CES 2018 Update and launch Details of New Mobiles, TV and Tech

CES is all about innovation and new technologies introduction. But what’s to expect in CES 2018? What’s new we will be going to watch in CES 2018 mobile phones, laptops, TVs and accessories department? All latest updates of mobile phones, laptops, TVs launches, and info is here regarding this event. We are giving you complete details regarding CES 2018 launches and updates. We are continuously updating this article, stay tuned.


First Things First – CES 2018 Dates

Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the important dates of The international Consumer electronic show 2018:-

The press-only events [only for news reporters, exclusive YouTubers and bloggers] – will start on 7th January and ends on 8th January.

When will the international consumer electronics show Begins: 9 January at 11:30 PM [Indian Standard Time]

The end date for this event will be – 12 January 2018


Exactly, What CES [Consumer Electronics Show] is all about?

In case if you don’t know, Consumer Electronics Show is an event held every year in Las Vegas in which many of the big tech gadgets manufacturers showcase their new and upcoming gadgets like smartphones, LED, audio systems, electric cars, addition and introduction of new features, etc. Many companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, etc. provide us their new innovations in their respective industry category and launch their new products which were already in leaks some weeks and months ago.

This event is all about innovation. Here, we [consumers] get t know about new innovations in tech department and those companies who are introducing these will get a huge appreciation as it is a very big platform for them as well as for consumers. A really informative event. Last year of this event, CES 2017, was said to be one of the best because, in that single event, we got to know about many new mobile phones [most of them were Android smartphones] and Audio systems along with a new showcase of Electric cars.

CES 2018 dates and schedule
CES 2018 dates and schedule

Well, this year is also looking for the best one. Why? The previous leaks regarding this one tell us much about it. In this year also, many more smartphones and accessories will be going to launch along with new set of innovation in the electronics category along with the set of 8K Televisions, self-driving cars upgrades, laptops, GPUs, etc.

So, let’s get dig into it and see what we will be going to see in CES 2018.


CES 2018 Update – What’s to Expect?

So friend, let’s start with our expectations and info which we got till now for this event. Note this thing that we are continuously updating this article. Whenever we will get any new information, we will add that in his article. So, keep visiting for latest updates.

We will discuss it from brand to brand here. Mainly focusing on Mobiles department, here we go:-


Samsung – Launches at CES 2018

Samsung is known for its quality, brand value and continuous innovation and new products launch. That’s why it is a very big giant in mobile phones and electronics department. As expected, they are going to make a  sure-shot comeback after the previous event.

Samsung will showcase their new range of products and upgrades at CES press conference which will start at 2 PM on Monday. The Venue will be Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

Well, there are many speculations going on which are saying that they are going to make a debut of Samsung Galaxy X which is said to be the Foldable smartphone. A display of this smartphone will be Bendable, and we already got to knew about it from a bunch of leaks.

Other than that, you can also expect some new upgrades in Televisions, electronic items and other home appliances including refrigerators and Washing Machines.


Google at CES 2018

Well, this time, Google will no make a very “Big” impact through this show, but yes, something new will surely happen. This time, Google tries to focus on some kind of google assistant products and new software upgrades.

In this event, we are going to watch some new devices from Google which have a support of Google assistant. Some new audio systems, tech gadgets and more are going to introduced by Google at CES 2018. If we can see, then other competitors like amazon’s Alexa are already ahead in this department, but I am really curious to see that what Google packs for this event.

google at ces 2018

Other than that, they are also introducing some laptop and google pixel book upgrades and add-ons and also some new tablets which are also a nice move from Google’s side. They are also providing us some new Android Audio devices which have a JVC Kenwood audio drivers which are especially for car audio systems, making them completely wireless. Android Auto, Interesting!


LG – Launches at CES 2018

LG is known for their huge range and success in televisions and home appliances range. And This year also, LG is trying to make their impact in Televisions department. In this year’s event, LG is going to launch heir new set of TV tech which will be filled up with an introduction to new features and upgrades.

This year we saw some of the best LG smartphones like LG G6, V30, and 30+, etc. which are really awesome devices, but the main target customers of LG is in home appliances and electronics. And every year, LG tries to focus on that only in Consumer Electronics Show.

In this 2018 lineup, we are going to see a technology through which you can handle LG new screens through one hand only. A tech through which they make their TV lightweight and one-handed management features are something new which we are going to see. They are also going to add an Amazon Alexa and google assistant support through which you can tune up and handle all functions of TV through our voice control, making a smart room experience. Good going!

Sony at CES 2018

If you are a CES follower, then I think you already knew that every year, Sony tried to target Consumer Electronics show to introduce their new range of Audio and video gadgets and accessories. and this year, this same scenario will be repeated.

Bu the main twist is that:- It is said that Sony is going to launch 3 New smartphones which have a flagship range to upper mid range budget this year, according to Evan Blass [a popular leaker in mobile category]. According to some leaks, these 3 mobile phones have new design and upgrades.

Other than that, they are also going to launch some new headsets and a new 4K projector with some new features. Along with that, it is also speculated that some new Sony Bravia LED TVs are also making their debut this year. We are expecting a new OLED display panel and exclusive features in it. Let’s see what they will launch in this CES 2018.


Lenovo – Launches at CES 2018

Every year, Lenovo is climbing up in every department which is related to Mobiles, Laptops and their accessories. Specially targeting on laptops category, this year, Lenovo is trying something new. They are going to hold their show in this event on January 9 from 11 AM [timings will differ from country to country, this is pacific time].

Lenovo at CES 2018

This time, Lenovo is saying that they are going to announce their latest innovations with Google, Qualcomm, and Microsoft. Agreements had been summed up between these three.

If Lenovo partnered with these two, then I think that they are going to launch their Google Daydream VR headset here which will be powered by a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processor, Google’s idea and software and Lenovo’s hardware. As Google broked up an agreement related to this with HTC, now, they are searching for a new manufacturer for Daydream VR headset. I think they chose Lenovo for this.

If my expectations are right, then this will be an interesting Tech to see as a comeback.



Other Main Tech Launches – CES 2018 Update

Talking about Intel, they are going to providing some keynotes regarding their new tech implementation which mainly includes 5G Network connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, self-driving cars chipsets and more.

Moving on to Huawei side, here, Consumer Business Group’s CEO Richard Yu is going to deliver a complete keynote regarding Huawei strategies, Artificial intelligence and some new tech in an Internet of things devices [IOT] on January 9, Tuesday at 2 PM. Other than that, we are expecting some new devices launch in an accessories part.

Popular Gadgets accessories manufacturer Belkin is also going to make their step towards this show. They are going to launch some new ranges of Wireless chargers which support both Android and iPhones, and for a demo, they are going to showcase iPhone X for that.

At last, Nvidia is also hosting a press conference at CES on January 7 from 8 PM to 9:30 pm. In this time period, they are going to providing their keynotes regarding their new powerful GPU tech, new graphics cards which can be used in self-driving cars and high-end PCs, and also making a conversation regarding an AI support. That’s interesting because we didn’t saw a link between AI and GPU yet. Hope for the Best.


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Wrapping things Up

So friends, above are all the CES 2018 launches and details which we got till now. Just a reminder -we are continuously updating this article, so, you will get All CES 2018 Updates as fast as possible. So, if you want the latest updates of CES 2018, just refresh this article time to time. You will get all latest information announcements and launches regarding this event.

In case if you have any update, please comment below and I will add it to my article. If you liked it, then please share it with your friends so that they will also know about this event. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Bye Friend.

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  1. Great to see Lenovo building on the successes of the last couple of years.
    They really are coming out with some very decent offerings – cool looking, hip and smart enough to appeal to younger markets as well as those seeking industry strength business telecoms.

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