How to Flash OTA in Xiaomi MI A1- Full Update Process

Full process to update Xiaomi MI A1

How to flash OTA in Xiaomi mi a1- Xiaomi MI A1 is said to one of the best smartphones manufactured by the brand itself. And why not? it has all the required specifications which we can see in the price of 20-25000rs. and they providing these all specifications in just 14999rs. only.

Well, after taking a look at it, I rooted my mi a1, and after some days, I thought “it’s time for an update”. Then we go to settings, tap on update button and yes, there’s an update. But unfortunately, it can’t get updated. We tried 4-5 times, but the result is:- failed.

Xiaomi MI A1 update process error
Xiaomi MI A1 update process error

So, I find tan another way to flash OTA in Xiaomi Mi A1. Yes, when it’s not simply installed, we move on to flash it simply. But what’s the process? How to flash OTA in Xiaomi Mi A1? Let’s find the answers to both the question, and it is provided below. Let’s move on friend 🙂


How to flash OTA in Xiaomi mi a1? The procedure is here:-

So, let’s get started with it:-

  • For flashing OTA in Xiaomi mi a1, first, power off your device and boot it in “fastboot mode” by long pressing volume down+power button at the same time.
  • Now connect your smartphone to the PC through a data cable
  • Visit this website and download the latest fastboot image [the extension which you can see on the file which is downloading is “.tgz”. and mi flash beta from here.
  • Done? Now let’s get to work. Simply open the .tgz  extension file [bigger file we downloaded] and extract it to any drive. When you do it, you can find a file which has a very long name and impossible to read and has the size of approx. 3 GB. Simply right-click on that file and click on rename.
  • Then use any name, but the main thing is “you have to add .zip after your desired file name. Suppose I renamed that file with “”.
  • After that, reopen that file through win-rar and extract all files inside it to a folder and name that folder “Mi A1 update”. After extracting, you can see too many files in the folder you created.
  • Now, install the second file you downloaded, the mi flash beta. After installing it, open it and click on “refresh”. As you booted your device in fastboot mode and connected it to your PC, you can find your device on that list.
Flash stock rom to Xiaomi MI A1
Flash stock ROM to Xiaomi MI A1
  • When a device is listed in your software, then, simply click on “select” and click on that folder you just created [Mi A1 update]. For ease, I will tell you that you have to select the folder which you can see just above the “images” folder [in case if you didn’t find your folder]. After selecting your folder, click on “OK” button”.
  • Then, the most important thing:- you have to click on the button provided for “save user data” which you can see on the right-bottom side. If you didn’t click on it, all your data will be removed.
  • Now, click on “flash” button. Congrats, your device stock ROM has been flashed.
  • Now, boot your smartphone, go to settings>>about>>update>>there you can search and you got an update. Simply download it and tap on “install update”. Now, your latest update will be installed.


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So, above is the complete procedure regarding how to flash OTA in Xiaomi mi a1? Did you get your answer? If yes, then congrats. If no, Then a friend, the comment box is for you. There you can ask your query or the point where you have encountered a problem and I will solve it for you.

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