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Here is the full version of Download Domino Mod APK [Mod Money | Removed Ads] [By Ketchapp] which is fully working and downloadable. You can easily download it by scrolling down below and tapping on the link.
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If you are looking for a mini-game to relax in your free time, Domino is a great choice that you should not miss. Ketchapp, a mobile game developer from France, has long been famous for its simple games. However, they have been attracting a large number of players. Domino is no exception. Although the game has just been released, it has received millions of downloads on the Android and iOS application store.

We bring you the latest mod version of Domino, which is completely removed the ads in the game. You can enjoy the game without being bothered by ads.

Domino Mod APK [Removed Ads] Game Features

Domino Gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple. You can easily understand how to play only in the first game. The game uses the rules of familiar domino games in real life. The dominoes will fall into each other to form a beautiful chain reaction. Your task is to keep the chain as long as possible by placing the missing dominoes in the right place.

Each domino in the chain represents a point. The game does not have the final spot that is similar to the Endless Runner games we have introduced before such as Alto’s Odyssey. The game ends when the player places the wrong dominoes in a chain. Everything has to stop. At the top of the screen, you can see the highest record that you have achieved. You can easily share and show them to your friends via Facebook or Twitter.

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domino mod

Easy to control

The game can easily be played with one hand. The player touches the screen to drop the dominoes. Later, the speed and difficulty of the game will increase. Dropping dominoes earlier or later can destroy the chain of reactions result in the game over. In the current version, you cannot pay or see ads to continue the game like other games. Be careful and stay focused if you want to achieve a new record.

Unlock new skin

After each game, players can try their luck with the wheel spin or open the gift boxes to get more bonuses or even new skin domino. There are 47 unique dominoes available for unlocking. When making a spin, the player can choose to watch a promotional video to receive a free spin. In the current version of the game, coins do not have any effect. You cannot buy anything or use them to support the game. Certainly, in the upcoming updates, the game promises to have more exciting features.

The graphics

Domino has simple graphics but is very attractive. The domino skin is beautiful and uniquely designed. The melodious background music and the impact of the dominoes bring the complete relaxation experience for the player.

domino by ketchapp mod

Why should you download Domino Mod ?

As mentioned, advertising is one of the things that we always feel uncomfortable when we encounter it in the game. It interrupts the gameplay and distracts you.
During the game, you will encounter quite a lot of ads. Most of them are meaningless and do not bring any benefit to you. If you do not want to be bothered, you can pay a real amount to completely remove the ads and double the current coins. We offer you a simple and completely free solution: Domino Mod APK [Remove Ads]. By downloading and installing the game’s mod, you can play Domino without annoying ads.

Note: There is a simple way to avoid annoying ads that you simply turn off the network connection before opening the game. However, this has many disadvantages when you will not receive notifications from other applications. So Domino Mod APK is a great choice.

Domino by Ketchapp Mod APK

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domino hack

Domino Mod APK File Infomation

Name: Domino
Deverloper: Ketchapp
Mod Features: Removed Ads
Size: 34M
Latest Version: 1.0.0
Support: Android 3.0+
Root Requires: NO
Category: Arcade

download domino apk mod

Final Verdict

Domino is one of Ketchapp’s latest games. It has a unique and exciting gameplay. Players can easily understand the whole game without any effort. However, to go far in the game is not easy. Domino requires players to have the high concentration. With any excess manipulation, it can make all of your previous attempts in vain. For the purpose of enhancing your experience with this game, we offer you the Domino Mod APK, which has completely removed the ad, comes with a very detailed and easy-to-understand installation instruction. We hope that you will enjoy it! Do not forget to visit our blog for more updates on the latest Android mod games.

Download Domino Mod APK [Mod Money | Removed Ads] [By Ketchapp]

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