9 most important things to do with your android smartphone

5 things you shouldn't do with your smartphone

9 most important things to do with your android smartphone A smartphone is one of the most needed tech gadgets of our daily life. Mostly our basic and confidential information is stored on our Android smartphone. In this case, we don’t want to expose all the information in front of the whole world or provide that data in the hands of an anonymous person or hacker. And yet many of us don’t protect our phones properly, or we do daft things that could do serious damage to our data.

So, you should have to follow some steps and do all efforts to keep it safe and protect from any kind of external issues. For making your smartphone’s security much better and keeping ready your smartphone for a long run, here I am providing you the 9 most important things to do with your android smartphone.

9 most important things to do with your android smartphone

So friend, let’s start with our list of 9 most important things to do with your android smartphone. These are the most basic activities which are maybe the first step in terms of their authority.

1. Lock the screen when idle with password

Starting with the basic, keep your smartphone locked while you are not using your smartphone because your smartphone captures you are all needed as well as confidential data like contacts, passwords, messages, emails, etc. So, for being on the safer side, keep your smartphone locked while it is in an idle condition and use any tough password or your fingerprint for locking your device.

2. Keep all apps and Android up-to-date

Keep your smartphones and all apps you installed on your smartphone completely updated. As you know, when you update your apps, some new features will be introduced on it as well as some bugs related to anything will be removed from that app. So keep your apps up to date. And if we are talking about the Android version update, yes, that’s must for every Android smartphone user as if you update your device, then:-

  • You will get some new features which will be added exclusively for your device
  • Keep your device fully protected from viruses and malwares.
  • Google play service will get updated which leads to providing you better efficiency.

3. Make a habit of taking back-up

titanium backup - advantages of rooting
titanium backup – 9 most important things to do with your android smartphone

Always take a back up of your device on a monthly basis and keep it stored in an external storage such as on your pen drive, memory card or you can save it on your PC. The big reason behind this is:- when your smartphone gets stolen or damaged, means you can’t able to use it anymore, you have an option to get all your data and contacts back on any another device. This leads to protect your data from any future tragedy.

So, please try to take a complete backup of your device on a monthly basis.

4. Don’t completely dependent on online storage

Yes, cloud storage is the best option to save your data online hecause you can browse your files anywhere, anytime. But friend, don’t completely rely on the cloud storage as if the cloud storage provider had some problem, then your all data will be at risk. Cloud storage is a great thing, but whether data is on your device or on a faraway server, if it matters to you, you should ensure that there’s more than one copy of it in circulation. So, better part is that, save your data in 2 places, one on cloud storage and another on any personal storage like on your smartphone PC, tablet, etc.

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5. Don’t overheat your device for a long time

You should play games, watching movies or do anything on your smartphone which is a heavy process, but I prefer you to please take a break every 20-25 minutes. The reason behind this is:- when you perform any heavy task on your smartphone, your smartphone overheats. You can feel it as the temperature of your smartphone body is rising at the back. So, taking interval in every 20-25 minutes leads to providing a space for your smartphone to cool down.

6. Use external protection

choose the right dimension - 6 Tips to Choose the Best Screen Protector for Your Smartphone
choose the right dimension – 9 most important things to do with your android smartphone

Basically, today all smartphones are coming up with their own layer of protection on the smartphone’s display like corning gorilla glass, dragontail glass, etc. But keep this thing in mind that when your smartphone meets with the very heavy external pressure, then that glass isn’t able to protect your smartphone. That glasses will only protect your smartphone from normal scratches only. So always protect your smartphone with the external screen protector like a tempered glass.

7. Keep your device away from water

Try not to use your smartphone under raining on any kind of water shower. Because if the water will enter into your smartphone’s body, then it can lead to very serious problems. Water damage is one of the most common kinds of smartphone damage, and even water-resistant devices can only stay submerged for so long.

Expecting water resistance! - 5 things we wish Google includes in Google Pixel 2
Expecting water resistance! -9 most important things to do with your android smartphone

Normally in this year’s flagships, you can see that mostly flagships are coming up with the IP67 OR IP68 water resistance rating which are the water and splash proof smartphones. So, if your smartphone doesn’t have any kind of rating then I will prefer you to protect your smartphone from the water.

8. Always clear cache and history

Try to clear the cache and internet browsing data on a weekly or monthly basis according to your preference.

The reason behind this is:- if anyone try to hack your accounts which needed your username and password then, in that case if you saved all of them on your smartphone, then you are at a very major risk in this case because smartphone is one of the most primary devices that’s why hacker firstly try to attack on your device for getting passwords. So, try to clear cache on a weekly or on a monthly basis.

9. Don’t install third-party apps

This is my strict advise that please don’t download any third party apps that you dont knew or heard about. If you are going to download any third party app, then download it from a very high trusted developer website only. The reason behind this is:- third-party apps act like a door for entering any malware or killer virus on your device which can even damage your smartphone completely.

How to turn on Google Play Protect Feature
Google Play protect -9 most important things to do with your android smartphone

So, either download any app from play store or if you want to download an app which is not available on play store, then keep calm, take a time and search for the very high trusted reputable provider from which you can download that third-party app.

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So friend, above are the 9 most important things to do with your android smartphone. If you want to add any another tip, please you can share your recommendation by commenting down below and I will add your recommendation as fast as possible in my post. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, simply drop a comment and I will resolve your query. Keep loving, keep sharing! Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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