How to Create Nova Launcher Themes for Android in an Awesome Way

Do you want to create your own Nova launcher theme? If yes, then you are at right place. Today I will provide you a tutorial through which you can easily create some of the best nova launcher themes which are stylish and unique in nature. You will also get some presets of Best Themes of Nova launcher too.


How to create Nova Launcher Theme

So friend, let’s move on to make A Nova Launcher Theme. For Creation of some of the best android theme, you need 3 things:-

1.) Nova Launcher [ohh, that’s pretty obvious though ūüôā ]

2.) A good looking Wallpaper [if you want some¬†best wallpapers, you can get some of them from here for free –¬†HD Mobile wallpapers free download.]

3.) A complete icon pack which contains all type of icons according to your preference [for your ease, here I will provide some best Icon Pack Apps for Android –¬†Best icon packs for Android]


So friend, when you got all these things, it’s time to compile all of them and create your favorite Nova Launcher theme:-

1.) First Step РChoose your favorite wallpaper and set it in the Background. Be sure to choose a wallpaper which is good looking in nature [here, I will give you a recommendation Рtry to choose a wallpaper which is Dark in nature. Dark Backgrounds will make a great impact on overall look and feel].

2.) Now, set your icon pack – Here, you have to select some of the best-desired icons. Be sure that you have to choose those icons which are reverse in color [means – if background color tone is Dark, then your icon tones should be light in nature]. If you didn’t use reverse color icons, then it will not match according to your theme and seems little odd.

How to set Icons:-

I.) Go to Nova Settings.

II.) In settings, you can see an option named as “Look and feel”. After clicking on this option, you can change complete¬†animations of scrolling and tap to changing icon packs.

III.) In Look and feel settings, tap on the first option which is named as “icon theme”.

IV.) After tapping on it, you can see that there is a menu popped up in which some of the icon preset are showed up along with your favorite ones [which you recently downloaded and installed]. Just Choose your icon pack and it will be set automatically.


3.) Final Finishing – After setting up some of the main changes, now you should change other settings too like scrolling animation, app grid, transparency, font family and size and many more. All of these options are available in Nova settings. In Nova settings, you should just focus on desktop, app and widget drawers, dock and look and feel options only.


Basics – What are Nova Launcher Themes?

Nova Launcher is one of the android launchers which helps to give a different and new look to your¬†normal looking Android Phone’s UI. You know that when you unlock your phone, the first thing you will see is a home screen, then you will go to app drawers where you will see some icons with their Application names. When you scroll, you can feel an animation which helps to scroll to anything in an own way.

Along with that, there is a wallpaper stuck to a background of your android phone UI. So, what are all these things which creates an own set of features in a complete interface? Yes, that’s called Android Customization Options which you can change by using some Launcher apps which are available on playstore.

Among all of the launchers, Nova launcher is in the top of the list. It is one of the oldest launchers for Android phone which is topping the charts from years, and the main thing which kept this on a first place is – continuous updates and addition of new feature time to time.


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In this launcher, we can create our own preset, which is also known as Nova Launcher themes. You can set all things according to your need and desire so that everything will be fine and according to you. So, that’s why you should create your own preset instead of looking for already created Nova launcher themes.


Wrapping Things Up

So friend, above is the complete way to create Nova launcher themes in a very easy and 100% working way. I hope you will be able to create some of the best handpicked Nova launchers presets. But in case, if you had encountered any problem while tweaking settings or want our suggestion for your desired Nova Launcher theme, then you can ask your query in the comments section provided below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible.

Well, according to you, which Nova launcher theme you had been created and how you did it? Please provide your answer in the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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