Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs sennheiser cx180

Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs sennheiser cx180

Recently, I did a complete review of Audio Technica ATH CLR100 and also did the complete comparison of boat bassheads 225 vs Sennheiser cx180. As both are listed in the set of “best earphones under 1000rs.”, Now it’s time for the detailed comparison of Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser cx180.

As all 3 earphones [Boat bassheads 225, Audio Technica ATH CLR100 and Sennheiser CX180 are the best earphones to buy under 1000rs., I am also planning to make a complete list of top 5 earphones under 1000rs. here. Just tune in to my website, it will be coming soon.:)

Well, both earphones are good in their own way, both have their strong as well as negative points, I have to say that this comparison will be one of the toughest products comparisons for me. So, let’s go.

Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser CX180

So friend, as I am going to do a detailed comparison of Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser cx180, I had divided the complete comparison into 3 parts:-

  • First, build quality and looks
  • Second, durability and comfortability
  • Third, Audio Technica CLR100 and Sennheiser cx180 Audio quality review

And after the complete comparison, I will give a conclusion, but for that, these above points are the must. So, let’s start:-

Build Quality and Looks

Audio Technica ATH CLR100- In terms of Build quality, I have to say that, here these earphones completely lagged behind. I didn’t like the wire quality they used in these earphones. These earphones are completely made up of plastic which is nice as it makes earphones lightweight, the branding done on these earphones are very nice and very tough, but these earphones are kind of “delicate”.

Audio Technia ATH CLR 100 - Build Quality
Audio Technia ATH CLR 100 – Build Quality

Sennheiser cx180- In Sennheiser CX180, I can easily say the wire is nicely built, too thin, but the wire quality is very nice, little tough and rigid. The looks are earphones are really “killer” here. Really Sennheiser makes a very nice practice here to build up an earphone which is “sexy” in looks. The weight of these earphones are kind of nominal, more lightweight than Audio Technica CLR100, and branding is done in a way that these earphones are looking like a “sports earphones”.


Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser CX180- Comfortability and Durability

Audio Technica ATH CLR100-  In term of durability, I have to say that these earphones are not that much durable because of its wire quality, but in terms of comfortability, it makes a shot! These earphones are really comfortable, but the negative point here is:- the earbuds are little hard, so, if you love songs and listen to music for more than 2 hours continuously, then I will recommend you to use any other earphone’s earbuds, other than that, these earphones are really comfortable because of it’s lightweight positive factor.

sennheiser cx 180 - looks
sennheiser cx 180 – looks

Sennheiser CX180- Yes, Sennheiser cx180 are more durable than Audio Technica CLR100. Why? because the wire management and joints are more securely done so that nothing can be broken if there is any problem. The thin but high-quality wire will increase it’s durability up to 2 times. In terms of comfortability, yes, here these earphones is successful to take an edge over Audio Technica CLR100 because of its earbuds quality.


Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser CX180 Audio quality

Audio Technica ATH CLR100- Here,  have to say that the audio quality is top notch, maybe the best in its price range. Here, the brand did a fabulous job and keep everything a consumer wants in the audio quality of earphones. The bass produced in these earphones is”terrific”. A deep, continuous and effective bass and through the bass, the overall audio quality will not be muffled and make it’s mark somewhere in your brain. I am really impressed with the audio quality of Audio Technica CLR100. Lows, mids, and highs are properly configured which leads to listening to the detailing of every single strand of music. Loving the audio quality!

Sennheiser cx180- In terms of Sennheiser cx180, everything is nicely managed, not overpowered, not underpowered. But the point where these earphones lagged behind is “bass”. Yes, I listen to the party music, EDM, and hip-hop music, and I didn’t feel the “deep bass”. Yes, thee earphones have bass, I agree, but the deepness in not that impactful. Other than that, mids, highs, and lows are awesome in these earphones, we can hear the background music and vocals here at a same time, but if you love bass, then these earphones might disappoints you.


Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser CX180- the Final verdict

Here, I am really confused, but after waiting for some time and go to every single detail, I made up a very strong conclusion here.

So, after the complete comparison, I have to say that both earphones have their own positive points and negative points. In build quality, one takes an edge, but on the other hand, second earphones win in the audio quality department.

If you love bass and overall audio quality should be focused regardless the build quality, then you should go for Audio Technica ATH CLR100, but if you want more tough earphones which is more durable and if you can compromise with bass, then Sennheiser cx180 will be the best suit for you.

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                                                     Sennheiser CX180 Earphones

At last, you are a consumer and you have to decide which one you should buy, I can ep you to choose the right one. Here, I will give a vote to Sennheiser cx180.

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So friend, above is the detailed comparison of “Audio Technica ATH CLR 100 vs Sennheiser cx180”. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share this with friends, family, and groups and help them to choose the right one. Which is is your favorite earphones between these two? Are these Sennheiser CX180 or Audio Technica CLR100? Let’s discuss this in the comments section. If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then I will recommend you to leave your query in the comments section and I will answer you as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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