Best 20 Most Useful Websites You probably didn’t know

Best 20 Most Useful Websites
Best 20 Most Useful Websites – The term ” Website ” is one of the most heard terms in this technological world. Normally, when we need anything, we will search for a website to do it for us either completely or just for help. The interesting fact is there are approx. 4.62 billion websites in this whole world. So, in this world which is full of competition, some websites get a lot of attention in a short span of time, even if it has not that level of quality, and some websites which had top notch content, are not so much popular. Is this right? Obviously no.

So, today I will provide you the list of  ” Best 20 Most Useful Websites You probably didn’t know “.  These Websites can be very helpful in your daily life. These websites solve your most of the problem which you face daily when you use the internet. This list helps you to find best under-rated websites who have a lot more potential than some of the top websites in their respective category.

Best 20 Most Useful Websites You probably didn’t know

So friend, without wasting any further time, Let’s start with our list of Best 20 Most Useful Websites which are hugely under-rated.

1.) :- - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
Normally, we can’t edit any PDF file because of the free version of mostly any PDF viewer. But provides you the feature of edit any kind of PDF file quickly, and that too without any kind of software installed. Interesting? Yes.

2.) :-

When we want more font styles, then we will rush for browsing any website which provides a set of our suitable font style on Google. But friend, why you are searching a font style when Google provides you the font styles for Free? Yes, Google fonts ( provides you the huge collection of fonts to use for Free.


This is one of the most under-rated website of this decade. Why? Because it has a lot more potential and quality content than others in its Genre. This website contains all types of coding for everything. Just open the website, browse for the coding you learn, and you’re done. It’s free!

4.) :- - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
If you want to create a movie only by using your Image and Audio Clips, then this website is the best option for you. This website helps you to create a video of your images and audio clips so that you can store all your memories in One Place. Don’t know why this website is not so popular, it should be one the top of a list.

5.) :-

If we want to share any big file with someone who is far away from us, then there is a very big procedure for that. But no, now you don’t have to use that big and complicated procedure for sharing big files. From this website, you can share and transfer any kind of big file easily online. You can simply upload and transfer any kind of file from this website easily.

6.) :-

This is one of the best platforms for measuring the overall performance of your website. You will get almost every tool through which you can measure and analyze your website details as well as lots of tips to improve your website quality, security and speed after applying those tips into your website.

7.) - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
When we want an answer to any type of query and no one is there to help, then we will opt Google to answer our query. But do you know, there’s one website provides you the best answer of any type of question directly without searching. And yes, it’s “”.

8.) :-

Now, it’s easier to redesign your home. Yes, from this website, you can easily redesign your home through a virtual platform. You can easily remodel your home or any place in 3d and save them as a blueprint.

9.) – [ Best 20 Most Useful Websites ]

Normally when we want to share the screen, we use TeamViewer, which we can use after installing their software. But do you know, you can share the screen over the web, without downloading and installing any kind of software? Yes, can do this for you.

10.) :- - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
You can use the OCR feature online. Yes, it’s free. provides you the feature of identifying and extract the text from scanned PDF files, or files which have an image instead of normal texts. Simply open the website, upload your desired PDF file and Scan it. Rest of the work is done by the website.

11.) :-

Want to improve your typing speed? If yes, then you are in a right place. This website, provides you the vast web of resources to check and improve your typing speed. This website provides you some tools through which you can test your typing speed and errors as well as provide you best practice sessions and lessons for step by step improvement in Typing.

12.) :-

If you want to connect all your online accounts from one place, then yes, this website helps you out. helps to make a connection between all your online accounts and helps you to build commands (which IFTTT calls recipes) using icons and a few simple fields. Interesting? Leave your opinion in a comment.

13.) :- - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
It’s easy to track any flight. Though this work can be done by other websites also, this website provides you more precise results because this website is created for tracking purposes only. You can track the status of any flight worldwide through

14.) – [ Best 20 Most Useful Websites ]

Normally when we are not doing conversation face to face, then the most confidential and important things are shared through a mail. So, in this case, if you want to set the reminder of an E-mail which is must for you (let’s say- meeting after a week), then yes, this website is the best suit for you. You can simply set-up email reminders for your email as well as for your to- do list. It will remind you through a mail.

15.) :-

Now, this website is also becoming popular through its quality and positive word of mouth, but yes, it is needed to be more popular. Why? Because this website provides you the feature of Chat with your friends on Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, etc. from one place. You don’t need to go anywhere if you are using this website alone.


This website is very useful if you want to find the local time of any place, yes not even country but the place in that country. To locate the place, it just uses Google Maps, and rest of the things are automatically done.

17.) :- - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
When you are typing on your Desktop or mobile, at one point, we have to insert a character in it and suppose that character is not available on your smartphone or desktop, then you will follow a code for it. Right? But now it’s easier to insert a character. Simply visit this website and search for your desired character, just copy it and paste it and you are good to go. Just easy Nah!
Some less known characters are – Ⓒ,ℌ,◭,ℝ,◬, ,ℂ,◉,℗,⒴, ,℘,ⓐ,Ṩ,ℂ,⒯,℮,ℛ, etc.

18.) :-

In an old period, If you want to send fax anywhere, you need a fax machine. Right? But now it’s a lot easier than our thoughts. This website provides you the feature of sending fax anywhere for Free! If you didn’t, just use it now my friend.

19.) – [ Best 20 Most Useful Websites ]

If you want to chat with your friends online, then this website will make your background work a lot easier. This website helps you to setup a private chat room and invite your friends you want to chat like a group. After they are also joined your room, you’re good to go.

20.) :- - Best 20 Most Useful Websites – Best 20 Most Useful Websites
If you want to pre-book your seat for a flight, then, it must be the best seat and yes, it should be free. So, if you use this website to choose your desired seat, then it will make your work easier than your expectations. It will help you to choose the best seat which is suitable for you. Be sure to check this website before choosing a seat for your next flight. Good Luck!
Now we came to an end of the list of ” Best 20 Most Useful Websites You probably didn’t know “. If you know or use any other website and want to add that website to our list, the simply leave a comment or contact us and we will add your recommendation to our Article after completely analyzing it. Did you like this Article? having any query regarding this article? Then Simply drop a comment down below and we will solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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