Every mobile phone needs to be rebooted once a week! Here’s the exact reason! 

If you are using the same smartphone for a long time, then surely there must be a lot of problems including hanging in it. In such a situation, some maintenance is necessary to keep mobile devices properly after a long time. The phone is working smoothly, it requires that it be rebooted from time to time. This is valid on both Android and iPhone users. Android and iPhone handsets should be rebooted at least once a week, and users will be able to see their impact in a little over time.


Every Mobile Phone needs to be rebooted once a week! Why?


Free your RAM:-

While the operating system is the only way to kill the running app in the background, there are still many apps that keep moving in the background and sit down by hijacking the phone’s memory. When this happens you get the phone sloppy, it starts hanging and easy tasks take too much time to complete. Its best solution is to restart your device and follow the reboot. After reboot your device will be like new phone.

Smooth Performance:

Nobody will have the option to use multiple apps simultaneously on mobile. If your phone is hanging using many apps and by closing all those apps you think that you will get rid of this problem, it is not so. In most cases, even after closing the apps continue to run in the background so that when you open them again it is ready. In this case, even after the application closes, the space of memory does not free up.But when the user restarts the handset, he gets a smoother device, whose performance is the same as before.

Avoid the device freeze:

If your handset’s RAM is not empty then your phone will be in the halt position. If the OS is not able to recover this condition then your system will crash or your phone will freeze. Do not let your phone stay in this situation. To avoid this, keep rebooting regularly. This will keep your phone fresh and free space and give space for good performance.

Save battery:

There are no two opinions that one of the important factors of any phone is the battery. According to experts – a smartphone is not smart till power source works in it without any difficulty. If you remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just got flop due to the battery. It is important that your phone’s battery lives in Healthy Mode. Rebooting once a week improves device battery lifecycle.However, this is the second thing that a reboot will rest the battery life to just one extent. Reboots that deal with battery drain problems will improve.But there are also other factors of eating Battery Life:

Weak Signal:

When the mobile devices do not get the network, they automatically find the connection, which makes the battery pressurized. In places where network coverage does not come well, it is better to keep the phone on airplane mode.

Unnecessary Active connections and features:

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections that are on-the-go, but it is not being used, so the battery is hot. As such, if the connectivity features are not used, they should be closed to save the battery as soon as the lights are not used. The same thing applies to geo location services too.


Alerts also waste the battery. It can also be reduced or stopped.

Beware about tempearture:

Very hot or too cold ventilation too badly damages the battery. So much of any kind of temperature is not good for mobile.

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