Best Custom ROMs for Android of 2018 – Top Android OS Customization

Want the best Custom OS for an android device? If yes, then here, I have some recommendations for best custom ROMs for an android phone of 2018 which are loaded with Android customization options and boost performance and battery life. Be sure to check your phone model before using any of the described custom ROM.


Well, if you are going to search for the best custom OS for Android, then please hang on. There are some points which you have to be considered before choosing best Custom OS for android phone.

  • It should be stable with a very less set of bugs.
  • Should be overall a nice package as compared to stock Android
  • Provide timely updates regarding that specific ROM which you are going to be flash.
  • Overall performance and battery life should be more than the stock version.

Now, let’s move on to the list of best Android ROMs. Here, I am using oneplus one. So, if you are also using oneplus one, then you can consider it as best custom ROM for oneplus one too.

Best custom ROMs for Android Phone – 2018 List

So friend, Below are some of the best ROMs for your device. Note this thing that you have to go for most stable ROM for android device. If your device is older than 3 years, then I don’t recommend you to flash any custom OS because of its support.


1.) Resurrection Remix

If you want a custom ROM which should be highly customized and be running on latest version of OS, then Ressurection remix is the best choice. In this ROM, you will get a very high performance as well as battery life. If I talk about my experience with this, you can’t expect but the performance of Oneplus one is boosted from more than double. Benchmark scores are climbed up fro 41967 to 86348.

The main positive factor of this is:- developer support. As of now, they re trying to cover up mostly all-powerful phones and provide them timely updates and Android version upgrade. Ressurection Remix ROM for Android is one of the oldest on which is highly customizable. Along with that, many other Android OS versions like of Sultans XDA, CM lightly are came into that picture, but this one was succeeded due to its extra layer of features

Ressurection Remix ROM features:-

  • Android customization – You can change nearly everything on your device, from looks to performance. You will get a new set of features which helps you to give your device a new look and feel.
  • Boosts performance – Overall performance of your phone will be boosted up to a great extent. The main focus of this ROM developers is to increase the overall performance of your device.
  • Spectacular Support- You can take help from developers, and they will be in connect with you as fast as possible. This is I liked most because if you find any bug in your device, you can directly contact them.
  • Coming with Root privileges – You don’t have to root your device separately. If you flash Ressurection remix Custom OS on your device, the root will be automatically flashed.


2.) CyanogenMod:

If you are an android phone user, then I might think you already heard about CyanogenMod once. Cyanogen is the most popular ROM for Android which is most popular because of the features they are providing.

If you want a Custom OS which should be simple but provides more features to it, then it will be a nice pick for you. CyanogenMod will provide you mostly all features, and if you root it, you can unlock furthermore features to it. The main factor of this ROM is;- you will not get any single bloatware and extra set of apps with it. It will provide you the pure stock OS feel, but some areas are enhanced enough by stuffing up the features to it. This helps to make your normal smartphone device fast, smooth as well as eye catchy.

CyanogenMod 13 on Oneplus One - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
CyanogenMod 13 on Oneplus One

Basically, you can get CyanogenMod on more than half of the Android devices, but if you didn’t have the same, you can search according to your smartphone model and download it, then flash it and done.

Features of CyanogenMod ROM :

1.) Privacy Guard: You can Control what your applications can learn about you and your contacts. You can set permissions to each and every device. If you don’t want to give any permission to any specific app, then you can block them directly.

2.) Superuser Access: Manage root access to only the applications you trust, check access logs and revoke their access when you are done.

3.) A new set of Themes: With the integrated theme engine, you can select and change the overall look and feel of the entire OS. You will get special settings for it. A great android customization option.

4.) Trebuchet Launcher as default: This launcher is a very simple and lightweight launcher, but loaded with new features which you can feel after using it for some time.Through a set of new themes, it proves to be a perfect match.

3.) MIUI

MiUI is a ROM which you can see in almost all Xiaomi smartphones. It is a ROM which will change the complete look and feel of your android device. Over than that, the perfect theme support helps you to solve all problems and bugs which will make it a special package. The ROM which the developed and provided by Xiaomi is loaded with tons of the features, some of them are provided by OS itself and some of them are added through this ROM which is exclusive for MiUI users.

The main motive of this theme is:- to give your device a completely new look. MiUI will make your Android device more stylish and provide you a great set of themes through which you can change themes according to your need.

If you want the stylish and lovely look and get all the features in your hand, then I am sure it worth the shot!

MiUI 8 - Top 5 Best ROMs For Android Device
MiUI 8

This ROM provides you the different feel and you will get Android customization according to your choice. Yes, this ROM is a bit heavy because this ROM not only add features, but some exclusive apps with you’ll get along with it, but trust me it worth the size according to its quality.

Features of MiUI:

  • All things are managed nicely n homescreen itself. You don’t need o jump to app drawer to open any app. Just scroll the home screen and you will get a folder in which all apps are stored.
  • Directly block unwanted calls which you don’t need to be picked up anytime soon.
  • A great set of more than 10000 beautiful themes which are exclusive to MiUI users. You will get a special tab in settings to change and look at a set of new themes.
  • Inbuilt wallpaper app leads to provide you new wallpapers automatically on your lock screen which is a very great thing if you want new wallpaper every hour automatically.
  • Second space helps you to give a new area on which you can install 2 apps at one time.



4.) Paranoid Android:

This Custom OS deserves to be on our list of best Android ROMs. If you want a most stable ROM which doesn’t have any bugs and performs smoothly, then you can consider Paranoid Android. It is one of the oldest custom ROMs for an android phone whose main focus is to provide you an OS upgrade before official updates.

Suppose if your device is running on OS version 7.1.2, and the company announces to provide a new upgrade in a month, then paranoid Android will provide you that upgrade in a week which is a very important factor for those who are waiting for a new official update.

Features of Paranoid Android

  • One of the fastest Custom OS to provide Android upgrades before an official announcement.
  • Spectacular developer support. If you encountered any problem while using it, you can directly take a help from developers.
  • Provide you a stock android feel, but add new features in the background which make it special. You will get a performance boost after installing this ROM.
  • A multi-window feature which helps you to use 2 apps on one screen at a time. They provided this feature before official Android support. nice!

5.) OmniROM:

OmniROM is a ROM developed by Cyanogen itself. This ROM will provide you a complete cyanogen feel but will provide you much more features than that. This ROM is available for mostly al smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, oneplus, xiaomi, etc. which provide a great range of Android versions. You can pick your desired android version and simply go for it.

You will get a fast switching between the application using its Omni Switcher. A simple but great UI make it more smooth and nicely performing software. You can customize your notification, themes, colors and status bar. It has some features such as DSPManager, dark mode UI, OmniJAWS weather service, quick settings panel, delta update system and enhanced Do Not Disturb mode.


Honorable Mention – Emotional UI [EMUI]

EMUI is also one of the best mod for Stock Android. This will not only adding some customization options but along with that Huawei is also providing some of their unique set of features along with it which will help you to upgrade the whole experience with your Android Phone. The Only Con which I found in this ROM is – Bloatware. You will get some pre-installed Apps developed by Huawei which indirectly added for better UI, but overall it will be kind of a waste for many of the smartphone users.


Why is Custom OS needed for Android devices?


Android device is all about Software. Every Android device is running on a particular ROM. Android is an open source project through which we can get many of the custom ROMs. The main reason behind using Custom OS are:-

  • The performance will be boosted up to some extent and battery life will also be increased
  • You will get some more features in Custom OS as compared to stock ROM
  • A new set of tools will be introduced on your device.
  • You will get a new look at your normal android device in terms of software. This looks leads to add some more customized options through which you can tweak and improve your device software overview.


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So friends, above are the best Custom ROMs for Android smartphones which you can consider if you want to give your simple looking android phone a new look and feel. Well, if you want to take my choice, then I will pick Ressurection remix and I am using it for last 1 year. The Android customization on resurrection remix is really great.

Well, according to me – We can’t say a normal custom ROM a best one if it does not have any bugs and provide any extra features than a stock one. It’s about your preference. If any OS is fulfilling your want and expectations, then it will be a best one for you to go for.

If you want one more option from my side, then I will also pick Exodus ROM which needed to be on this list but will cover it later if this OS will be improved a little bit. Have any best recommendation? Then please comment down on your opinion and share best Android custom ROM from your side.

If you have any query regarding best Android ROMs described in this article, then you can simply comment quoting your query and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. Sharing is caring. Will meet in our next article, till then, bye friend.

2 thoughts on “Best Custom ROMs for Android of 2018 – Top Android OS Customization”

  1. Most phones in 2018 do not support custom ROMs anymore. Most now use closed source platforms that are not friendly to modding or custom ROMs. A few still exist (like Google, xiaomi, oneplus, etc) but for the major brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc, it is no longer possible unless they use open source platforms with snapdragon SOCs.

    Secondly, cyanogenmod no longer exists for over a year. In its place is lineage OS, maintained by some of the same devs.

    1. Yes, you are right my friend, but in 2018, most of the smartphones manufacturers [especially Chinese Ones] are releasing their new upgraded versions and carrying one their series [like Xiaomi’s Note series, oneplus series, etc.]. Those devices have a tremendous Custom ROMs and XDA support which is a nice thing to consider.

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