Getting Windows Ready Stuck Fix – Solve Windows Update Error Easily

Did your PC hang at “Getting Windows Ready” while installing or Updating Windows? If yes, then you are exactly at a right place. Here, I will provide you a “Getting Windows ready stuck Fix” which contains few steps and is a very easy process. So, just follow this process while you have Windows Install and Update Error.


Why do we see “Getting Windows Ready” Loop after Installing Windows 8 or 10?

If you directly want to know the¬†getting Windows ready don’t turn off your computer problem fix, then please scroll down till you see another Heading. If you want to know the basic info and find “what is the reason behind this error or “preparing to configure Windows” error, then its time to move on towards our content, my friend ūüôā

Yes, if you are experiencing any kind of error while Installing or updating your windows, then either it has a very small reason behind that, or there must be a huge case which you have to solve it because, at that time, you don’t have any control to OS and only have 3 things:- you, your computer and electricity Cables.

But why? What are some of the exact possible exact reasons behind Windows Update error? Here are your answers:-

Normally, there are many reasons behind that. But below are some most common reasons which can lead to Getting windows ready on Windows 7, 8 or 10:-

1.) Any process, while windows updating or installation is continuously crashing due to invalid version, [maybe, a case of piracy]. You will need to perform Windows Update error fix here.

2.) There are a possible Internet connection issues [only in the case if you are updating the complete system, no fresh copy installation].

3.) You resources [Hardware] are not able to accomplish that particular process in an optimum way.

Above are the possible reasons for you are getting any kind of error while Playing with computer OS. But what is the¬†Getting Windows ready Stuck Fix on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10? Let’s move on to our main content and find out the Best possible answer:-


Getting Windows Ready Stuck Fix – Solve issues while Installing/ Updating Windows 7 to 10

So friend, below are some of the best possible ways to solve this issue or Preparing to Configure Windows Issue:-


Starting with the Basic – Give It a Little More Time

Yes, it may be possible that the point no. 3 [which is defined above] is the exact reason behind it.¬†If you got an update and now, you are at¬†“Getting Windows ready. Don’t turn off your computer”¬†screen, the Windows operating system may be downloading and installing some extra files especially for your hardware. So, it may take more time to accomplish that update process because it was started from scratch so that you will not any kind of compatibility issue.

According to my experience, you should give your Computer at least 60 minutes. Well, it depends on the hardware that how much time it will take to complete it, but an hour is a very sweet spot for this kind of error. If you wait for more than an hour and still stuck in a loop, then yes, it might be another serious issue.


Run “Automatic Repair”

Well, I hope that you have a Bootable DVD or Pendrive of your preferred Windows Version. Note that if you stuck in a¬†getting Windows ready don’t turn off your computer loop on Windows 7, then you need Windows 7 Setup DVD. Same is the case with Windows 8 or 10.

It is possible that some file maybe is crashing continuously and looping this process. So, In this case, Automatic Repair is a best possible fix for these kinds of issues.

Step 1 – Plug in our bootable pen drive or Insert DVD. Now, just reboot your windows. If your Device is bootable, you will automatically get the Windows Installation screen. Just move on and set language and time.

Step 2 – After that, you will get 2 options:- “install a fresh copy of Windows” and “repair your computer”. You have to select repair your computer.

Step 3 – Now, a new set of options will be visible. Select “troubleshoot” named option.

Step 4 – In troubleshoot Windows, select Advanced Options. After that, click on “Command Prompt”.

Step 5 – Now, you will get a Command prompt Window. In that, you just have to type some commands which help to scan all the files available on computer for finding the main culprit [corrupt Windows file]. For that, just type “sfc /scannow” and Hit enter.

Step 6 – Now, all your installation files will be scanned and if in case there was any corrupt file found, it will automatically fix that. When the scan is finished, just click “turn off your PC”. After some time, your computer will be started automatically [or you can manually start it]. Hope your problem will be solved.

I hope that getting windows ready error will be fixed now. But in case, till now your computer is not fixed this, then there is only one option left – Reset.


Last Option – Resetting your Windows PC

Now, this is the last option which will set your PC to factory settings, removed all modifications and set your Windows computer as “Completely New”. It means your all data and settings might be set to default and this process can’t be rolled back. So, before performing this way, please try to cope up with all settings. Here is the process to do the same:-

Step 1 – Follow the steps I provided in solution no. 2 till you get “troubleshoot” named option on your screen [available in automatic repair process].

Step 2 – In troubleshoot Window, click on “reset this PC”.

Step 3 – Select “remove everything”. You have to select that because it may be possible that any external file causing crashed and getting windows ready stuck error.

Step 4 – After that, just tap on “just remove my files”. Now, click “reset and all other things will be done automatically.


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Basically, I will not prefer you to reset your computer. You will lose all the available software installation and files, but if you tried everything provided above and now, you don’t have any way to solve this kind of issue, then it is the only fix you have to follow. Well, before resetting your PC, I will recommend you to perform a hard reboot [long press the power button available on CPU or Laptop [if you are using laptop].



Windows Installation Error – The Conclusion

So friend, above are the best possible solutions to the Getting windows ready error while updating Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10. If you had encountered the same error after following these above-provided solutions and Fixes, then please comment down below your query and point where you stuck and I will try to help you and solve your error as fast as possible.

Did the above-provided steps worked for you? Then please share your opinion and experience regarding the solution. Liked it? Then please share and help others to solve this problem. Will meet in our next article, till then, you can take a look at our other useful posts.

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