How to unlock locked Android Phone without losing data – Best Tricks

crack android phone password

Want to unlock locked android phone without losing data? If yes, then you are at right place. Here, I am providing you “how to crack Android phone password” easily through 4 amazing ways through which you can unlock android phone without a password. This will help you to recover lost password of the android device too.


Why do we need to crack android Password?

It’s an era of Technology. Everyone is going “Digital”. In this way, 2 gadgets, named Laptop and mobile are very popular among the normal public. Everyone is storing their “confidential data in their devices which is a very big deal. In this case, for protecting that data, we use a pattern or number lock. But sometimes, the case will become different.

Basically, Android is providing you the facility to secure the Android device through a key which will lock your smartphone so that any other person can’t use your device and don’t able to take a sneak peek of all your chars, gallery, social media profiles as well as your confidential data.

Many of the Android device users use a pattern lock or number lock [well, it’s time for fingerprint one] on their devices. But sometimes, there is a case when that mobile user forgot his/her password. In this case, they have 2 options:-

  • Start a game of Probability to Recover lost password. You have to try all possible combinations which you remember or try to unlock your device. It is a time taking process and chances will be less than 1%
  • Being smart and crack your phone key in a best possible way so that you can bypass android password without losing data. Need some process but results will be 100%

So, today I will go for the second one option- crack android mobile password without harming anything. Right? If yes, then let’s try to bypass android device password in an easy way.


Crack Android phone password without losing data

Let’s get a way to unlock android phone without a password. I will provide you 4 best possible ways here, you can choose best suitable one and try to recover it as fast as possible. It will help you to unlock a locked android phone without losing data.



1.) Use Android device manager to recover password

Do you know that Google is also helping you out for Recover lost password if you just forgot your password completely? Yes, it is. Use the “android device manager” feature which is already enabled and activated on your android mobile. You can take the help of Google find my device option. Before using this option, just keep 3 things in mind:-

  • Your Android device must be turned on and completely functioning.
  • Your Android device must not be in airplane mode. The reason behind this is that Google is trying to remotely locate your device and connect to it.
  • You need a PC or another device through which you can access the internet properly.
find my device- Best ways to unlock an android phone when a password is lost
find my device panel
  • Now, move on to PC and open this link:– Find my device.  This will open a panel through which you can track your device in real-time.
  • Firstly, it will say to log in. Login using that same Gmail account which is already logged in to your Android phone. If you use any other Gmail ID, then it will not work. After logging in, you will get a complete panel where you will get a device name, battery percentage, etc. Just click on “lock” [as shown in above image]
  • Enter your phone number into that and click on “lock”. Done.
  • So friend, now your smartphone is completely locked. And the good thing is that you can recover the password using phone number which you entered previously, just recover it through an OTP and set a new pattern or number lock. Done 🙂



2.) Use TWRP to crack android Password

When you set a lock on a device, it will create some root files in which a complete database is created.  In that database, all your pattern or number lock info and logs through which you can get details about when you unlocked your device. Through this, you can unlock locked android phone without losing data

So, if You deleting some system scripts, you can easily unlock android mobile without a password. But for that, you need TWRP [team win recovery project]. If your device has TWRP flashed, then you can move on but if your device doesn’t have TWRP, then you can quickly install it by using your computer, you can check out the full tutorial here:- How to install TWRP.

Ok, after completing the TWRP installation process, let’s move on to our main thing:-

Delete files from TWRP- Best ways to unlock an android phone when a password is lost
Delete files from TWRP
  • Now, reboot your device in recovery mode [hold on power button+volume up button till recovery screen popup].
  • After booting to recovery, head on to Advanced >>file manager>>data>>system.
  • There you will find many files, just find below-described file names and delete them:-
    • gatekeeper.password.key
    • gatekeeper.pattern.key
    • locksettings.db
    • locksettings.db-shm
    • locksettings.db-wal

What this will do is:- it deletes all lock information and log files through which your lock is “gone”. Done :). Just reboot your smartphone to normal and it will be unlocked. You can set a new one now. Ths is one of the trickiest ways to unlock an android device. So, in case if you don’t have a basic knowledge of rooting or Flashing custom ROM, then I will not recommend you to use this method. The reason is:- if by mistake you delete any other file, you will be screwed up your device and maybe it will not boot up again. So, just be tricky 🙂


3.) Use forgot password option – Crack android phone password

Forgot password- Best ways to unlock an android phone when a password is lost
Forgot password

You can easily reset the lock screen key if you logged into your google account to your Android device. Through this option, you can easily unlock your Android device and set a new one just by using your google account. How? here’s your answer:-

  • Firstly, turn on the display, you can see the lock screen with a password entering option.
  • The, you can easily see the option named “forgot password”. Didn’t able to see? then don’t worry friend, just enter the wrong pattern or number continuously 5 times, then you can see a timer (i think it’s 30 seconds timer) and a forgot password option.
  • After tapping on it, now, a screen open which says to enter the login email id and password. Remember that you have to use the same email id which you used to log in to playstore first time when you boot your smartphone.
  • Then, you can easily set up a new lock by drawing a pattern and confirm it by re-draw your desired pattern. After then, tap “continue”.

Your device is unlocked. Well, I know that it is a kinda easy process, but sometimes, it will not work properly. You have to be lucky for that. Well, this is the best possible answer of how to unlock locked android phone without losing data.


4.) Perform a Hard-reset

This is the last way to unlock android without a password, and you should follow this way if any of the ways provided above didn’t work for you. You should follow this step when you are ready to compromise all your available data available on your android device. By hard-resetting your device, all data, setting, applications, cache memory, all things are wiped from your smartphone and you can treat your smartphone as you are booting it for the first time after purchase.

hard reset - Best ways to unlock an android phone when a password is lost
hard reset

This is a very easy process, but this will lead to erase complete data. So, try to create a backup before hard resetting your phone and after your Android device had been hard reset, simply restore that backup. This process will unlock your device on a 100% chances.


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So friend, above are the Best ways to unlock an android phone without using a password. Here, I am trying to helping you. So please don’t try to use these ways for negative purposes as it will make you a thief. Just be positive and only use these tricks to unlock android phone pattern or number lock on your device only. Try to use it only when you forgot android phone password and try to bypass it.

Did you try any of the way and any of these tips provided above help you out? If yes, then please tell me your experience of Recover lost password by commenting down below. If no, then you can ask your query and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. I hope you will get the best possible answer to unlock a locked android phone without losing data, and succeeded it.

Please share this article with your friends, groups, and family so that they can also the process of recovering the lost password. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Bye friend.

3 thoughts on “How to unlock locked Android Phone without losing data – Best Tricks”

  1. Daniel Eduardo Pedraza Sepúlveda

    Hello, Kunal. I am trying the option of the Android Device Manager, but I don’t know how I am supposed to use the OTP with the phone I provided. Which phone was I supposed to use? can you please elaborate in this part? Thank you.

    1. Ok, I hope that your device is located on Google Find My Device. In case, if it was not able to find your Android Phone, then I will recommend you to try other available methods. Well, moving on to OTP part – When you tap on “Lock” option available on Google’s Find my device website, then at that time, your device will be locked according to them which can be unlocked by entering an OTP sent by them at the mobile number you entered while you are trying to lock.

      Well, I will not recommend you to use this option. Easier ones are available too 🙂

      1. Daniel Eduardo Pedraza Sepúlveda

        Mm… I have done this… but no OTP is showed, neither on Google’s Find my device website or the number that is being called.

        Let me give you a full context of my situation: I have a Huawei P9 and today I decided to change my passwords from my Google account and my cellphone. When I tried to access my phone, the new PIN didn’t work (and I’m sure I used the correct one because I written it down before setting it)… It locked up and I already did the ADM part… but it’s really weird that I don’t have the option for the password… I don’t want to lose my personal data (pictures, contacts, etc.) because sadly I haven’t backed them up.
        In another forum I saw that a restart could help for the PIN matter, but it didn’t work…
        Do you know other options? you could ask me for more information if it helps you to help me.

        Thanks for your time.

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