How to install apps that are not available in your country

How to install apps that are not available in your country – There’re some apps which we want to use it, but it isn’t available in our country. We Normally encountered an error which we thought we will never have to face. An old error saying “This item isn’t available in your country“, blocking me from downloading the app. There are some Android apps, that are not permitted in some countries, due to lack of native content and various reasons. I realized that the Play Store fix I used before was just a temporary solution. As I have switched my device and will be switching again, it is time to find a permanent solution. And so I have decided to put together this article to show the play store fix I used.

How to install apps that are not available in your country ?


So friend, here’s the fix of An old error saying “This item isn’t available in your country“, which blocking us from downloading the app. Here’s how to install apps that are not available in your country:-

Step 1: Setup VPN

First of all you need to install VPN app that lets you change the location manually. There are dozens of good VPN apps available in the Google Play Store so that your location can be changed (through IP), or you can simply set up VPN through android settings, here’s the process:-

How to set up a VPN from the Android settings

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Under the “Wireless & networks” section, select “More”.
  4. Select “VPN”.
  5. On the top-right corner you will find a + sign, tap it.
  6. Your network administrator will provide you with all your VPN information. …
  7. Hit “Save”.

If you want to install VPN through app, here’s the list of best VPN apps:-

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN
  4. VyprVPN
  5. HideMyAss

And you’re good to go, Let’s Move on to Second Step

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Step 2: Select Country

After setting up the VPN settings, Now open the VPN app and select the country where the app is available to install. Once you selected the country, connect the VPN service. This Step must be done carefully.

Here’s how you can install apps that are not available in your country

Step 3: Clear Play Store Data 

after fully setup VPN and selecting location, it’s time to trick Play Store.

  1. Open the Android Setting → Application → All Application → look for the “Google Play Store”. And push on the Google Play Store.
  2. Choose Clear Cache only, not Clear data, and then choose Force Stop.
  3. Now open the Google Play and there will be a Pop up Google Play Term of Service. Press Accept.
  4. Now you have accessed Google Play from US.


Step 4: Search an App you want to Install

After clearing Data of Google PlayStore, Now search for the app you want to install on Google and tap on the Google Play Store line once you find it. Open the play store and tap “accept” to play store conditions. Now you can install the apps which were blocked before due to a different country.

Step 5: Install the app

Once you clicked the link, it will prompt you with the question, tap accept from Play Store. Now, you will be taken to the page where it shows ‘Install’, button.

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Step 6: Skip the Prompt

Tap on ‘Install’ button and select ‘Skip’ when you are prompted with setting up your Google Account. You Don’t have to Set-up google Account as it varies from country to country according to it’s usage history.

Step 7: Done 🙂

Now after finishing up installation, you can simply use that app on your Device. You are Done!


You don’t have to go further if you do not have any plans to install country restricted apps later on. But if you are frequently encountering this error then it can be little hectic. You will always need a VPN app installed and not to mention, clear play store data every single time.


Special Add-On

For a permanent fix, you will need a U.S. Google play store. If your location is selected as the United States as default, then you won’t need the VPN app and can easily browse & install apps till your heart’s content. Just follow on.

So, now you can download and install any android apps that previously not available in your country.

In addition of the functionality of accessing the Android apps which previously not available in your country, the VPN also can be used to access the blocked sites that your provider block or watching netflix.

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So, friends, now we understand” How to install apps that are not available in your country “. Simply you can use this trick only for apps that aren’t available in your country on play store, if you experienced any error while following these steps, or ant to share you experience with this, simply write down a comment below and we will come with a fix for that. Till Then, Build Best, Stay Cool!

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