Bingo U8 Smartwatch Review – Best smartwatch under 1000rs ?

Bingo smartwatch review

Bingo U8 Smartwatch Review- Bingo is a company which basically manufactures technological gadgets and accessories and provide them at the cheapest rate. Recently, we take a look at their range of products and find out 2 products which we like most as a value for money devices. One of them is Bingo T50 Smartwatch with Bluetooth and the second one is Bingo U8 smartwatch which is also Bluetooth compatible.

So, between both of them, it is very tough to decide that which one we should go for, but at last, we made up a decision and gone for “Bingo U8 smartwatch” as it is little cheaper than Bingo T50 Smartwatch.

So, we used it for a while and we are providing you a detailed Bingo U8 Smartwatch Review.

Bingo U8 Smartwatch Review – Better than Bingo T50 Smartwatch?

So, let’s start with the Bingo U8 Smartwatch review.  Before moving on, here are the pattern in which we are doing a review:-

  • Display and durability
  • Software and features
  • Accuracy and test

So, let’s start our detailed review:-

Bingo U8 Smartwatch review- Display and durability

Display- If we are talking on the display, it has the 1.48 inch TFT LCD display which is touchscreen and holds up a pixels density of 128*128 pixels Resolution. The display quality I said is nice according to its price range, and I can say that in terms of display, Bingo U8 smartwatch holds a position in the list of Best smartwatch under 1000rs. If you can increase the budget, then yes, more options will be available or you easily.

Bingo smartwatch review
Bingo smartwatch review

Durability- Here, this device lags behind. Yes, this device is really very less durable. We used it for more than 2 months, and while we are doing the U8 smartwatch review, the straps were detached 2 times already and there are some scratches which can be visible easily also.

Bingo U8 smartwatch review- Software and features

Bingo U8 has it’s own developed company’s software which helps to connect this to both Android and iOS smartphones. This smartwatch uses the Bluetooth technology to connect with smartphones and can be connected very easily, you just have to pair Bluetooth and done:).

All details
All details

Moving on to the features, here I created the list of all features of its software the what this device can do:-

  • You can use this to make or answer calls, thanks to the inbuilt mic;
  • you can listen to your favorite music anywhere through watch’s built-in speaker ;
  • It also has the- Anti-lost alarm function, push notifications, remote camera;
  • This device has a pedometer, a sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, water in-take reminder which helps to keep you fit and fine.

Bingo U8 Smartwatch review- accuracy and test

Here, first, we will talk about its accuracy. In terms of accuracy, the results are kind of mixed. These are the same feature which we can find on a Bingo T50 smartwatch. We tested all the features listed above and now we will provide you the results of the same:-

  • Bluetooth connectivity is working flawlessly, connected to it and runs smoothly when the smartphone is in the range. We played music, attend and cut calls and check out its mic quality and speaker quality, and after testing it, the result is- PASS!
  • Then we checked out its other features. The pedometer, sleep monitor and water in-take reminder isn’t that much accurate. It gives you a very rough idea, but you shouldn’t rely on its results all the time, especially on the sleep monitor. I sleep at 11 PM, woke up at 5 AM, worked out for 2  hours and after that when I took a look at it, the status is “sleeping”. Seriously?
  • In terms of its basic features like- anti-lost alarm, push notifications, reminder, and remote-camera, these all are perfect and worked fine for me. But here’s a catch. These features are very temporary and less used. So, I think you should not judge it’s performance through these extra features. Just focus on its main features discussed above.

Bingo U8 Smartwatch Review- Final Conclusion

After checking out all the details and used it physically and chose it when I have another option i.e. Bingo T50 smartwatch. I can say that my decision is kinda right because the price of Bingo T50 smartwatch is about 30-50% higher than U8 model one and is coming with almost same features as compared to U8.

Yes, it has some drawbacks like it can’t live up at some of the features, But at the price on which they are offering this watch to us, I have no complaints.

If your budget is under 1000 rupees, then this smart watch is the best available option for you. But if you can stretch up price up to 2000 rupees then you will get some best smartwatch under 2000 rupees as there are many options available for you.

My Final Ratings- 3.5/5 stars


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So friend, above is the complete detailed Bingo U8 smartwatch review. I Hope you liked my complete review. What’s your opinion on it? Do you think that this smartwatch is the best smartwatch under 1000rs.? If no, then please share your best opinion so that others can get the idea from you through the comments section provided below.

If you have any query regarding the details of the U8 smartwatch, then you can freely ask your query from the comments section and will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, bye friend.

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