Boat bassheads 225 vs sennheiser cx 180 – The unbelievable comparison

Boat bassheads 225 vs Sennheiser cx 180 – If you are looking for the best earphones under 1000rs. in the market, then there are 2 names which you can easily and vastly be heard, one is Sennheiser CX  180 and another one is Boat Bassheads 225. Well, one is a brand-specific which has everything in a “balanced” from and on the other side we have earphones which are popular through a  tag “Extra bass”.

If you are following my blog, you already knew that recently I reviewed Boat bassheads 2255, which I am using from more than a month ago. There, I also said one thing that “before using Boat bassheads 225, I used Sennheiser CX180 for more than 6 months, but, due to an incident, the wire of Sennheiser cx180 was broken and I can’t use them anymore”.

So, as I used both earphones for a long period of a time, as a real consumer, it’s my right to share the complete comparison of Sennheiser cx 180 and boat bassheads 225, and make you aware that which one you should go for. So, let’s get started with the complete comparison of Boat bassheads 225 vs Sennheiser cx 180 street 2.

Boat bassheads 225 vs Sennheiser cx 180 – Which is best earphones under 1000rs.?

So friend, let’s find the exact answer of “which is the best earphones under 1000rs.?” and do the complete comparison of Boat bassheads 225 and Sennheiser cx 180 street 2.

Here, we divided the complete comparison into 3 parts:- Build Quality, comfortability, and durability and at last, Audio Quality. So, let’s start:-

Build Quality

Boat Bassheads 225

boat bassheads 225 review- build quality
boat bassheads 225 review- build quality

If we go to the build quality, you will get the complete tangled free flat cable which is a very major positive factor, making it rigid and durable. If we take a look t the 3.5 mm pin, it is 90 degrees angled which is kind of a mixed feature, some will like it, some don’t. And if we take a look t the rear pieces, they are made up of metal, which has a great design and made with deep accuracy. The only negative point here is- heaviness.  These earphones are very heavy as compared to normal earphones because of the metal earpieces and rigid flat wire.

Sennheiser cx 180 street 2

Sennheiser cx 180 is very good looking and stylish. If we take a first look at it, we can easily say that these are kind of a “sports earphones”, means you can use them while running jogging, playing football, cricket and etc, and try to feel fit for you. It is a positive as well a negative factor. Due to making it a very lightweight earphones, they used a very thin wire which is less durable and didn’t provide you the call receiver and mic. If we take a look at the earpieces, they re very well made, detailing is one the peak and very comfortable.


comfortability and durability

Boat Bassheads 225

Well, Boat bassheads are very durable. The flat thick wire gives it a strength to hold every tight situation and it can tackle it easily. The joints where the single wire divided into two [for earpieces, right, and left] is very tough as they provide a connector to it which is made up of plastic. the metal earpieces give it a nice look and durability. For a long run, it might be the best. But as durability increased, the comfortability decreased. These all features to make Boat bassheads 225 durable leads to make it heavy and the weight you can feel easily while walking on the road while listening to a song. The metal pieces lead to popping out from ears, making it less comfortable, but you can get used to it after a month of usage.


Sennheiser cx 180 street 2

sennheiser cx 180 - complete look
sennheiser cx 180 – a complete look

These earphones, as I said are “sports earphones” which you can use while doing anything, means these earphones are very comfortable. These earphones are very lightweight, even when you plugged in these earphones for more than half an hour, you can’t feel its weight, and the very thin wire leads to decrease the extra problems like- stuck wire in bag or pocket, etc. give you an extra layer of comfortability. Moving towards its durability, everything is fine if you want to use it for a long-term, but its wire is very delicate. It can’t handle even one-time heavy pressure or in case if these earphones will be stuck in the chain [by chance, of a pocket or a bag], the wire can easily get the cut on it. Only this is the negative point in cx 180. But for comfortability, a big thumbs up.


Audio Quality – boat bassheads 225 vs sennheiser cx 180

Boat Bassheads 225

If you take a look at the complete name of these earphones, it is “boat bass heads 225 extra bass earphones” means these earphones are completely emphasized and focused on the “bass” with every other thing being normal. And yes, this statement cames out to be true. After plugging in and checking out the audio quality, the first improvement I analyzed over Sennheiser cx 180 is “Bass”. Yes, the bass produced in this set of earphones is phenomenal, but due to increased bass, lows side of earphone’s audio got distracted and can hardly listen. Mids tone is kind of ok. Overall, for a music and party songs lover, you will love these earphones.


Sennheiser CX180 Street II

Sennheiser CX 180 is ruling in the 1000rs. price budget earphones for almost 3 years and the main reason behind it is:- completely balanced and soothing audio. Everything, bass treble, highs, mids, and lows are on the balanced side, nothing is like “increased” or “decreased”. The noise cancellation is performing very well in these earphones, you will not get distorted from any external surrounding, the earbuds fit perfectly to your ears and make your ears “seal packed” while listening to any music. If you are a lover of natural audio and often listen some romantic, coke studio and cover songs, then yes, you will love these earphones.


Boat Bassheads 225 vs Sennheiser cx 180 – Final Verdict

Well, after the detailed comparison between boat bassheads 225 and Sennheiser cx 180 as well as details about both earphones, here is my final verdict:-

If you want earphones which are completely balanced in nature and contains everything except the call receiver button and mic and use it while you are doing anything, then Sennheiser cx 180 is the best choice for you. 

If you want the earphones which are completely durable and use it for a long time, want more bass and can be compromised with overweight and price budget is 1000rs. then Boat Bassheads 225 is the best fit for you.

According to my opinion, I will choose Boat bassheads 225 because it is cheaper than Sennheiser cx 180, I am a bass lover and want more durable earphones because I want to use them for more than 1 year, so boat bassheads 225 was my pick among these two as the best earphones under 1000rs. budget. My frank opinion friend!


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So friend, above is the complete detailed comparison between Boat bassheads 225 vs Sennheiser cx 180.  I hope you will lie this complete detailed comparison and able to choose the best option between these two according to your choice and nature. As everything depends on you, you are the customer and it’s your right to be with your choice. Right? So, which one will you choose? Leave your opinion in the comment section provided below. If you liked this article,  then please share this with your friend and family an help other also to choose the best earphones under 1000rs. Till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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