How to Flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 5T – Best Step-By-Step Guide

Want to know how to flash custom ROM on oneplus 5T? Here’s the complete guide through which you can understand how to flash custom ROM on Oneplus 5T in an easy and successful way. The success rate of using this way to flash ROM on this Android Phone is 100%, so, you can easily flash any ROM on your Phone without any problem

Oneplus 5T is coming up with a great set of specs and features which makes it to the list of best smartphones of 2017. We all are praising this device. But as you know, “WE WANT MORE!”.

Recently, we provided you the best custom ROMs for Oneplus 5T, But what should we do with that zipped file? Exactly how to Flash ROM on Oneplus 5T?

Today, we will get the best possible answer to your questions and provide you easiest way to flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 5T.


How to Flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 5T

So friends, let’s start our process:-

Things to do Before Flashing Custom ROM on Oneplus 5T

  • Be sure to transfer all available data available on your mobile storage to an external storage device.
  • Create a complete backup of all your apps and data and save them on PC
  • Eject SIM cards and memory card [in case if you plugged in] from your device.
  • Bootloader should be unlocked properly. [If not, I will help you]
  • TWRP [team win recovery project] should be installed. If TWRP is not installed on your device, then everything will become messy.

Complete process to install custom ROM on Oneplus 5T

Well, now we came to the main part of this article. Before flashing ROM, here I have an advice for you:-

“Custom ROM installation is not a difficult task. But if you don’t know much about basics of Android, then it might be difficult for you. Experience tells everything. So, either take a help of any person who knows something about Android, or makes yourself experienced by installing it yourself. I hope you will follow the complete process thoroughly”.


Now, it’s time for a full process to flash custom ROM on Oneplus 5T:-

  • First, Download the exact ROM which you want to flash On your device. In case if you don’t know, just surf our website, you will get best ROMs available for your device easily. Keep the downloaded file on a computer [or a pen drive too]
  • follow all precautions provided above in “things to do before flashing custom ROM part”.
  • Now, starting with uninstalling waste and unused apps. Remove any app which you don’t want to use. This decreases the cache memory and makes the complete process fast.
  • Now, boot your mobile in Recovery Mode [I think it’s power button+Volume Up button, if not then you can also try Power+volume down button too]
  • After booting to recovery mode, now, first, you have to “Hard-reset” your device. Just tap on “Wipe”, select all options and after setting up, swipe from left to right side. Done? Now, your smartphone becomes completely blanked!
wipe complete data on Oneplus 5T
wipe complete data
  • Now, connect your Oneplus 5T to PC through data cable / Pendrive trough OTG cable, then copy that downloaded zipped file and paste it to root [default] folder of your phone.
  • The downloaded file is on your device? Now, tap on “Install” button and select that file which you copied.
  • After that, just swipe from left to right to validate your process. All other things will be done automatically.
  • The last and min point, clear all Dalvik cache so that all things remained stable. Done? CONGRATS! 🙂

Main Notes if want to know how to install TWRP on Oneplus 5T and unlock Bootloader:-

  • In case TWRP is not installed on your device, then you can take a help from this complete guide on flashing TWRP here.
  • If the bootloader is locked, you can unlock it by a process described here.


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So friend, today you learned – How to flash Custom ROM on Oneplus 5T. I hope you follow the complete process described above and successfully installed ROM on your device. Well, there are many ways to flash Custom ROM on Android device, but as our device is Oneplus 5T, this is the best possible way to install it as of now.

If you stuck on any step while flashing ROM, then simply leave your query below and I will try to solve your query as fast as possible. Be sure that you must take a backup. It will be helpful for a successful recovery in case anything goes wrong.

Well, which ROM are you planning to flash on your Oneplus 5T? Please leave your opinion in the comments section provided below. Liked it? Then please hit the share button and share it with your friends and groups. Till Then Build Best, stay Cool.

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