How to find WiFi Password on Android With Root [100% Working Trick]

Do you want to see wifi password on Android which is in range and connected to your device previously? If yes, then you are lucky today. Today I am going to provide you an Exclusive trick regarding “how to show wifi password on an android phone” which is unrooted. You can able to find wifi password on Android without using any App.

We are living in a technological world, and here, everything is connected with each other which needs a perfect internet connection. In some cases, we use LAN Cables but in most of the cases, all our devices are connected to a single gadget named “WiFi Router”. WiFi is our need of the day. All our Smartphones, wither it is an Android device or iOS, Smart TVs, Home Appliances which are coming in a market can be connectable to a particular wireless network.


How to find wifi password on Android – The Exact Way

So, friend, it’s time to understand how can we find a WiFi Key and get a pass on any particular network. We understand that there are 2 types of Android phone users- one is using root and other is unrooted. So, we will provide trick to find WiFi password for both types of users separately.

Firstly, we will provide a trick for rooted android users, and then we will move on to users whose device has No root Privileges.


How to see WiFi password on Android  [for Rooted Users]

Here’s the complete process. This process if only limited to Android phones which have a root access because we have to go deeper into the main root folder and its data. Note that please double check the file names of which are going to use for finding a wifi pass/key.

Step 1 – Download and install any file explorer through which you can browse root files [root files = system folder in which all your cache data will be saved]. Here, I will suggest you use ES File Explorer as I used it for WiFi key view.

Step 2 – Now, open the file explorer you downloaded and give it supersu permission. After that, simply move on to “system” folder. The folder name should be either “system” or “root”.

Step 3 – Now, you have to search for a folder named “data”. When you find it, just go to a misc named folder in it. [Data Folder contains all temporary and cache data files of all Applications which you are using on your Android Phone].

Step 4 – In that, you have to tap on WiFi. When you tap on it, you will get multiple files. Among all of them, you just have to tap on “wpa_supplicant.conf” named file and open it in a Text file editor/viewer.

Step 5 – In that file, you will get all wireless networks which you connected till now from your Android Phone along with their password/key. SSID is your wifi network Name and just below that, you will get your password [just after Psk] of that particular wireless network. WPS/ WPA/ WPA2 PSK defines the security level of that particular wireless network.

I hope now you will be able to find that password of your desired network which you just connected to your Android Phone. But as I said previously, this process is only for rooted Phone users. Now, it’s time for a trick through which you can get the process to show wifi password android for unrooted Devices.



How to show wifi password on an unrooted Android device

So, as we saw, the complete process I defined works 100% on Any android device which has root access. But what about devices with no root? Are they became alone? No, my friend. Here is the complete process through which you can get the whole process of getting WiFi Key on Unrooted Android Phone.

But the real fact is – the success ratio of getting wifi key view is little on a lower side as compared to the previous trick. If main admin details had been edited, it’s worthless. But yes, you should give it a try 🙂

Step 1 – We will use Browser for this process. Now, you have to open it and in a URL bar, you have to type “” or “” in any browser [it is dependent on wireless network router brand and model number]. This is the portal of any wireless network router on which you will get all details regarding it and you will be able to tweak some settings too.

Step 2 – When you enter it and hit enter, you will get into portal starting page which asks for Username and password. In most of the cases, the Username will be “admin” and password will be either “admin” or “password” [you have to enter these words, don’t be misguided 🙂 ].

Step 3 – I hope you will be able to enter into their router settings portal. Now, on the main router page, select the option whose name as “wireless” in it. You will be jumped up to a new page now. In that, select Wireless security and you will get WiFi password for that particular network.


Why do we need to see wifi password on android?

Suppose, If you are on a particular place [like school, college, hotel or any other place] where you will get special wireless network privileges, then at that time, they will connect your Android device with WiFi using a password which you can’t able to see normally. Now, it is possible that you are carrying more than one device which can be connected wirelessly. So, In some of the cases, we need that password to connect any other device [like laptop] to the router manually as we don’t want to disturb Staff.

So, as the case is described above, we are able to understand that why a wifi key is needed for everyone. But the question is – How? How to see WiFi password on Android without root? Is there any trick behind that? Answers to these questions are provided above. 🙂


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Wrapping Things Up

So friend. above is the complete answer to ” How to find wifi password on Android ” with and without root access. I hope you will be able to crack wifi password on Android without using any kind of WiFi Password Viewer. In case if you stuck at following any step, I am here to help you. Just leave your comment in the comments section provided below and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible.

Well, for which purpose you want to crack Wifi Password and why Key is needed for you? Please leave your Answer below. Liked It? Then please hit that share button and share it with your friends and groups. Will meet in our next article, till then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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