13 Best Uses of OTG Cable which are Unique and Useful [Android Tricks]

Today, I will share some most useful uses of OTG cable which you can use in daily life and add more features to your normal Android device. Through these 13 tricks regarding best uses of OTG cable, here you will get some exclusive tips regarding how to connect OTG cable from a printer, Ethernet, make your own android PC and many more unique things.


Some Basics – What is USB OTG for Android?

USB OTG, which is also known as USB On-The-Go is one of the most valuable features available on almost all smartphones, and it is really useful to extend the Android smartphone’s functionality, which can be taken in use through a USB OTG Cable.

Normally we use a USB cable to transfer the data from pen drive to our smartphone’s storage and vice versa, but Do you know the real power of this small and delicate device? Let’s analyze the power of this small packet, “The USB OTG cable” and see To what extent this cable can extend the overall functionality of your android device


13 best Uses of OTG cable That You Probably didn’t know

So, my friend, let’s start with our list of 13 best Uses of OTG cable That You Probably didn’t aware of, I hope you like these best OTG uses. So, let’s head on.

1- Print documents from your smartphone

print documents from android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
print documents from android

You can also print anything from your Android by simply connecting to your printer through USB OTG Cable. But it’s not that easy, you have to follow some steps for doing this, and below I will provide you full process of connecting printer to android device:-

How to connect a printer to Android device:-

  • First, check your printer company and model no.
  • Then simply head on to play store and download a driver from playstore [for e.g. if you have a Samsung printer, then you have to download Samsung Mobile Print.
  • Then simply configure your app
  • then connect your USB OTG to your smartphone and USB side of the cable to a printer
  • After this, your device automatically catch-up the printer
  • Simply select the file you want to print, And print!
  • Done 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you aren’t able to find your printer’s manufacturer app, then you can install the app called PrintShare which will download the USB drivers on your Android phone. and all steps will remain the same as above.


2- Connect DSLR camera to your Device

Connect DSLR to Android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
Connect DSLR to android device

Do you know, you can connect your smartphone to DSLR camera through an OTG Cable. Yes, you read it right. If you want to connect your camera to the Android smartphone, then you can connect it using the OTG cable. Also, you don’t have to connect a camera to the computer if you want to click and clear few pictures. This can be easily done on your Android device through a simple OTG cable.

3- Share contact and messages from one phone to Another

Share messages and contacts through OTG - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
Share messages and contacts through OTG

You can easily transfer the contacts, messages and call logs between two Android phones through a simple USB OTG Cable. Simply download the SmartSwitch App from Playstore, and share any data from Samsung and OTG cable to another android device. This method of transferring is easy and useful. Also, it consumes less battery.

How to use Smartswitch app to transfer contacts from One phone to Another:-

Step 1: Install Smart Switch app from playstore

Step 2: Open the Smart Switch app

Step 3: Connect devices you want data to transfer

Step 4: Transfer the data and you’re done 🙂

4- Connect LAN Cable / Ethernet directly to Smartphone

connect LAN Cable to android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
connect LAN Cable to android

You can also browse the internet by manually connecting the LAN Cable to your smartphone rather than Wi-Fi. I know that sounds weird because who want to browse the internet from the wire when we can easily do anything wireless. But it’s very useful in some cases, especially in that condition when you don’t know the Wi-Fi password. If you don’t have access to the Wi-Fi or the mobile data then connecting your Android phone with the Ethernet is useful through a simple OTG cable. You can easily connect wired Internet or the Ethernet on your Android devices using the OTG cable.

5- Connect Mouse and Keyboard to your device

connect mouse and keyboard to android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
connect mouse and keyboard to android

You can connect the keyboard and mouse to your android smartphone with the help of OTG cable.It is very useful when you want to type from the official keyboard and exchange the messages through mouse as well as want to feel the Desktop.

6- Mirror screen to TV

connect android smartphone to TV - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
connect an Android smartphone to TV

You can increase the display size of your smartphone by connecting your smartphone to your TV through a simple cable.

Simply you can mirror Android smartphone’s screen on TV screen from 3 ways:-

1: Connect android device to TV through Cable

  • Standard Micro-USB to HDMI Adapter
  • Samsung Micro-USB to HDMI Adapter
  • Passive MHL Cable

2: Mirroring Android Devices on TV using Wi-Fi

For more information, you can head on to our detailed article:- Best ways to Connect Android Smartphone to a TV . You can mirror your Android screen with the TV and can watch any movies or play audios.


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7- Connect a portable hard drive to Android Device

connect External Hard drive to Android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
connect an External Hard drive to Android – 13 Best Uses of OTG cable

You can connect the external hard drive to your smartphone with the help of OTG cable. Normally this feature varies from device to device as many devices have a limit of transferring data at a time to external sources, but normally you can connect your portable hard drive to your smartphone, and extend the storage to a highest possible extent. Simply plug in the external hard drive to USB pin and Once the external hard drive is connected, you can easily access all the files on your smartphone and transfer data from smartphone to External hard drive.

8- Connect a card reader to your Smartphone

connect card reader to android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
connect the card reader to android

Do you want to access the memory card without inserting in your Smartphone or there’s no support of micro SD Card on your device? Then you are on a right track. So, If your Android phone doesn’t support MicroSD card, then you can connect the card reader to your phone through an OTG cable. Simply plug-in USB OTG Cable to your smartphone, then connect Memory Card reader to your OTG cable [USB side] and plug in your memory card to your Card Reader. And you are good to go. Now you have the access to your memory card externally.

9- Use Android Smartphone as a power bank and charge another phone

charge android phone from another android phone - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
how to transfer charge from one android phone to another

Yes, you read it right. Now You can charge your Android phone with the help of another Android phone and vice versa through an OTG cable where the USB host will help you to charge the phone. If your smartphone’s battery is running out and there’s no way to plug in your smartphone to a charger, then this feature is best for you. This is one of the most helpful technique if you want to charge your phone in the emergency.

10- Record Audio from external Mic – [ Best Uses of OTG cable ]

connect external mic to android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
connect an external mic to android – Best Uses of OTG cable

You can simply connect the external microphone with your android phone via an OTG cable to record audio on your Android phone. How? Let’s know about this step by step:-

How to connect mic to android phone:-

  • Connect Micro USB to Mic
  • Head on to play store and find is there any app related to your mic [for calibration and reduce noise].
  • and you are done

This feature is most useful for the YouTubers, Vloggers, and travelers.

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11- Connect your smartphone to a game controller

Connect game controller to android - 13 Best Uses of OTG cable
Connect game controller to android

I think you already know that there are Many Android games support external gamepad, like Asphalt 8, GTA San Andreas, etc. So, for giving your Android game experience a professional touch, you can simply connect an external game controller through the OTG cable. Once you will play an android game through an external gamepad, you will be fond of it.

12- Connect USB light to Android Device

You can connect the USB based LED light with your Android phone to light up the Room. This can be helpful to increase the power of flashlight. This can also be very helpful in the case when you have to capture images at night if your phone doesn’t have front flash.

13- Connect USB fan

Though USB fans work with the electric charge, you might have seen Laptop uses most of the external cooling pads which are connected through a USB slot. So similarly, you can connect the USB fan to the Android device through a USB OTG cable. Here I want to share an advice with you:- Normally, if you use USB fan from your Android smartphone, it eats up lots of battery because it needs a specific voltage to power the USB fan.


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So, my friend, above are the 13 Best Uses of OTG cable which you can use to modify a normally performing Android device to a power-packed multi-working machine. Some of them are very common that everyone knows, and some of them mostly don’t aware of. So we list the uses for every kind of person.

Which one is your favorite best use of OTG cable? Please leave your opinion in the comments section. If you experienced any kind of problem regarding connecting your smartphone to any of the device listed above, simply drop a comment down below and we will try to solve your problem. Liked it? then please share this with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, bye friend.

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