Is GBWhatsapp Safe? Should I Install GB Whatsapp Apk on Android?

Do you want to download GBWhatsapp and use it on your Android device where an official App is already installed? If Yes, then please hang on. Here, I will provide you some info through which you can get a perfect answer of “is GB Whatsapp Really safe?” If yes, then up to what extent? We did a complete analysis regarding this.


Why is GB Whatsapp needed?

If you want to skip to main content, then you can easily scroll down, but if you want to know exactly why this mod version of Whats App is created and why is it very popular, then let’s move on my friend 🙂

Well, WhatsApp is one of the most powerful social platforms to interact with people, make and meet with new friends and get in touch with them. Along with that, it is bundled with tons of features through which you can easily customize your profile, add staus to it, create and join new groups for getting in a conversation with 2 or more friends at a time, and many more.

But as it is an application only, it has some limitations too. The biggest limitation is – we can only use a single WhatsApp account on one device officially. Here’s we have to learn the word “officially”. As it was an official statement, at that time, most of the App developers tried to find the best solution to this problem and developed some new Apps through which we can use 2 WhatsApp accounts on One Android Phone. There are many replicas generated such as – GbWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, pro, etc. These all were a kind of “Mod” to an official Application.

GbWhatsapp Growth Factor

Logo of Modded Version [for authenticity]

But as the time moves on with its pace, all replicas got demolished except one which is developed by GbMods. Yes, among all of them, Only GB Whatsapp was taken into focus. Why? Because they are giving continuous Updates, extending the maximum file size and number limits and adding new features to it which we can not see in official App at that time. So, many of the users started downloading this modded version and got popular.

So, now, It’s time to get to our main point – Is GB Whatsapp Safe? Should I download GBWhatsapp and install it on my Android device? Let’s find the exact answers to these questions.


Should I download GBWhatsapp and use it on Android Phone?

Here, I will cover both positive and negative aspects for Better Clarity. So, let’s start with positive factors:-


Benefits of Using GBwhatsapp Latest Version

1.) You will get more features as compared to an official version of Whats App. Some features which were not introduced officially can be found on this latest version of GB WhatsApp.

2.) Limits will be increased in GBMods Whatsapp. Yes, they increased the limits of restricted features like – file size limit increased, more than 10 messages and images can be forward at a time, pin up to 25 active conversations and so on.

3.) You will get continuous Updates in GbWhatsapp. Yes, GBMods will provide you continuous updates to their modded version and be adding more features to it time by time so that they can make a step ahead from their competitors easily.

So friends, above are the reasons through which you can understand the why using and downloading the latest version of GBWhatsapp is a nice step. But, as you know, every coin has it’s 2 sides. As it is loaded with tons of features and benefits, there are some drawbacks too. So, let’s move on to “why we should not use GB Whatsapp.


Why Should we not install GB Whatsapp

1.) It is “Un-official”. As you already knew that there is only one official version which is available on playstore and developed by “WhatsApp Inc.”. Other than that, wither it will be modded by any other team of app developers or there is an individual behind it will be called as “unofficial”.

2.) Once logged in, your account will be at risk. Yes, I knew that there are very fewer chances of account suspension, But understand one thing:- when an official team will analyze that “there are 2 WhatsApp accounts logged in to same Mac address, then they will terminate you secondary as well as your main account”. As the user database is very large, there are many instances found regarding account suspension. So, please use your main account on any other device.



MY VERDICT – Should you use GBWhatsapp or any other Mod?

Well, I knew that there are many positive factors of using it. One of the main benefits is – you can use 2 WhatsApp accounts on one Android Phone. But note one thing that – it is unofficial, or I can say Illegal according to their terms and conditions.

Yes, a modded version of official Whatsapp is really upgraded in terms of features, but we should have to keep this thing in mind that if anything is not official, it will be filled up with risk because it is unofficial.

Well, as of now, we don’t saw or analyzed any kind of case against it. So, if the question arose – Is GBWhatsapp Safe? Here, my answer will be “Maybe”.


You will get some of the most needed things in Modded version, but if you try to use your primary account on that, then simply my answer will be a big “NO”. That’s my Frank Opinion. Rest is your’s choice, my friend 🙂


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So friend, above is the complete analysis and verdict regarding “installing GB Whatsapp on Android”. I hope you will agree with my point and follow it. But in case, if you didn’t agree with my Verdict, then please comment your opinion regarding this and give at least one reason so that we can make a discussion about that.

How often are you using WhatsApp? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then Please hit that share button and share it with your friend and groups and make them aware too regarding this. Will meet in our next article, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

4 thoughts on “Is GBWhatsapp Safe? Should I Install GB Whatsapp Apk on Android?”

  1. I have seen people are blindly getting mad behind GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and such other Mods. What about their privacy?? Even We don’t know their developers. So what it would happen to those mod lovers if their privacy get disclosed by them? I would not recommend to run behind these mods just because some ither extra features. Never play with your Privacy.

    1. According to my experience, developers can’t able to upload your personal data on the internet, but I will highly recommend you to use official Application instead of it as it is “Unofficial”.

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