How to use Jio TV on Computer – Watch Live TV through Website [JioTV]

jio tv website launched

Jio TV website Launched- Today I will provide you a full process of how to use Jio TV on a computer . Yes, you heard it right. Today, Jio launched a website through which you can watch Jio TV live from any browser and access through any medium, either it is your smartphone, a tablet, Laptop, iMac or even a windows computer. You can watch JioTV on the computer live without any problem easily.

Everyone wants to watch live streaming on the computer. We have tons of applications regarding watching live TV on android smartphone, but when we go to our laptop/PC, here, the options are very less.

Some reasons for watching live TV on a computer are:-

  • We will get a bigger display which means double entertainment. Many users want to watch live channels on Big screens Like as on PC.
  • watching lie series is more convenient for laptop or computer as compared to our smartphones.
  • We will get more options on a computer as compared to an Android application as an app will be limited to some limitations, but on PC this case will be different there.

That’s why we want to watch live TV on PC. But How? How to use Jio TV on Computer? How to do live streaming on PC? Want the best answer to these questions? Well, till I am here, you will never regret regarding this. Reliance launched JioTV website which is live now and you can easily watch live TV on Laptop and PC through Jio TV thereby streaming it on your PC easily.

Yes, they officially launched a separate website for Jio TV which is a very nice and big step followed by them. You can watch your live movies, hows and favorite channel through JioTV website launched recently. Complete details about this will be provided below along with How to watch live TV on Computer through

How to use Jio TV on Computer?

According to some reports, you only have to follow these steps:-

Jio TV website launched- default
Jio TV website launched- default
  • Visit JioTV website. Note that this website is a completely new version of an android app.
  • There, you have to log in with your ID and password which you are using to login in MyJIO app.
  • After that, you can simply browse that website and watch Live television everywhere.
  • Note that the changes, recordings and anything you had done on your android app or even on JioTV website launched recently, those changes will be applied to each and every platform.

What’re the benefits of Jio TV official website:-

  • You can stream your favorite channels live on any platform, either it is a Smart Television, computer, laptop, Smartphone, etc.
  • All changes you can save will be applied everywhere.
  • There will be more features you will get on Jio TV website as compared to the Android app.
  • Less buffering means you can watch any channel or episode without any hassle.


Current Status Of website [JioTV website]

Jio TV website launched- current status
Jio TV website launched- current status

Well, as of now after Reliance Jio officially launched website, but currently, it is showing as an “under construction” means it will take some days to live that website again. We hope that we can get access to the new features which we will get from Jio TV website launched recently. So friend, just wait for sometime and then you can play jio TV on a computer to watch live streaming of your favorite channels.

As the current condition website is under construction as of now, we expect that they will be back with a bang as they never disappointed us in past. As their android app is already trending and stream live channels in a very high quality, we are expecting same with this website.


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So friend, above are all the details about ” How to watch Jio TV on Computer “. Well, you can watch all those channels live from any medium as they launched a separate website for that. What’s your opinion on plans and pricing of current plans and offers? Will they justify their price? Just provide your opinion down below and I will try to reply you as fast as possible as a discussion. Well, I think they had launched a website to compete with all big competitors in this platform, and as their user base is already crossed 100 million users, we hope that it will give a tough competition to other live streaming websites available as of now.

If you have any query regarding this question- “How to watch live TV on Computer?“, then you can ask that in the comments section and I will try to solve it as fast as possible. Are you feeling happy after reading this news? If yes, then please share your experience with Reliance Jio SIM.

When the JioTV website will live again we will inform you through a message, you just have to Like our facebook page. Sharing is caring, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.

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