Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating, keep your smartphone cool

Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating

Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating – Hello my friend, today we are discussing on a very popular issue. As you know, Our smartphones are very arrogant that it rises it’s temperature every-time we started using it. While Gaming, while watching video, while installing apps, while playing with camera and most important:- while installing any application, it tends to rise in our Smartphone’s Processor Temperature results in generating heat.  If your Smartphone gets too hot, you can experience  some major problems like draining your smartphone’s  battery faster, becomes Un-comfortable to Handle, causing a force reboot, etc.

Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating

So, let’s without wasting any further time, Let’s start with our recommendations of Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating and keep your Smartphone Cool :-


1. Uninstalling the Un-necessary Apps or Force Stop them:

If you are not using any app in your smartphone consider un-installing it. The reason behind this is if you are no using any app which is already installed, it affects directly on 3 factors:-

  • It tends to heat your smartphone at some extent as it’s processes are already running in background.
  • It eats you device’s battery as you are not using it, but your smartphone is using it.
  • It also occupied Your smartphone’s storage [normally in MBs but in some cases it’s also in GBs]

So my friend, try to un-install these apps which are installed un-necessarily or you can simply kill it’s background processes and force stop those apps. This also affects to improve battery life of your Smartphone.


2. Keep Your device in a cool, Sheltered Place:

I don’t know about yourself but let me tell you my story. One day I try to analyze the smartphone’s temperature for a full day [And it’s a working day]. There’re 3 scenarios:-

  • When I am at home [which is not Air-conditioned] , my smartphones temperature is at 25 degree Celsius.
  • When i am travelling towards my office, it rises to above 30 without even touching it [I only checked time twice] and;
  • When i am in office which is completely Air conditioned, it’s temperature dropped to 22 degree Celsius.

That’s the full scenario and 3 situations of external temperature. This scenario is analyzed During hot summer and my device is Oneplus One , when everyone seeks shade to be cool, similarly your phone needs cool place too. During outside, You should not keep your device in a tight pocket as it put force on your smartphone. Keep your device in a larger pocket, or a bag or purse where it can keep it cool.

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3. Charge your Mobile in a Pattern – [ Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating ]

Charging pattern - Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating
Charging pattern – Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating

Battery is one and the only thing we want to be Unlimited in our Smartphone, Right? But battery is also listed as one of the reason that leads to heating if charged on a full capacity every-time. Battery is also creates heat, that’s why you will notice that your smartphone will not last longer than past and in very rare cases, it may even cause an explosion [in very rare scenario, approx. 1 in a lakh devices].

It’s my opinion that you should charge your smartphone at max to. 80% during day time when you know that your smartphone will not been kept at only one place, and in night, you can charge it to 100%.  It’s not good to charge your device for too long in the daytime.



4. Keep your phone far from other devices:

You will notice some heat in your smartphone without using it when it is near to some already running Gadgets and electronic devices. If you keep your smartphone near to computer, tablet or even any other smartphone which is already running or in use at that time, then it tends to heat up because of it’s already running processes as well as other Device’s heat is also compromised with our smartphone.

It’s scientific that ” If one running electronic device is stacked on top of another running electronic device, overheating is more likely happened [the game of charged protons and electrons]” . That’s why you shouldn’t keep your smartphone and any other gadget on top of each other. I know you are keeping all devices at one place for not losing them, but logically, It will only combine the damaging heat produced by themselves.

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5. Avoid direct Sunlight on Smartphone:

Avoid Direct Sunlight - Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating
Avoid Direct Sunlight – Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating

This tip deserves to be in our list of Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating . If you are outside and simply roaming, you will find that your smartphone is heated un-necessarily without even using it or touching it. Why? it’s because of direct sunlight reflecting on your device.  Your phone may get hotter the longer you remain in the sun. The heat coming from the sunlight along with all the processing power running in the background are bound to heat-up your smartphone. It’s suggested to avoid the direct sunlight to prevent your phone from getting overheated as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight could damage the battery and the screen.

Avoiding direct sunlight and heat is the easiest way to prevent overheating your phone. While staying outside, your phone catches light and heat from the sun and retains it.


6. Taking off the phone’s case while overheating:

Taking off external case from smartphone - Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating
Taking off external case from smartphone – Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating

When you are playing game, using camera or watching any video for a long time, simply take your case off. The exact reason behind, when you are using your smartphone heavily, it tends to generate lots of heat. So, in this situation if your device is already covered with a case, then the generated heat can’t pass away from you smartphone as the case is blocking the vents of your phone and make your device heater and more heater.

So friend, If your phone is already overheating, take your case off. This will help your phone cool down quicker as heat passes away from your device.

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7. Avoid sudden changes in external temperature:

I know you are not one of them, but there are few people who are over serious about their phone. If their phone is overheating, they simply ran towards their refrigerator and keep their smartphone in it or even in freezer for few minutes to keep it cool. Really?

Cooling your gadgets too rapidly after overheating could actually damage the inside component, as your smartphone internals performing as fast as they can while overheating and suddenly through external cooling pressure, it is being cooled leads to jamming as well as can cause condensation to get trapped on the inside of the devices, leads to the water damage.

If your phone is already hot, you may keep it under anything which only provide smartphone a breeze, not humidity like, Keeping your device under a normal fan or blow an air through your hand, as there is no humidity in air blows by Fan or from your hand. As a fan’s air keeps our body cool, a breeze can help cool off your device when it’s getting too warm.


8. Turn off the Un-Necessary services – [ Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating ]

turn off un-necessary processes - Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating
turn off un-necessary processes – Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating

It’s most common that after using the Wi-fi, bluetooh, GPS, NFC, LTE, Hotspot, etc. We will leave it turned On and engaged in any other work. If you leave them on, it will kept running their processes and tends to heat your device and you’ll feel warmth.

You should ensure that your Smartphone isn’t working in overtime in your purse or pocket while you are in outdoor condition. If you are not using your phone, to keep it in idle situation, you may turn on the airplane mode. Putting your device in airplane mode will not only keep your smartphone cool, but also save your battery at a longer extent.

Or you can simply turn off Bluetooth, LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS manually if you don’t need any of these while you’re out, or your Smartphone is in idle situation. This is the last tip in our list of Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating .


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So, my friend, above are the Best 8 tips to prevent smartphone from heating and keep it cool. Some of the tips provided above a re not only keep your Smartphone cool, but it also tends to save your Smartphone’s battery, keep your smartphone last longer as well as free your device storage. Try these steps in your daily life and share your experience with them. Will these tips help your Smartphone to keep it cool ? You want to provide and share any other tip to keep your Smartphone Cool? Don’t worry, Drop a comment below and we will share your experience and tip with everyone. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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