Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect – What is it? How to install and use it? Why Google Play Protect is needed?

Google Play Protect – Android, which is one of the biggest platform for Smartphone users, was recently got affected by malware. Recently you saw a bulk of malware viruses and Ransom-ware attacked the whole world, Mainly on two Operating system Platforms:- One is Windows and another is ” Android “. Today we will get to know […]

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Save Internet Data like a pro – Popular Apps that are killing your data plan without your permission

Save Internet Data – Internet is one of the most important companion of every gadget in this technological world. Without internet, we can’t use any gadget either it is desktop, tablet or smartphone at their maximum priority and capacity, and it should be consider that internet packs are not available for free or at cheap […]

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Need more battery life? Now you don’t have to worry about you smartphone battery, here’s the simple trick

In today’s life, smartphone is a major gadget which everyone love. Smartphone Mobile devices are handy and fun. But there’s a downside: They all run on battery power, and the more you use them, the faster they drain and must be recharged. If there’s an outlet or recharging station nearby, you’ve got nothing to worry […]

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