How to Fix “Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped” Error Easily

Google Play services is one of the most important components for any Android device. But is this component pops up as “Unfortunately google play services has stopped”, then what should you do to fix it properly without harming your OS? Here you will get a perfect answer to this question as I am providing you some of the best-proven ways to fix google play services has stopped error.

Google play services is like a backbone of your Android Phone. It regulates and processes the whole set of data which will be fetched from internet, either it will be done through an application or a Browser. So, suppose if you had encountered any problem while browsing the internet in the form of Google Play services error, no matter which app are you using, then what will happen to the overall experience? As your device will not able to fetch data online, it crashes continuously and gives you a popup of “google play services Working stopped”.

In this case, you have to give your device’s software part a repair by finding out the cause and then fixing it. In most of the cases, it all happens due to a Google play services update which you need to download in the form of an Apk file and then update it. Well, let’s find out some of the best resolutions to this kind of error.


Best ways to fix Google Play Services working stopped Error

So friend, let’s sort out the best way to solve this kind of error just by finding out the cause and then repair it.

Starting with Basics – Update Google Play Services

Firstly, you have to confirm that you are using the latest Version. Maybe you are using an Old version of play services which further leads to conflicts when you pen any updated HTML or a Javascript, leads to working stopped error. In case if it isn’t updated, you can download Google Play services Apk from Here and Install it. It will simply upgrade play services to it’s latest version.

Clear All Cache and Data

It is possible that there’s some cache memory already created which isn’t upgraded automatically. As it is holding up the online connectivity of other applications, it is needed to create a cache data to it’s latest version. In this case, you just have to delete all cache memory and saved data so that it can create a new one.

Just follow the Below provided steps to clear Cache Data:-

1.) Go to Settings>> apps>>Google Play Services.

2.) Now, you can see that all data, size, and details of this app will be showing up on your phone’s screen. Firstly, you have to force stop it so that there will be minimal chances of errors.

3.) After that, just scroll down till you see an option named “Clear Cache”. Just tap on it and all cache data will be cleared.

4.) After 2-3 minutes, just restart your android device and you’re good to go.

Now after a successful reboot, google play services will create a new set of databases and Cache. Hope your problem will be solved now.


Final Option – A Factory Data Reset

When both of the above-provided methods lose their track and fails to repair it, there will be only one option left – a Factory Data Reset. It is possible that your background app was misconfigured which continuously losing the connectivity between play services apk and applications with need it. So, for the best resolution of this case will be – setting everything to factory mode which means all apps will be cleared, your pre-installed apps [inclusing google play services] will be replaced to a default version and all data will be deleted.

Note that it will remove all installed apps, data, music, files, images and other data available on your smartphone’s storage. So, before doing it, just take a complete backup and after resetting your device to a factory version, simply restore that backup. Hope it will not be a difficult task for you.


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So friend, above I provided you some best ways to fix Google Play services Error. I hope you will be able to find out the main cause and Fixed it successfully. Well, here’s the main fact – more than 90% of the cases are related to Google Play services updating. So, just download the Apk and install the google play services update for Android. 

If this article helped you, then please share it with others too so that they can also take the help of this guide and solve this error as fast as possible. In the meantime, you can take a look at some of our other useful articles.

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