Huawei Point Cloud Depth Camera details- For Huawei P11?

Huawei Point cloud depth camera

Huawei Point Cloud Depth Camera- There are many details which are needed to be showed off through Huawei P11, But today we got some exclusive details regarding Huawei P11 camera maybe. They are going to introduce Point cloud depth camera whose details are revealed and now we covered it, Here we go.

So, 2017 came to an end and this year was one of the best years for smartphones industry. This year we saw many new technologies and features in our smartphone‘s market like- 18:9 display, facial recognition, a curved display in mid-range devices, dual camera trend and many more. And after that, all eyes are set towards the CES 2018 event through which we will get to know about many new flagship smartphones and new technologies.

This year, Huawei had done many things which attracted customers towards their smartphone. Like through Honor 8 pro, they attracted upper-mid range buyers by providing the most value for money device. Now they are going to introduce their new feature which is called as “point cloud depth camera”.

Huawei Point cloud depth camera [maybe in Huawei P11]

The purpose of this Huawei Point Cloud Depth Camera provided by the brand itself is to provide Most accurate facial recognition and biometric details which helps a user to increase smartphone’s security and 3D facial mapping for animation purposes.

Huawei Point Cloud Depth Camera complete details

Coming to the further details, a point cloud depth camera contains multiple sensors which help to capture light through a near-infrared projector in detailing and know our face structure in deep so that every change leads to some new information. It is also said that this tech is made up of RGB camera, An IR camera which helps for color accuracy and depth respectively. And a Near-infrared sensor helps to collect lighting at it’s best. This thing is introduced through Huwaei in their recent presentation, hints about their upcoming smartphone.

That’s why it is possible that Huawei P11 will be the first smartphone which has this Huawei point cloud depth camera As launch date is very near.

According to some previous reports, it is said that Huawei P11 is going to launch in CES 2018 and they are going to do many changes in their device’s overall design. Many speculations are being done towards a bezel-less display and notch provided at the top [same as an iPhone X].

Further details about this feature is described below in a video:-

NotebookItalia was able to record a complete demonstration of the Huawei Point Cloud Depth Camera along with its demo. In the above-provided video, a Huawei employee provided details about 3D facial reconstruction via an external accessory which will be plugged into USB port [maybe C-type]. In that vide, a new thing which is nearer to be confirmed is that this technology can be used to create an animoji which we had already seen on recently launched, Apple iPhone X, as Huawei showed off during a demonstration.

They also said that this is more secure and easy way than the apple’s face unlock feature and also claimed that their face unlock feature will unlock your device in just 400MS which is also nice.

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So friend, above are all details we got regarding Huawei point cloud depth camera. As we know that Huawei P11 is going to launch in CES 2018 which is an event conducted in January every year. So, this thing is very near o be confirmed that Huawei P11 will be our first smartphone which has integrated point cloud depth camera. Well, rest o the things are dependent on the brand itself. Let’s see what will be going on in future.

If we will get further details about this smartphone or any another technology, we will update you, just subscribe by entering an email address in a form provided below and hit “subscribe”. Sharing is caring, Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool.



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