Best Xposed Modules for a Rooted Android Phone you Must Try

Did you recently flashed Xposed Installer and added a complete framework for your rooted Android device? If yes, then you must try some of the best Xposed Modules which are available on the internet. Here, I will provide you some top Xposed Modules which added one or more mods to your Android Phone.


Flashing Xposed framework is one of the most primary things most of the Android phone user will do after rooting their device. And it deserves to be the highest priority because when you root an android phone, the main motive will be – adding more features to OS. For adding more features or we can say “Modding your Smartphone”, Xposed Installer should be the Highest Priority because, through this, you can add tons of Mods to your Mobile. You just have to search it, download it, install it and at last- activate it by rebooting your device.

Why Do you need Best Xposed Mods and Modules

Today, there are thousands or even more amount of Xposed modules available on an Online platform. In that case, choosing the best one is one of the most difficult tasks as most of the Xposed Mods are trying to be better than others. So, I analyzed everything, tried it on my device [well, I am using Oneplus One], and now, providing you a list of Best Xposed Modules you must try on Android phone primarily 🙂


Best Xposed Modules which are Needed for Rooted Android Phone

So friend, let’s move on to our main content regarding best Xposed Modules and Mods for Android:-


Do you want to improve your phone’s battery performance and generate more Battery Backup over-the-time?If yes, then Greenigy Xposed Module is the best Suit for You. Well, in my case, Greenify is the first xposed module which I had ever tried because I heard the name of it many times, and it proves to be at the top of our list as it is very simple and very effective in increasing the battery life of your Android.

It is a very simple app and its basic function is to hibernate your background apps. When you turned your screen off, at that time, there are many apps and processes running I background which will eat battery. So, this app will eliminate all waste processes time to time. You also have the option to hibernate your applications and let the remaining apps like Facebook and Whatsapp to run as usual. These background applications drain your precious battery even when they are not in use. Hence this app is very popular among many Android users. Give it a try.



Awesome Pop-up Video

Well Well Well! This Awesome Popup Video Xposed Module is very popular among many of the rooted android users and the reason behind it is – it’s functionality. Suppose you are watching any live event or a web series or even a movie which takes a large chunk of time. But you also want to do any other work on your same device. Basically, you want to watch a movie and at the same time, want to do any other work. In this case, Awesome Popup Video Xposed Mod is worth a try for you.

Awesome Pop up Video - Best Xposed Modules

What this module will do is – when you open any video from the file manager, and then select opening app as “awesome Player”, then it will generate a small window in which your video will be played. You can re-size your video, shift the placement to anywhere on the screen and many more things. Along with that, you can also Play Youtube Video in Background through Awesome Pop-up Video Mod.  Are you a rooted user? Then must try this one!




Did you saw a major Battery loss when your phone is on Idle Stage? or I can say that did you analyzed a high battery drainage Overnight? In my case, my battery usually drops by 18-20% when I take a normal hours sleep and it’s very high. In this case, I searched for a solution and found Amplify. As I am using posed Module, I flashed it, activated it d set it up completely. From that day, the battery drains by only 5-6% overnight which is a huge difference from the previous case.

Amplify - Best Xposed Mods

This was possible only through Amplify App. I can rather say that – it is the best companion of greenify. As greenify eliminates background processes and Apps, this one takes care of Wakelocks [wakelocks is the case which I defined above – the culprit behind 18-20% battery drainage].

If you are also puzzled in this kind of Idle Battery Drainage problems or Wakelocks, then you must give it a try. This Xposed Module will really make a positive Impact on your Smartphone’s Battery Life.



Xposed One Tap Video Download

Do you want to directly download Videos which is available on any website and opened through any browser? If es, then yes, Xposed One Tap Video Mod is only for you my friend.

Xposed One Tap Video Download

What this module will do is – When you open any browser and Visit any website to watch any Video, this Mod will give you a notification in your device’s Notification bar to “download it”. Not only from any website but if any Video is embedded in any App also and you want to download it, you can do it easily.

Just One click and your desired Video will be started Downloading. This is one of the most Convenient and best-performing Mods you can get now for your Rooted Android Phone. You can get this Bese Xposed Module right here:- Official Link.



Youtube Background Playback

Well, as the name suggests, Youtube Background Playback is a Xposed Module through which you can Play Youtube Video right from Background. It is a very simple yet effective Xposed Mod. You just have t download it, install it and activate it. After that, just reboot your device and done. Rest of the things will be taken care by this Xposed Installer Module Itself easily.

This app doesn’t have any kind of interface and will accomplish it’s work just be running in the background. If you don’t want to use any external third party app like OG Youtube for youtube Video playback, then this mod is the best suit for you. Here I am giving you direct official link to it – Official Link

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So friend, above are the best Xposed Modules which you can try on your rooted Android phone. I hope you liked these Mods and try once if you applied root on Android. In case if you want any kind of help while installing and using these Best Xposed Mods, you can leave a query below in our comment section and I will provide you the Best possible resolution to your query.

Well, which is your Most Favorite Xposed Module? Please comment your opinion on the comments box provided below. Liked it? Then please share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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