Amazing Benefits of Rooting an Android Phone – Is it Good to Root Android?

Are you keen to know what are the benefits of rooting an android phone? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Before rooting Android smartphone, one thing which strikes in our mind is “is it beneficial”. So, today we will provide you Benefits of Rooting Oneplus 5T & other android phones too like Xiaomi Mi A1, Oneplus devices, etc..


Benefits of Rooting Android Phones


Root has its own power. Let’s check out the main Benefits of Rooting Oneplus 5T. We also checked these advantages on 3 other devices too i.e. Huawei Honor 8 pro, Oneplus One and Xiaomi MI A1, so these are the benefits of rooting Xiaomi MI A1 and oneplus one too.

The thing I discovered is:- all advantages are same of these 4 devices, that’s why, if you are using any other device, then you can consider them too in benefits if rooting android phones.

[Note:- Normally, rooting has thousands of Advantages, which you can feel right after Rooting your Smartphone. But, here I am providing those advantages of rooting under which all other advantages are compiled.]


Root Storage Access

First and one of the main advantages of rooting is the “Root Access”. Rooting helps you to provide the access to that storage space which is previously noted as the system reserved. This helps you to edit the temporary data of Any App. For e.g., if you install any kind of earning App, then you can change the Money Amount in it.

For e.g., if you completely rooted your device and then you install any kind of earning App, after then, you can easily change the Money Amount in it by going to root folder and tweaking data of that App [only for display and prank brother, you can’t redeem them]. Or if you are using an app which pops up full-screen ads in a particular interval of time, you can remove the ad code from the same process. Kinda Interesting!


Remove unwanted Bloatware – Benefits of Rooting android phone


Remove Bloatware - advantages of rooting
Remove Bloatware – advantages of rooting android device

Once your Android device is rooted, you now have full access to various files/parts/sections of your device that previously you were restricted to or should not have been available. This is a pretty good thing which allows you to remove system apps very easily without any hassle.

Previously you can see Lots of bloatware and unwanted apps but you can’t remove them, but after rooting your device, you can easily remove them and also provides you the feature of installing apps that require root access.


Create Complete Backups of Your Android Device


titanium backup - advantages of rooting
titanium backup – advantages of rooting android mobile

Third in our list of benefits of rooting Xiaomi MI A1 and other Android smartphones is a complete backup. One of the major benefits of rooting Android phone or tablets is better backups. Suppose if your Android device lost or completely damaged and become unable to operate, then you’re like “I have lost everything. My Device, my data, my memories, apps, files everything”. But if you created a complete backup, then all is well [except your device].  It never hurts to backup in case you delete an important file from mistakenly.

If you want to create and save a complete backup of your device, then I will only recommend one app:- ” Titanium Backup. ” Although the pro version of Titanium Backup costs $6.58, it really worth it, or if you are smart enough, then you can also get it for free. Titanium Backup allows you to create complete backups of all your apps and system setting so you don’t need to install all of your apps one by one and settings your Android phone or tablet again after shifting to another smartphone or any other Android device.

Overclock & UnderClock CPU


Before rushing out for knowing about this feature, let’s first know what overclocking and underclocking is.

So, in our Smartphone there’s a processor / CPU which is running on its own GPU architecture and pre-defined Speed [ which is defined in GHz]. So, overclocking term referred to increase the processor Speed and Underclocking leads to decrease the processor Speed.

After completely rooting your Oneplus 5T, you can manually set processor speed your device according to your need through an App named No-frills CPU Control. [Don’t overclock or underclock CPU too much because you are running an Android Device, not a bullet train or a cute slow snail, just joking!] Basically, Overclocking improves performance and underclocking improves battery life of your device.

[Let’s say my another device, oneplus one CPU is Snapdragon 801 which is clocked at 2.5 GHz, I  clocked CPU to 2.75GHz and also 1.7 GHz ]



Tweak and Customize


Xposed Framework - advantages of rooting
Xposed Framework – advantages of rooting xiaomi mi a1

Well, 4th in our list of benefits of rooting the android phone is “tweaks and customizations” to amplify your smartphone. Rooting also provides you the feature of complete customization of your device. You can add or remove any kind of customization option easily. You’ll get a privilege to optimizing your device to give it a customized look/feel and improve the overall performance.

How? I will tell you. Simply download ” Xposed installer” which is available on XDA forum, then simply reboot your Android device to recovery mode and flash that file you downloaded. After that, reboot your phone and go to App drawer. There you’ll find “Xposed installer” App. Open it, and search for your favorite feature you want to add. If that feature is available for your device, then simply download, install and reboot your device and you’re done

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Install Custom ROMs and Kernel With Root Access


Install custom rom-google apps Package - advantages of rooting
Install custom rom-google apps Package – advantages of rooting android phone

Installing custom ROM is one of my favorite and most important reason behind rooting my device. Normally Installing custom ROM doesn’t need any kind of Root, but I prefer to root my device for taking out a complete backup of my files and data of apps installed previously.

A normal ROM is a modified version of Android that can be installed only for upgrade android version and let everything default and restricted. But extra features and usually a large variety of other goodies are included with custom ROMs. Even some custom ROMs included the rooting setup in it. If you reboot your device, you’ll find root is already installed.

How to install custom ROM on Android devices?


Well, after checking out the Benefits of Rooting Honor 8 pro and all other android phones, now, we came to installing custom ROM part. If you don’t know how to install custom ROM on Oneplus 5T and any other android mobile, then you can follow these steps too:-

  • Firstly, Analyze your device. See what your device is, if your device has TWRP installed, apps installed on your device s you’ll not lose them, and other basic things. After all things set-up, let’s move on to the second step.
  • Open the browser and search for custom ROM for your device [for. E.g.:- CM14 for oneplus one or 7.1.1 for oneplus one] and head on to Google result of XDA forum.
  • Open it, and read the features and user opinion for that ROM. if all is fine and fulfill your wants, then Download it. It’s important to download that files which are or your device model, otherwise, it can also lead to brick your device or leave your device in Bootloop.
  • Then, simply reboot your device in recovery mode, hard reset your device, clear data, storage, and cache.
  • After that, head on to that folder in which your file was downloaded. Select that file and flash it.
  • Reboot your device and done 🙂 🙂 🙂


Basics- What is ROOTING?


“Root” is the term which is very popular Among Android Smartphone Users. If you are using An Android Device then I am sure you Already know what Rooting is. But in case if you don’t know, then “Rooting is the process of allowing Users of Android device [including smartphones, Tablets, etc. running on Android Platform] to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems .”

Rooting on Android is very similar to Jailbreaking on iOS platform, which contains the power of complete unlocking your Device Software and provide you all the privileges so you can customize your phone, overclocking and underclocking CPU, delete unwanted Bloatware, etc. without Any Hassle.


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I think you are pretty impressed by above described ” Benefits of rooting an android device”. As I already said above, these all are the benefits of rooting android phones too, because rooting advantages are same on every device as all are running on Android OS.

If you want to get a deep information About How to root your Device, then simply say your opinion below through comments, and if demand is high I will create a complete tutorial for you. If you have any query related to anything described in this Article, simply comment below and we will provide you the best answer for your Query as fast as possible.

Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups and inform them regarding benefits of rooting an android device. Will Meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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