Alcatel Verso Details and First look – Something Unexpected

alcatel verso details

Recently, we heard a news that Alcatel is working on a device which will be exclusive to some network. Now, we caught in and find that they are working on a device named Alcatel verso whose details and first look pictures has been released and we covered it, along with Alcatel verso camera and some other information.

Recently, Evan Blass provided a new leak in which he gives a perfect idea of how this smartphone, the Alcatel verso looks. We go deep into perfection and provide you the complete details of this leak, Let’s take a look:-

Alcatel Verso details- Exclusive For Cricket Wireless?

After taking a look at the new leak, this thing is showing off that the Alcatel Verso is exclusively restricted to cricket wireless. This is a quite surprising decision because as of now, cricket wireless is not as much popular and not the wide international reach as of now.

Taking a deep look at it’s front as well as back, one thing is confirmed that the Alcatel Verso doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, which is also a different decision. We didn’t find that neither on the front side nor on the back side of Smartphone which are the 2 main areas where a fingerprint can be implemented as of now.

Talking about the cameras, as the leaks suggested, this smartphone has the single front-facing camera [selfie camera] o the front side and a combination of single camera and a flash at the rear/back side of the Alcatel Verso.

Moving further about the looks, it is also suggested the there are capacitive physical navigation buttons available on the Alcatel Verso’s front bottom area, which is a major positive factor because we want capacitive keys, but if they shortened the display for that, it is not the same case.

Alcatel verso first look
Alcatel verso first look

At the back, they added a kind of texture which helps to give a grip in our hands for better physical protection. After looking at the software side of smartphone which we saw in this picture, maybe this smartphone has the Android 7.0 nougat version which may be disappointing, but who knows the future and they will provide an Android 8.0 update. The gripping is also seen on the power button which helps to identify the button, making our work easier to a very small extent.

It is also said that they are using the removable battery which is very nice because now, the trend of a removable battery is ending and the cover and full smartphone is made up of the plastic body but seems to have a nice quality.


What’s different in Alcatel Verso

One thing which I didn’t like is the restriction. Alcatel verso is restricted to the Cricket wireless network only, means it is bounded and we can’t use any other network on this. That’s really unexpected thing from manufacturers side. If they are manufacturing same hardware which is capable to run on other mobile networks, then why they locked it for Cricket wireless network.

Well, We can confirm this because, in the image, the network we were seen is “cricket”, and on the back side, cricket network is written, which means it is locked to cricket wireless network only. Sad news because this network is not everywhere, it’s available in some countries only!


Alcatel Verso specifications and price

Further details regarding Alcatel Verso specifications, pricing and availability are not identified as of now, but we are working continuously and provide you the same details as fast as possible, but one we analyzed that this smartphone maybe is a budgeted device [after looking at it’ looks], the price isn’t likely too high as it is a network restricted device.

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So friends above is the complete details and the first look of Alcatel verso which we got till now. If we get further information regarding this smartphone, we will keep you updated with this, just check out our blog :). Whats your opinion on it? If the restriction of only cricket network is a wise decision by Alcatel? Let’s discuss this thing in the comments section available right below this post. Sharing is caring, Till Then, Build best, Stay Cool.

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