Audio Technica CLR100 Review- Something Unique!

Audio Technica clr100 full review

Audio Technica CLR100 Review – Audio Technica is a company which manufactures audio components and accessories and performing very well in this competitive market, especially in Earphones and headphones category. This company is popular because it manufactures and provides some great value for money devices. In those products, here, we have one product named “Audio Technica ATH CLR100 or popularly known as Audio Technica CLR100”, which is a set of earphones and priced ar 550rs. [price is fluctuating time to time].

If you take a look at the “top 10 earphones under 1000rs.”, in every list, you can easily find one name “Audio Technica ATH CLR100” because it is a really nice set of earphones, but how far is it “really nice”, let’s test it and give you a complete Audio Technica CLR100 review.

Audio Technica CLR100 review – Best earphones under 1000rs.?

So friend, are you ready for detailed review of Audio Technica ATH CLR100? Let’s do it!

Firstly, we started with the “Build Quality, then we check out its comfortability and durability, and at last, we will do a detailed review of Audio Technica ATH CLR100 audio quality.


Audio Technica CLR100 review – Build Quality

If we take a look at the box of Audio Technica ATH CLR100, in the box, firstly we will get earphones itself and a cover which is made up of plastic and inside it, there are 2 sets of earbuds, for large and small ears .

Audio Technica CLR 100 packed contents
Audio Technica CLR 100 packed contents

The wire of these earphones is rounded, means these earphones can be tangled easily. I used it for a month and trust me, the wire will very easily be tangled and sometimes it will take more than 5 minutes just to untangle the wire. The wire is very thin and the material used to make the wire is not that great, so, I will recommend to you to keep it very safe as these earphones are kind of delicate. Use it SAFELY!

Audio Technica CLR100 review – comfortability and durability

Comfortability- If we take the point of comfortability, yes, it makes a very hard positive point here. In actual, these earphones are very comfortable, I will recommend you to use any other earphones earbuds because the earbuds included in this earphones are kind of  “hard”, means it can harm your ears if your ears are delicate. But other than that, these earphones are very lightweight, made up of nice quality plastic and good looking too.

Audio Technia ATH CLR 100 - Build Quality
Audio Technia ATH CLR 100 – Build Quality

Durability- Here, Audio Technica ATH CLR100 earphones can’t able to perform well. As I already said above that the wire quality is kind of “delicate”, so, you have to handle with care, otherwise, the wire can be easily broken. If you are going to purchase earphones for a long period of time, then I will recommend you to now purchase these earphones as the wire is not that flexible and joints are very loosely secured. Other than that, the earpieces quality is very nice and branding is nicely done on the earphones.


Audio Technica CLR100 Audio Quality Review

In this, we will divide it into 3 parts:- Bass review, lows and mids and noise cancellation.

Audio Technica ATH CLR100 Bass- When we firstly plugged in these earphones to my Oneplus one and check the audio quality, the first thing which I feel is “bass”. Yes, the bass of these earphones is “spectacular”. We played a party track for checking out the bass quality, the bass is deep and mot kind of muffled, straight and clear. We didn’t experience any kind of muffled voice here. everything is nicely managed here.

Audio Technica ATH CLR-100 audio quality
Audio Technica ATH CLR-100 audio quality

Lows and Mids:- The lows and mids of Audio Technica earphones are very nice. We can able to hear every single strand of music, either it is very loud or hidden in the background. Here, I have to say that Audio Technica made a good decision here to keep everything to make it alive and give every deep feature in kind of audio quality here.

Noise cancellation – Noise cancellation is kind of “good”. Yes, while listing to any music, we can hear the external voices came from surroundings, but it is kind of “nominal”. Here, the reaction is kind of mixed, but I will give it a thumbs up as in the price, the quality they are providing is kind of negotiable. We can’t complain everything. 🙂


Audio Technica ATH CLR100 review- The final Opinion

Here, I have to say that in terms of audio quality, the Audio Technica CLR100 sweep all the stakes and provided a top-notch output here. We loved the audio quality, especially, “bass”. But these earphones weren’t able to make a mark in terms of “Build quality and durability department”. We expected something rigid and tough here, but the results are not that great, especially the wire they used in these earphones leave me a step behind.

Final Rating- 4 out of 5


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So friend, above is Audio Technica ATH CLR100 review. Hope you will like this review. What’s your opinion regarding these earphones? do these earphones leave you impressed? If you used it earlier, then please share your opinion and review regarding these earphones. If you have any query regarding anything described in this detailed review of Audio Technica CLR100, then you can leave a comment quoting your question and I will try to answer it as fast as possible.

If you liked this review, then please share it with friends, family, and group and help them to make their opinion if they are searching for the best earphones under 1000rs. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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