Top Spiderman Games for Windows and Android to Download in 2018

Are you searching for some best spiderman games for windows and Android Platform? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I am going to provide you some of the best Spider man games for Android and windows which you can download and Install easily on your phone, tablet or Laptop respectively.


Spiderman Games are one of the most adventurous games of all time. The reason behind that is not about graphics, UI, game handling, etc. But it’s about our favorite, Spidey. Decade by decade, we saw many high-end improvements in a spider man’s superhero character. It is upgrading continuously which further leads to the addition of a new chapter in its journey, either it is any comic book, Web or TV show, a film or even an Android or Windows Game.

Well, if you want my frank opinion, then yes, Spiderman is my second favorite superhero character of all time [well, Ironman hooks up the first place for me 🙂 ]. This wallcrawler has some amazing capabilities which are further challenged by some powerful and rugged up Villains. It will lead to a kickstart of the “Spiderman Game”.

Well, if all lead characters are powerful and have some amazing superpowers, it means that the Game will be full of Action, adventure and you will get something new and creative from it [well, that’s the main vision of Marvel, I think!].

There are many Spiderman Games available on the internet as of now. In this case, which one is best? As I am currently using an Android Phone as well as Windows-powered Laptop, I chopped off some of the best Spidey games for Android and Windows. [Due to Unavailability of X-box and PS4, I didn’t include some top notch games on these 2 platforms. When I got these 2 machines, I will update this article for Sure!]


Best Spiderman games for Windows and Android

So friend, below are some of the best Spiderman games for Android and Windows Platforms which you can just download, Install and Play without any hassle. Here, I will recommend you to ply these games on High-End devices Only.

You can play it on Phones and PC with low specs too, but frame drops and lagging will destroy your Experience. So, Please be calm and let’s move on 🙂


The Amazing Spiderman App [Windows and Android]

Well, this title was launched way back in 2012, when originally this film was launched. Basically, this title is a reboot to our favorite Spidey character which is upgraded now with a new suit and special powers add-ons. Along with that, we also got some new negative characters too.

Peter Parker, who is only a photographer in the real world, is a superhero in a Virtual World which No One Knows. In the meantime, some new negative characters were also developed and now, the fight begins in a real world where our main hero has to fight back and save this planet from those villains. Interesting and full of Action. You can play this spiderman game online too and compete with other in terms of overall progress.

Overall, the game is action-packed and controls are a bit easier to understand. You only have to just install, set controls according to your desire and play.


Marvel Spider Man unlimited [Android]

What about a game in which we got a spiderman, all of its negative characters, it’s superpowers and In addition, an endless running game in the form of story in which you can catch up all amazing boosts and everything just by running ahead? Or I can say what about “Our Spidey Character+ a new storyline+ Subway Surfers theme”?

Yes, you heard it right. Spider-Man Unlimited is an Endless running game which can’t come to an end and have a storyline to which will keep you hooked up with it. Overall graphics of this game is very nice and gives you a comic feel. You will get all amazing characters along with its devils and negative characters too. You should try this game to fill up your free time 🙂


The Amazing Spider Man 2 Game [Windows and Android]

According to my side, I think, the name defines everything. It is a sequel or I can say a new upgrade to the previous game in this series “The Amazing SpiderMan”. This title was released in 2014 when originally, the film of the same name was released. I think these 2 games were released just for the promotional purposes to create some hype among youngsters, but really, both games in this series are a treat for Android Phone users.

This time, you will get new superpowers and upgrades, an upgraded version of Graphics and shadows [you can feel then when you played both of them on High-end/Flagship Mobiles], a new villain “Electro” [I love him] and nice controls.

Overall, the main reason I took this game on 3rd number due to its compatibility. This Spiderman game is not compatible with some of the devices and crashing continuously. I know this can be summed up by an update, but it was not fixed yet. Other than that, everything is just perfect and you should give it a try.


Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions [Windows]

Do you want to experience the black spiderman game in which the main character can be converted in a black spiderman with a fresh storyline and a perfect mix of action+ new adventurous world? If yes, then this game is only for you, my friend.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions is available for Windows and is one of the best Spiderman games which I personally liked. You can play this game on low-end Windows PC too [but you have to tweak some settings to lowest]. The thing which I really liked was – it’s keyboard controls and keys settings. You can easily control each and everything easily and get used to it in a very short span of time.

I want it to play on my android device, but sadly, currently, it is limited to Windows Platform only. Hope to get it on my phone soon.


Which Best Spiderman Game for Windows and Android I liked the Most?

So friends, above are some of the best Spiderman games Online which you can play offline too on any Android and Windows Devices. All of them are available for free as well as paid too [I hope you will understand why am I called “Free” and how to get it]. It’s strongly recommended to give any one of the above-provided games a try.

Well, I really liked  The amazing spiderman game and Spiderman: shattered dimensions. Both of them I played on windows and need only medium kind of specifications to run smoothly. I also played one of them on Android too, but Windows PC has its own graphics quality and controls.


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I hope that all latest and upcoming games of this Marvel superhero will impress us and give us an amazing experience with a new kind-of feel. Well, are you playing any other Spidey game and like it? If yes, then please share your experience with that particular title below through the comments section.

If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then please comment on your query and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. Liked it? Then Please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups so that they can also fill up their free time with some interesting spree. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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