your computer whose processes are running continuously in the background making your computer slower.
  • A virus was injected in your computer which leads to limited the hardware spaces like RAM, GPS, etc. Leading to make your computer slower when you cross that limit.

In this case, just start a normal Antivirus scan, if you found any virus, immediately remove it.

Virus found on my PC Now, what should I do?

Don’t worry friend, Let me give some easy solutions to remove a virus from your PC:

  • First of all, install a trusted and reputed antivirus program on your computer.
  • Scan the whole computer with the help of antivirus program and set it to run in the background.
  • Initially, I will suggest you try the antivirus for its trial period and then if it works great and removes a virus from your PC, you should buy it.
  • Don’t forget to renew your antivirus software on time – if it isn’t renewed, it’s not active.

So, friends, above are the 7 Signs to Know if Your PC is Infected with Virus, that’s it for today. If you like this article, keep reading further our articles like this, which you can find here and keep sharing this with your loved ones and keep them alert with this. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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