Aadhar fraud- Airtel eKYC suspended, shared details to payments bank

airtel fraud

Airtel big fraud, eKYC suspended- Recently, Indian government catches up a very big fraud done by Airtel, and for that, UIDAI suspended the eKYC license of Airtel. They temporarily suspended the Airtel eKYC license due to the airtel payments bank account which is the first time ever in Indian Telecom industry.

Airtel LPG subsidy scam, Airtel eKYC suspended

Recently, the reports were declared in which this thing is stated:-

“For every SIM card, the customer has to submit Aadhar card details as an ID proof and through which, what they had done is- opening Airtel Payment Bank automatically without the customer’s confirmation, leading to data breach and airtel LPG subsidy scam”.

Why is Airtel opening Airtel payments bank account automatically?

I will tell you why they had done it. Do you know that there is a government scheme regarding providing a subsidy to customers who are buying the LPG gas cylinder? Means if Customer buys a cylinder worth 700rs., customers will get approx. 200-250rs. to their bank account [only estimate].

So, in this case, they are opening the payments bank account of those customers using customer’s Aadhar cards and biometric data and receive that subsidy amounts to their account without any confirmation of customers, leading to the big Aadhar card scam done by Airtel itself.

Through this, a report said that they have done a fraud of 160 crore rupees approx. and that’s why UIDAI temporarily suspended the airtel eKYC license.

From a big telecom operator like them, this kind of Aadhar fraud is unexpected. Around the data of nearly 23 lakh customers is now at risk and as UIDAI suspended Airtel eKYC license, the risk of data breach is also increased to another level. As of now, what we will recommend is: -don’t buy and use any Airtel SIM for a couple of months, or till this case will be resolved. As this is a very big airtel LPG subsidy scam, you have to take each and every prevention measures to keep your data and money safe.

If you are an Airtel user, just keep calm, the Indian government will take a very strict action against them in future. If you are not a user, just be happy, but be alert! We don’t know about future, but this time, they did a very big Aadhar scam. It is the primary ID proof for each and every Indian citizens. If these details along with the Biometric data has been compromised, then this will be a very big matter of shame. Hope UIDAI Indian government will take a very strict action against them.

How to Link Aadhar card with mobile number Now?

Now, if you haven’t done the eKYC of your SIM, means if you did not link you Sim card with aadhar number, then the question you want to ask is “How to Link Aadhar card with mobile number now?“. Friend, don’t worry, just port your Airtel SIM to any other telecom operator and then link your Aadhar no. because aadhar linking is necessary for every SIM before 31st March 2018. It is mandatory s per UIDAI instructions.

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