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When sharing was only limited to physically meeting that person or calling them over a fixed landline network, we cannot actually imagine that we have moved this far when it comes to interactions. We should in fact thank the technology revolution which happened and is still happening around the world that actually has brought people closer. The biggest win for the technological innovation is in the form of the social media sector that brings people from all over the world and links them into a single platform. When we talk about the best social media platform, there is no comparison to Snapchat that is perfect embodiment of its name by giving due emphasis on photos and videos. What actually sets Snapchat apart from all the competition is that it provides the user with am option to send immediate personal photos and videos that will disappear once the user has seen that media content. The app is provided for absolutely free and guarantees to connect you with every friend from all over the world.

In this article, we shall provide the reader with everything that will be necessary for using the Snapchat Apk including the important downloading process and the link that will provide the exclusive access to the working version of the Snapchat Apk.

Download Snapchat Apk For Android


Features of the Snapchat Apk:

  • Whenever we click a photo on our android device and decide to post it on any social media platform including Snapchat we usually use another photo editing app for actually editing the various aspects of the photo before finally posting it on the platform. When you choose Snapchat, the need for an additional app gets eliminated because you get a one stop solution for everything. The apk provides the user with various filters and photo editing tools like crop, resizing and rotating the photos and videos.
  • The makers were completely aware of the fact that any app creates its own special space in the hearts of the users by providing a feeling of accomplishment and rewards. They capitalised on it and introduced the concept of snap streaks which is number that appears next to the name of the person to whom you send and receive at least one snap per day. So charge your energy and gather your friends and build the longest snap stream because a streak once broken has to be started from the scratch.
  • There is huge tendency of any android user to eventually get bored by the repeated use of an app or by the limited availability of content. This is certainly not the case with the Snapchat Apk because the makers set aside a separate team whose main task is to provide the user with trendy, latest and unique filters almost every day. So with Snapchat, you will have something new to use every time. There are even filters for the sports events happening over the globe.
  • Social media has been criticised for the lack of privacy where everyone having an account on the platform form can easily open and view the profiles of the other members. This problem is solved by Snapchat by the concept of requests. Any user cannot send any snap or video to a person until that person accepts their request. There is also a feature which provides the user with the update if anyone takes a screenshot of their message. Privacy and user security is the priority of the makers of Snapchat Apk.
  • We all are fond of texting and chatting with out friends and sharing photos with them. We usually make use of two separate apps for the same. This need is done away with Snapchat because the app comes with an option of texting your friends but still stays true to Identity that the text will disappear once seen by the android user. So Snapchat allows you to share photos and chat at the same time for absolutely free of cost and saves the valuable storage on your android device.
  • There must be a lot of instances where you have received a snap or a text from any of your friend and because people are engrossed in something else, they are not able to pay complete attention to it and the snap or text vanishes. The makers provide a solution to this in the form of saving the texts or snap replay where both the sender and receiver can save a particular text sent which can be viewed at any time. The snaps can also be replayed after been seen but only for a certain seconds of time frame.
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Snapchat Apk File Information:

Apk Name Snapchat
Size 77.74 MB
Developers Snap Inc
Updated September 24, 2018

How To Download & Install Snapchat Apk?

  • Click on below button to start downloading of Snapchat Apk.


  • Click on OK for initiating the download process.

  • The user will be directed to the installation page of the apk, once the Download is over .

click on install

  • Click on Install and the android device shall complete the installation process.

Snapchat Apk installed

App Screenshots:

Snapchat firstSnapchat secondSnapchat third

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