DotOS Review- The “ROM” future of Android is here, DotOS!

Which is the best ROM for Android? Today I will provide you complete details regarding DotOS ROM along with the complete DotOS review.

DotOS review- Custom ROM is like blessings for android smartphone. We all want a better processor, RAM, camera, etc. in smartphones, but at that time we forgot the point that these all are managed and running through a software and mainly, an Operating system.

After doing DotOS complete review, one thing I have to say that the software also plays the very major role in handling all processes and checking out performances of each and every device.


Now, after knowing my installation history, it’s time to do a full DotOS Review. I flash the DotOS ROM on two devices, First is oneplus one and another one is DotOS on Redmi Note 4

DotOS review – The future of Android? Let’s check out

So friend, let’s tune up with the complete review of DotOS ROM. Above said, I am using oneplus one for this, but note this point that The review I am providing is or each and every smartphone in common because the ROM will be same for every device, the only kernel will be changed.

We will review it point by point, discussing every feature and review DotOS ROM easily 🙂 , here’s the pattern:-

  • Stability
  • Android version
  • Booting time and animation
  • Audio Quality
  • Apps loading and RAM management
  • cameras
  • battery life and efficiency
  • Benchmark scores
  • UI and lagging
  • Fingerprint scanner [on redmi note 4]

Let’s move on.


1.) Android version

DotOS review- Android version
DotOS review- Android version

The Android version I get along with this ROM is 7.1.2 which is nice. Not that great but nice. Hoping forAndroid 8.0 update in next 3 months. In Android, all basic things remained unchanged, the DotOS ROM developers add a new layer of features to it and all basic things remained untouched.

2.) Apps loading and RAM management

The apps loading time is a little bit higher which should be improved through an update, but in terms of RAM management, I have to give it a huge thumbs up! Why? Here’s your answer:-

“I opened 8 apps, 2 are social apps, one is youtube, 1 music player, 1 video player, one calculator, and remaining 2 are games. I opened it one by one, used them for half an hour [in total] after that when I go to recent tabs and check each and every app, every app just resumes from where I had left, means it didn’t restart”. That’s why I loved it!”.

3.) Camera performance [ DotOS review ]

In this ROM, you will get their own developed camera software which has more options than the stock one. In redmi note 4, I saw that there is an option to blur the background. Yes, there I can blur the background fr better bokeh effect. Nice job by developers. Picture and video quality remained as same as original, only new features added in the software.

4.) Battery Life

I did a moderate usage, means 20-25 minutes of calling, approx. half-an-hour of games, 30 minutes on youtube, more than 1 hour for social media and half-an-hour to internet browsing and saw a movie on MX player. The SOT I got in this type of usage is little near to 5 hours which is very very nice in my opinion. On my previous ROM [Exodus], I got the SOT of 4.5 hours which is also very nice.

Here, DotOS ROM steals the show completely!

5.) Audio Quality

I term of Audio Quality, here I have to say that the audio quality is optimum. Every single tone is at the point, not a single tone is overpowered or underpowered. The thing where I lack behind is the “bass quality”. I didn’t like the bass quality that much. But after that, I flashed the Audio FX equalizer for oneplus one and after that, everything is fine 🙂

6.) Stability

Here, I have to say that the stability is just perfect, especially for my device. This ROM is very stable which I liked it. I have not experienced any single Random reboot or force apps and processes closing in this time interval which is a nice point here. Here, stability is:- Thumbs Up!

7.) Booting time and animation [ DotOS review ]

When I installed it, at the first time, the boot loading time is only 15-17 seconds sharp and after 2-3 days, I did a reboot and the boot loading time is approx. 20-25 seconds which is really great if considered. Today, the leading time also remained the same. Booting animation is stylish and I loved it!

8.) UI and Fingerprint scanner performance

Friend, for this point especially, I flashed the DotOS ROM on my brother’s Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 because my device doesn’t have fingerprint scanner actually 🙁 .

So, first talking about the UI. Here, the UI is near to stock ROM of Android nougat, but you can change it completely and for that DotOS especially provided you the complete set of customization options to change it manually, from the Navigation bar to animation and app drawer, everything can be easily customizable.

DotOS features- inbuilt wallpapers app
DotOS features- inbuilt wallpapers app

Moving on to fingerprint scanner software performance, here, it lags a little behind. The time taken to unlock redmi note 4 is very little higher than when the MiUI was installed, maybe the delay of 5-6 milliseconds. But it was accurate and become successful to unlock every time without any hassle, improvement is needed here! Hope they will provide a new update and fix some bugs.


9.) Benchmarks

Don’t get me wrong, but, I don’t believe in benchmarks actually. Why? Because benchmarks can’t define our daily usage capacity. But, for you, my friend, I go to playstore, search for “Antutu benchmark”, installed 2 apps, and then en it and start benchmarking only for the sake of DotOS review. The score which I got on Oneplus One is “78025” which is kind of “moderate”. Why? Because on resurrection remix ROM the benchmark score was 91000 and on Exodus ROM the benchmark score was 87000.

I have to say one line again “benchmark can’t define our daily usage capacity”. So, be wise my friend 🙂


How did I get to know about DotOS ROM?

Recently, I was just surfing the internet and browsing for the best custom ROM for Oneplus one, which is my primary device  [Old, But powerful till now]. I used resurrection remix, sultan’s XDA, exodus and some nightly builds too. So, for experiencing a new taste, I am simply browsing and then I got the new ROM named “DotOS”. I checked it’s complete details, how to install DotOS. And then I downloaded and flash it a week before. I also installed it on my brother’s Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 for advanced testing purposes.



DotOS Review- My Final Verdict

So friend, above are the each and every details about the DotOS review. Well, I am loving this, and after doing the DotOS review, I think this is one of the best Custom ROMs for Oneplus one. If you are a Oneplus one user, I will strongly recommend you to flash DotOS ROM on your Oneplus One, you will also like it 🙂

For redmi Note 4, I can’t get much of it because it was my brother’s device, but I think he is also loving this custom ROM as he never said me to flash MIUI on Xiaomi Redmi  Note 4.


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This was my review, now it’s your time my friend. What are you thinking about it after complete DotOS review? Do you want to install DotOS? If no, then please recommend us any new ROM so that we can also install it and review it for our viewers.

If you have any query regarding everything described in this article, then please ask your query down below and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. If you liked this article, then please hit the share button and share it with your friends and family. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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    1. Luckily, Yes! But for Redmi Note 4 Only. In the case of oneplus one, the brand didn’t officially enable it, so, we can’t get it for Oneplus One.

    1. Bro, for Oneplus One, the brand didn’t unlock Volte support officially. Sadly, but the truth – it’s impossible to add Volte in Oneplus One.

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