Exclusive 7 tips to secure your personal online data

7 tips to secure your personal online data

7 tips to secure your personal online data – Today, mostly all things are linked to the network through some important part will be saved online. And while we have to browse anything online and do anything, we have to log in to the network, then log in to the website through a username and password. and all the cache data log in details, the confidential data, etc.will be saved to your device for a very short period of time. If your personal data will be compromised with the whole world, then this is one of the worst experience for you.

For not be experiencing the same situation with you, my viewers, today I will provide you 7 tips to secure your personal online data.

7 tips to secure your personal online data

So friends, let’s get started with the 7 tips to secure your personal online data. Note that you have to follow all tips for security, as one open hole leads to the whole data leak. So, here we go:- 


1. Data encryption:

Encryption is a thing which helps you data to he more secured than ever by adding up a new upper layer of protection for better authenticity. Did you ever notice that all WhatsApp chats are encrypted so that not any third person can access and read the conversation with you the second person? Same is the case is with your data and files. There are some apps available on playstore which helps to encrypt your data.


2. Apply all security measure to Device:

Always use some security measure to secure your device and away from individuals you don’t know. Because everything starts with any third person you know or don’t know. Today all the confidential and delicate data is stored on your Android device, from all scanned documents to passwords and usernames. Modern and newer Android devices usually come with strong security features. Just take the help of all those security features and make your Android device more secured.


3. Setting a Stronger Password  [ 7 tips to secure your personal online data ] :

I think you already know that while logging in to anything, you need a username and password. Same is the case with your Android smartphone. When you unlock your device, did you know that the username is your email id? Yes, you heard it right, you can see it when you tap on forget a password, it needs the same email ID. Well, now we came to the password. For a smartphone, I will recommend you to use the fingerprint password if your android device has fingerprint support, else use the pattern password.

Some hardest Pattern locks - 7 tips to secure your personal online data
Some hardest Pattern locks – 7 tips to secure your personal online data

For accounts like Gmail, Amazon, etc, where you need username and password, I will recommend you to use the alphanumeric password which is difficult to guess. And use different passwords for every platform and websites for better security.

4. Use Two Factor Authentication [if possible] :

If you use a website which has the two-factor authentication support, just use them. Through two factor authentication, your account will be linked to the mobile number so that your account will be more secured and everything stored in your account can’t be compromised and will be in full protection. After enabling the factor authentication, you first have to enter the mobile number, then a code [OTP] will be sent to your mobile number through a message, then you just have to enter that code and your account will be linked to your mobile. Easy, Simple and Safe.

5. Enabling Automatic Software Updates:

On your Android smartphone, always enable the “automatic software updates”.  Mainly app developers add some more security measures which they send through the incremental updates and you should accept those updates as they will add one layer of security to your apps making your Android smartphone more secure. As hacking is on the peak, you have to be alerted and fully updated.

6.Securing Your Wireless Network – [ 7 tips to secure your personal online data ] :

It’s always recommended to make your network more secure and more complicated through a stronger password. This tip is not only for an Android smartphone, but it is helpful for Windows, iOS, etc. devices. As you know, the network is the easiest way to enter in your smartphone for hackers as they only have to get access to your network and all your device will be linked with the hacker. If you have a Wi-Fi network for your workplace, make sure it is secure, encrypted, and hidden. To hide your Wi-Fi network, set up your wireless access point or router so it does not broadcast the network name, known as the Service Set Identifier (SSID).

So, if you secure your wireless network with the high-quality IP Address and a strong password, then it’s very difficult for a hacker to enter to your device.


7. Backing up your data:

For better future, always create and save a backup of your device on any external storage. Suppose if any hacker hacked your smartphone and clears all the data, then what will you do in this case? If you didn’t  create and saved any backup of your smartphone, then it will be the worst experience for you.

titanium backup - Exclusive 7 tips to secure your personal online data
titanium backup, the best backup app – Exclusive 7 tips to secure your personal online data

If you don’t want to face the same situation, then I will recommend you to create a full backup of your smartphone on a weekly basis or monthly basis [depends on your usage]. Through this, you can recover the whole data through that backup and all your files are back to their place. So, make your future more secure and create and save a backup of android smartphone weekly.


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So friends, above are the Exclusive 7 tips to secure your personal online data. Friend, if you want you all personal online data more secured and away from hackers, then I will recommend you to follow all above-defined tips and ways because one mistake can lead you in a trouble. Hope you liked my article. If you find this article helpful, then please share this with your friends, family, and groups and make them alerted.

If you have any query regarding anything described in this article, then please leave your comment down below quoting your query and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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