8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome you’re not aware about

8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome

8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome – Google Chrome is the first priority when we want to surf the internet, either on windows or Mac or even our smartphones. Why? Because of the great pack of features chrome browser if providing is hardly seen in any other browser.  

Recently Google celebrated the 9th anniversary of Google Chrome. This web browser launched on September 2, 2008, for windows and Mac and from its time, this browser becomes unstoppable. Google adds more and more feature to this small and cute looking chrome browser and makes it the best browser ever for any kind of operating system platform. 

Some of the features of Google Chrome are very popular that mostly everyone knows about them, but on another side, there are also many features which are not so popular among viewers. So, for you, today we are here with ” 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome ”  

8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome

So, it’s time to realize the real power of our favorite Google Chrome. Let’s start with our list of ” 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome “. Here are the details:-

1.) One-Tap Mobile Search (for Android)

When we are reading any article, and there, a term or phrase is written in a way we don’t understand [maybe it’s a different language, a comprehensive deep term or any other reason, etc.] So, to grab the main meaning or definition of that term, we open a new tab, copy and paste that term and search for the meaning. But google chrome has a feature which helps you to do this thing fast through this feature.

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You can use one-tap mobile search on your smartphone. It is also available for windows desktops but the difference is- In windows, firstly, you have to select a word, then right click on it and click on ” search google for _____”. In Android, that’s very handy process. firstly, you select the term, then simply long tap that term, Google Chrome will automatically search for that term and provide you a pull-up menu-  slide up once and you will see the new window at the half bottom of your screen with a Google search for that term. Pretty easy!


2.) Get all your accidentally closed tabs open at ones

Many of us mistakenly close the tab. In my case, I had mistakenly closed the tab many times when I want to see the another tab and click on it, I will click on that tab but mistakenly clicked on the close button. It’s very close to tab, Google should think about it. Joking 🙂

Reopen closed tab - 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome
Reopen closed tab – 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome

So, there are many cases in which we mistakenly close the tab make we realize it after some time when we want to see that tab. In this case, Google provides us the feature of reopening the closed tabs once. All you need to do is:-

In windows:-

  • Go to any tab which remains opened in your browser.
  • Right click on that tab
  • Then a menu appears, click on “Re-open Closed tab” done 🙂
  • Second method is:- press control+shift+T (for Mac also)

After that, we can saw and easily browse our mistakenly closed tabs. 

3.) Translate Any phrase fast

Ever reading n article, and found a word or phrase which is not written in a language you know? Then yes, this will help you out. For translate, that phrase or word in a language you know, First, install the official Google Translate extension. Then you can highlight the text you want to translate in a familiar language (that’s one click) and click the little Google Translate icon which is present at the top-right side of your browser screen. It’s that easy.

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I know you are thinking that “why we install that extension when chrome has the inbuilt translate feature”. But buddy, that feature will only pops-up when there is a long series of text written in an unfamiliar language. If there is only a small phrase or text, then either you have to install that extension or ” open a new tab> type google translate> search> a box appears in which you paste that text with a different language and then find the exact meaning”. So, for your ease, this extension helps you in a much easier way.


4.) The Incognito Mode – ( 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome )

Many of you already knew that what incognito mode is, but there are many people who have tons of misconceptions regarding Incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Basically, the main purpose of using the incognito mode is that your data and information will not be stored anywhere in chrome. Like, when we login to anywhere using out a username or email ID and password, then a notification pops up regarding “remember the username and password”. That will not save anywhere if you’re in incognito mode.

incognito mode chrome - 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome
incognito mode chrome – 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome

It also helps not to store any kind of cookies in your browser. Normally you saw that when we are filling up any form, we didn’t complete it yet but we accidentally close our chrome browser, then when we open it and go to that form, some of the basic things are already filled up or pops up with a notification. It’s because of cookies installed by that website for ease. It will fill up your form automatically for a particular period of time.

A very Big misconception regarding incognito mode is:- If we browse the internet through incognito mode, we will become anonymous and nobody will see our behavior or track us. Wrong my friend, it only helps you to don’t save any kind of data you entered and doesn’t create any kind of browser history and cookies. Your IP address will remain the same anyone above you can monitor your behavior.


5.) Drag Multiple Tabs to a new window

Many of you already knew that you can drag and drop any tab to a new window in Chrome browser. Right? However, what many of us don’t know that we can drag and drop more than one tab at a time. Yes, this feature also belongs to our Google Chrome.

How? I will tell you.

  • In your windows, desktop browser first long press control button (ctrl), then select the tabs you want to move to another window by clicking on them and after that drop then to the another Chrome browser window’s tab section. You’re done 🙂  🙂  🙂
  • If you’re using MAC, then you should also follow the same steps, just use the Command key which is ctrl key in windows scenario.

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6.) Use Chrome as a Multimedia Browser

Drag and drop video - 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome
Drag and drop video – 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome

If you are normally looking at your drives on the computer, and suddenly found a video/Audio file which is completely unknown to you and you don’t know what is it and how this file has saved in your computer storage. Don’t worry in that case. If you want to be quick and see what really that file is, then Simply open chrome browser, select that file and drop it to chrome browser. Rest of the work is done by chrome browser. It helps you at the time of emergency, I guess.


7.) Zoom In and Zoom Out web page in Desktop and Mobile

Ever browsing any website on Google chrome browser and find that the text used in that website is too short to read for your eyes? (well, if the same case is with my website, please comment my friend, I will use bigger text after then 🙂 ). In that case, you only want one thing:- ZOOM IN, so that you can read that article easily.

  • In mobile devices it’s very easy, you just tap the area you want to zoom with 2 fingers and pinch it out. but in windows and Mac devices, many users failed to do so.
  • On a Mac, you can zoom in and out by pressing Command-plus or Command-minus.
  • For windows users, you can zoom in and out by pressing “CTRL and +” or “CTRL and -” button respectively

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8.) Omnibox – ( 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome )

Normally, we browse many websites in a day and suppose if we want to go to that website we browsed earlier again, we go to chrome browser history and at last, we got a very big list of recently viewed sites, and become frustrated. That’s it.

Omnibox - 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome
Omnibox – 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome

But no, in this case, Google Chrome also helps you by providing a feature named “Omnibox”. What does Omnibox do is – You can automatically search through many websites without actually visiting those sites, as long as they’re in your list of search engines. This trick is beneficial if you wanted and browse tons of websites on a daily or weekly basis, believe me, it’s normal. For example, to go directly to the Wikipedia article on Android without visiting Google or Wikipedia’s home pages first.

Now, it’s time to know how to get it. So, for this you should:-

  • First, go to Settings > Search engine > manage search engines.
  • There, you’ll see your default search engine (the one Chrome uses whenever you type a query into the Omnibox), other sites already available for quick searches, as well as the option to add other websites to the list.
  • Add your keyword as well as the URL of the page you want to redirect. Done:)

You can add any website to this search engine list, and for removing them, use the same process and delete the saved URL in that search engine. It’s very easy but less used.

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So friend, above are the ” 8 interesting hidden features of Google Chrome “. If you have any other feature to share with us which you find it ” Unique “, then please comment your feature below or contact us and I will add the details of that features provided by you and add your name as a recommendation. Have a query regarding this article or any feature of google chrome described in this article? Don’t worry friend simply drop a comment down below quoting your question and I will provide you the best answer for your query as fast as possible, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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